Matthews: Yankees on Upton’s no-trade list

Saturday Night Open Thread
Yankees sign Reegie Corona & Thomas Neal

Via Wally Matthews: The Yankees are one of the four team’s on Justin Upton’s no-trade list, however it is not considered much of an obstacle. The bigger issue is that the Diamondbacks looked at what New York has to offer and wasn’t intrigued. That stinks.

“I know it’s getting late, but we’re still looking … We’re open for business, but we’re not going to do something just to do something. If we have to, we’ll go to Tampa with what we’ve got,” said Brian Cashman. Upton would be fantastic, but at the very least the team needs a good bat for the DH spot. They have enough warm bodies (Matt Diaz, Russ Canzler, etc.) to put together a representative competition for the right-handed hitting outfielder’s job. Camp opens in a little more than three weeks, so if the Yankees are going to do something, it would be nice if it happened soon.

Saturday Night Open Thread
Yankees sign Reegie Corona & Thomas Neal
  • Mike Myers

    Not gonna happen. Im sure they moved on from that prospect haul from the Ms. Yankees just dont have the system.

    For an Upton trade they are looking for close to major quality players. We dont have that in the system.

    We have Nova, Phelpsie and whatever we can get for Granderson. I wish that would be enough for Upton, but it wont be.

    The braves could offer a ton. So could the Royals, who seem to think they can win now….And have a GM with a job on the line.

  • Andrew Brotherton

    They are waiting out the Rangers I’m sure. Eventually the Rangers will finally give up Olt+ for him

    • dalelama

      Our depleted farm system bites us in the butt again…1965 herr we come.

      • Preston

        Good you can just take the next eleven years off from watching Yankee baseball (and obviously stop commenting on this blog as well).

        • TomH

          Don’t be silly. He has every right to describe the situation as he sees fit. If you need uplift and edification, go to church on Sunday. You still have time.

          • Get Phelps Up

            You’re really defending dalelama? Come on now.

            • Jack P

              Hey Preston, if that’s what he sees as the current state Yankees, then so be it, who are you to judge an OPINION. If you don’t agree with him, then right a response on why you think our farm system is in peek condition. It’s not like the RAB community thinks much different, the current fan confidence is at 5.30 and we don’t have any immediate relief from the farm. Stop being arrogant with assumptions your opinion is the gold standard. To tell someone to stop commenting on the blog? Who are you? Your in no position to request such a thing, here’s a request: you stop eating food, that request makes about as much sense as yours.

              • Artis

                Do you want cheese with that whine?

      • Get Phelps Up

        herr we come

    • Ted Nelson

      Aren’t the rumors that they’ve already been offering Olt?

  • Havok9120

    As an aside….If you’ve got whya four team NTC, why are you putting the Yanks on there? What combination of hatreds and crummy logic does that require? I mean, sure, put the Yanks on it if it’s 10 or 15 teams, but 4? You’d rather go to the Marlins, Mets, Houston, Cleveland, KC, etc?

    Just seems odd to me.

    • Alkaline

      I’m not positive, but I think I saw that some of the rationale behind doing this is for players to have more leverage if they want a contract extension, etc. to the traded team. Or am I mis-remembering a post about this?

      I don’t know Upton’s specifics, however, and I could have this messed up.

    • Anthony

      I think the NTC is about getting the Yanks to pay him more in a hypothetical transaction where he comes to the team. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

    • Preston

      A lot of players put the Yankees on so that they can use it as leverage to get an extension if and when they are traded. I’d bet the Red Sox are on his NTC for the same reason.

      • jjyank

        Yeah, pretty much. The logic might seem mildly out of place since the Mariners were on his no trade list as well, but most of the time, big market teams are on the list for leverage. Doesn’t surprise me that the Yankees are on it.

      • Havok9120

        Iiiiiinnnnnteresting. Never really occurred to me, but that makes sense.

        Still, I’d be very tempted to stick to a “worst franchises first” rule with my NTCs were I a player.

        • Ted Nelson

          Part of it is also that the worst franchises aren’t necessarily likely to be trading prospects for veterans.

          The Mariners did try to trade for him, ironically, but they were only the 11th worst in MLB last season in terms of W-L, have a good looking farm, spend a decent amount in payroll, and were a pretty good franchise until a few years back.

    • Ed

      Sometimes the player can get something in exchange for waving the no trade clause.

      When the Yankees traded for Abreu, he made the Phillies pay him $1.5m to waive his no trade clause.

      Lance Berkman made the Yankees agree to decline his team option as a condition of waiving his no trade clause.

      There’s also cases where players demand their option be picked up before accepting the trade.

