Rivera not yet ready to discuss plans beyond 2013

Reviewing the Yanks' 2012 international signings
Pettitte undecided about pitching beyond 2013

Mariano Rivera has made up his mind regarding his future beyond the 2013 season … but he isn’t telling anyone. “Yes, I have (made a decision) … But I won’t give it up until I’m ready,”  said Mo to Jack Curry. Rivera, 43, did say he will made an announcement before Opening Day. I think most of us have assumed it will be his final year, and a pre-Opening Day announcement reinforces that a bit. I don’t think Rivera would commit to playing in 2014 without first seeing how 2013 went.

Reviewing the Yanks' 2012 international signings
Pettitte undecided about pitching beyond 2013
  • chris

    Get to the stadium as often as you can. Its not every day you can see a player who is believed to be the best EVER at his position.

  • BJ

    I’d be willing to bet he chooses retirement. He meant ’12 to be his last season. A real shame though.

  • MannyGeee

    We love you MO. you are a true legend and professional. We support your decision regardless of what you chose, but please don’t leave.

  • Grit for Brains

    G O A T

  • trr

    I beleive this will be his last year. He can’t go on forever…can he?

  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    well, then…he had a press conference to announce he wasn’t ready to annouce his retirement, BUT he will have a press conference to announce his retirement when he feels it’s time.

    • Laz

      It’s just a ploy to get people to talk about the Yankees, but for it not to be arod.

  • 1978 Yankee Fan

    I pose the following question fully understanding that it is highly unlikely. If Andy and Mo both had solid seasons in 2013 and both decided they wished to return in 2014, how would that affect the 189 payroll plan? Could Andy and Mo lead to no Cano?

    • Gonzo

      That’s a tough question.

  • Gonzo

    I’m hoping that his unexpected time off from baseball will bring him back stronger this year.

    There are some guys that mean Yankees baseball to me that I’ve been able to see. Donnie Baseball, Bernie, Jeter, and Mo with all do respect to all the other great Yankees I’ve been able to see in my lifetime.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      I’ll only add one to that list: Munson. With you on the others and don’t think I’d add anyone else (Guess I could/should add Guidry). Unfortunately, never got to see The Mick play in his prime.

      • Gonzo

        I never saw Munson play unfortunately. I did see Gator play though.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          My one memory of Munson was the telecast when he died. Can’t say I can remember him actually playing.

      • bas

        I’m old enough to remember those days. There was a lot of talk back then that Thurm had enough of NY (or maybe enough of George) and was thinking about moving to the Indians when his contract was up, so he could play closer to home. That said, I can surely understand thinking of him as personifying Yankee baseball of that era. He was a total class act and a hell of a ballplayer.

    • mike

      thats an interesting point i have thought about – has there been a sudy about the success/failure of pitchers who miss a year for a non-throwing influenced injury.

      i wonder if his arms trength will improve with the year off, as he likely saved some wear-and-tear

  • Bob Buttons

    Come Rivera’s conference: “I’ll pitch in 2015 so I can actually enjoy a season where I won’t be pestered with questions regarding ‘189 million'”.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Dan Gen = Mariano Rivera