      Generally speaking, if you put teams like the Yankees and Red Sox on your no trade list, you’re far more likely to be able to get something extra than if you put teams like the Marlins and Royals on your list.

      • radnom

        Yeah, but you risk ending up on the Marlins or Royals.

  • trr

    2013 is gonna be rough, 2014 is gonna be hell for us

    • Travis L.

      I have unrealistic hopes that the young players really step up and have amazing years. That when 2014 rolls around, we have quality players both in the farm and appearing for the first time on the MLB roster. Its not impossible, but its improbable. I just keep thinking that we have enough to put a competitive team on the field either through trade or usage, but that would require all of them to have above average seasons in 2013. *Fingers Crossed*

  • Matt :: Sec110

    Wally Matthews blows.

  • Travis L.

    Who’s voting for Cody Johnson as the next RH DH???

    • MannyGeee

      Best of what’s left, I would say.

    • Ted Nelson

      He’s LH.

  • jesse

    According to Jerry Crasnick, the four teams on Upton’s no-trade list were the Mariners, Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Cubs

    He either changed that list or someone is wrong here.

    • William

      If I wanted to be traded Id want to go to a contender not a door mat.The only problem that the yankees have is any major league ready prospects in thier system. the closest ones are almonte and benuelos maybe phelpes and maybe package in grandy, but they probably want pitching, and benuelos and phelps isnt enough

      • Ted Nelson

        Players sometime put the Yankees, Red Sox, or other big market teams on their no trade list so that they can get something in return to waive the no-trade clause and let the trade go through if they are ever traded there.

  • your mom

    Hopefully in a year or two we will have an “intriguing” farm system. Damn Killer B’s. It’s all their fault.

    • Havok9120

      We’re already sitting at 11 with 4 top 100 guys (could easily be 5 once the injuries get sorted out) and a boatload of draft picks this season with cool pieces from the last draft as well. Plus a couple guys rising level-by-level that look pretty nice.

      I’d say we are, at the very least, already at “intriguing.”

      • jjyank

        We’re definitely at intriguing. It’s not all that hard to imagine the farm system leapfrogging several others in six monts to a year. If Sanchez, Austin, Williams, and Heathcott end up in AA or higher, that’s a lot of potential impact talent in the upper levels. And the #11 rating also includes our top pitching prospect out for the entire 2013 season. The D-Backs may not be a fit, but our system is intriguing as hell, if you ask me.

        • Travis L.

          I agree. I think all the worry about 2014 could be considered silly if the prospects we have continue to improve or perform at the next level. Its not crazy to think that if Austin, Heathcott and Sanchez have great 2013 seasons and end up in AA, that they could be bumped onto the MLB roster if they have an impressive ST in 2014. That said, with Montgomery, Kahnle, Goody (moving fast), Whitley, Venditte (fat chance, but intriguing), playing well and staying healthy, our bullpen in 2014 could be the best we have had in a while (with Robertson too). Marshall, Turley, Tracy, Hall, with Nova, Phelps, Sabathia… if they all play to their talent level, not to mention if Banuelos and Pineda get healthy and return to even a shell of their former selves, we have a decent rotation. We are in good shape folks!!

          • Ted Nelson

            I think there’s a pretty good chance that Heathcott and Austin are starting in AA.

      • waneditor

        If it’s true our future lays in the draft and minor league player development, I’m “intrigued” as well.

        • Get Phelps Up

          Isn’t that what every team’s future lays in?

        • Havok9120

          Perhaps I’ve simply been conditioned by the…hostile tone that had been affecting RAB the last month or so, but are you actually being snotty here? I mean…there seems to be a lot to look forward to down on the farm right now.

          • Jack P

            There always is, remember the killer B’s?? They are prospects for a reason, most of the time they don’t work out. It’s okay to look forward to prospects and their value but in my opinion we overvalue prospects to the point of detriment to the current team. I wouldn’t get truly excited about a player until they reach AAA… even then it’s a reach, only a few players are able to reach the Majors and then be an above average player within a few years.

  • Mister D

    Cashman should roofie Kevin Towers.

    • Kenny Williams

      *weeps softly*

      • turd surfer

        He took your frozen lobsters too.

  • Get Phelps Up

    So the Yankees will acquire him within 72 hours…

  • Minor Leaguer

    I think that Mustelier should be our UTIL man with Diaz as our RH OF and Corban Joseph filling Chavez spot and that leaves a DH spot. Our DH could be many people. Jack Cust, hit 25 HR for us in triple a which doesn’t play 162 games like us and he was cut a months before RS ended so that’s a solid 30 per. Also Russell Branyan who has the longest HR hit in Yankee stadium 502 ft. was suppose to be our triple a 1st baseman but was hurt most of the season. Then there’s Travis Hafner who hit 12 HR in 66 games for the indians which in close to a full season would be 25-30 HR per. The thing is though he’s injury prone. Then Carlos Lee comes into the picture he hit .340vLHP AND .280vRHP. But his power is diminished and might be able to hit 20 HR per but it’s not likely. Another is Aubrey Huff who can still hit well and is very clutch. Also don’t forget trade possibilities of Jason Kubel, Brandon Allen, Justin Smoak, Kendrys Morales. Then does anyone remember old friend Juan Miranda? He can mash still I hear. Then there’s and internal option though of giving Double A first Baseman Luke Murton a chance to be our DH since he hit 25 HR last year.

    • Travis L.

      Who would play SS if Jeter gets hurt? Mustelier? Joseph? They havent EVER played SS. That’s why we need a Jayson Nix or Eduardo Nunez on the 25 roster. SS insurance.

    • Ray Barker

      Minor Leaguer
      In all due respect. Most of the guys you mentioned are has beens never beens or are unproven. The exceptions, Morales was just traded to the Mariners so why would they trade him? Kubel and Hafner are left handed hitters who cannot field. Correct me if I’m wroung but aren’t we looking for a right handed hitter? Cust was cut from by us in AAA and you think he can be our DH? Allen and Smoak don’t think so. Luke Murton! He hit 25 hr’s in AA with a .249 batting ave and a 22.8% k rate. I don’t think he will ever see the ML. Since Juan Miranda left the Yankees he has hit .213 and .187 and didn’t do much for us either. JUST SAYING

  • Blake

    Nightingale and every other report says the Yanks are NOT on the no trade and it’s Mariners , Cubs, Sox, and Jays…… somebody is wrong

    • Get Phelps Up

      It sounds like just bad reporting by Wally Matthews. It wouldn’t be the first time.

      • Dalek Jeter (formerly: Raul Ibanez AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA True Yankee(TM))

        I’m pretty sure that’s an oxymoron.

        • Get Phelps Up


  • Magical Mystery Team

    “bad reporting by Wally Matthews”

    You repeated yourself there.

  • Blake

    If Wallys source is wrong about the no trade then I wouldn’t put a ton of stock in what he says about the Dbacks not liking what the Yanks have to offer either

    • jjyank

      Just to extrapolate that, I wouldn’t put a ton of stock into anything Wally Matthews says about..anything.

  • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

    DH looks like its gonna be pretty lousy at this point at least until Arod comes back.

    Unless I’m missing something , the choices right now are some combo of Diaz, Canzler, Nunez and maybe Mustelier. Hairston is available but too expensive, Carlos Lee is available but didn’t want to come to NY last year when they were a lock for the playoffs. I think Travis Hafner is available. I guess in a platoon with one of the righties, that could be about the best they’re gonna do.

  • Strat

    I wouldn’t gut the farm for Upton…. stay the course with the kids. This seems like an Arizona ploy to try and get an over-pay. In my opinion, they weakened their own position. Don’t fall for it.

  • http://riveravenlues Austinmac

    I feel better now. If all the Clas A guys are fabulous this year, things will not be so bleak. Good luck with that and them being ready in 2014.

    Has anyone heard the move to AA is the toughest in the minors? Let’s see how they do there before pencilling them in the lineup?

    • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula (formerly Manny’s BanWagon)

      I’ve always heard the toughest jump is AAA to the majors.

  • theyankeewarrior

    They don’t have a full team. You can’t play without a DH and a catcher. But hey, it’s only January 20.

  • dasani

    Vernon Wells is available, and the Angels reportley would eat all if not most of his salary,if thats the case hes worth the risk. But I wouldn’t spend a nickel on him.

  • MannyGeee

    Since we do not yet have an open thread for today, I will come here to say…

    Shit just got real in Atlanta. Fuck Keapernick

  • pat

    If course they’re “not interested” what good does it due to publicly come out and admit “We love the Yankees prospects!!! We’d be happy to just land one!!!”

  • Hornets686

    Alfonso Soriano any one? ;)

  • Pistol Pete

    Hal’s way too cheap to get Soriano. Vernon Wells is worth a shot if he’s nearly free otherwise try Nunez at DH, hope Jeter’s healthy and pray.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    I’m waiting to hear that the Steinbrenner family has sold the NY Yankees.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    I’m waiting to hear that the Steinbrenner family has sold the NY Yankees…and then Hank will panick & drop his price bt $500M