Rapada will start season on the DL, Hughes likely to join him

2013 Season Preview: The Number Fives
Cashman on trading Phelps: "I’m only looking to move the bad stuff.”

This isn’t much of a surprise, but Brian Cashman confirmed this afternoon that Clay Rapada (shoulder bursitis) will indeed start the year on the DL. The left-hander threw 15 fastballs from a mound this morning, but is still a ways off from returning to game action.

Meanwhile, Joe Girardi indicated Phil Hughes (bulging disk) is likely to start the season on the DL as well. That is not yet set in stone, however. Hughes threw 57 pitches in a minor league game today, but it’s unclear if he’ll be stretched out enough to join the rotation when the season begins. Like I said, not much of a surprise.

2013 Season Preview: The Number Fives
Cashman on trading Phelps: "I’m only looking to move the bad stuff.”
  • Robinson Tilapia

    Prediction: Ronnie Mustelier fans will have their wish granted when he becomes the only guy left in spring not on the disabled list. They’ll then turn on him when he can’t quite cover the throw from himself at third to himself at first.

    • hogsmog

      No way. He will be our little Pablo Sandoval, and we will love him always.

      • jjyank

        These are Yankee fans we’re talking about. Mustelier’s staunchest allies will eat him for breakfast if he has a shitty April.

    • JRod

      Not me, man. I don’t care if Musty brings a bucket of KFC and a 6 pack onto the field, I’m riding this carrito all the way to Monument Park.

      • jsbrendog


  • jsbrendog

    boesch is has a rib injury too.


    jesus fucking christ man. what is going on in yankeeland?!?!?!?!

    • Herby

      Good…perhaps we’ll be get to see less of his stellar OF play, yesterday it looked like he was on Dancing with the Stars, with his feet tied together out there.

      • jsbrendog

        you’ve got to be kidding me. yeah, i hope one of the only guys on the team left uninjured who can possibly hit worth a damn is hurt!


        • jjyank

          Absolutely. The Yankees can’t afford any more injuries, I don’t care who it is. Boesch had MLB success as recently as 2011, and he’s younger than the vaunted Mustelier. He has a shot of being a positive contributor, I don’t get how anyone say “good” about a possible injury.

          • forensic

            Eh, he’s a terrible hitter and his defense and other lack of skills will take away from any potential offense he might stumble into. No big loss.

            And why does his or Mustelier’s age have anything to do with anything here?

            • jjyank

              He was a terrible hitter last year, that doesn’t mean he can’t contribute at age 27 as a lefty with the short porch. He was well above average in 2011.

              Mustelier’s age means nothing, I’m just pointing out that he’s young, in his prime, and might actually bounce back from a bad 2012. Nothing is certain, but he was the sabermetric darling as a break out candidate a year ago. He’s not some over the hill veteran who has not shot at helping. I hope you’re didn’t think “good” when reading he might be injured. Just seems kinda dickish.

              • jsbrendog

                brennan boesch has already had an above average year in the major leagues in the american league facing pitchers like king felix, cc, etc. to say he sucks and won’t do it again when he has 1 good yr and one bad yr is just plain stupid.

                • tom

                  He has played 3 years, not 2. His career fWAR is 1, his career bWAR is 0.6 (so basically an ~0.2-0.3 WAR/yr player).

                  While it is certainly possible that he can have a decent year, he is dangerously close to the definition of a replacement player.

                • forensic

                  Hopefully you guys are right, but I just don’t see it.

                  He’s basically had 4 (arguably 5) good months in a 3 year career, with much of that even being bumped by insanely unsustainable BABIP, such as .421 in 2010 against lefties. His minor league record is also unimpressive with one out of nowhere power year accounting for everything.

                  Maybe he flukes his way into one more good month until Granderson is back, but I just don’t put the odds of that happening as good. Plus, his defense and base running will take away from much of that too, in addition to his lack of plate discipline and contact ability (regardless of what Lou Piniella blinds says).

              • forensic

                And I never said ‘good’ about it. But, I’m also not sad because I’m thinking about what I think is better for the team, and I think this helps by taking away a bad player for a short time.

                Not that it matters since he’ll be back for the season and out there sucking it up in all likelihood.

        • herby

          who said he can hit worth a damn…go fuck yourself

          • jsbrendog

            well, i doubt you can read too gud but they’re called statistics.


            league average in his first yr as a rookie (even got RoY votes) an above average yr in his soph yr with an uptick in avg and obp and a drop in Ks, and then a pretty bad year but still with 12 hr.

            maybe you don’t pay too much attention but the yankees don’t have too much power. Their outfield of gardner and ichiro will hit like 6 hr combined.

            a 27 yr old with one avg, one above avg and one shitty yr in the majors can hit.

            god yankee fans are fucking terrible.

            • herby

              I’ve been looking at statistics for quite a long time, and I’ve seen his…his are nothing stellar. I pay quite a bit attention, and have been for awhile, long enough to see he’s not the answer, especially with what I saw out of his defense.
              Perhaps the pitchers may have figured him out, maybe he’s really not that good…perhaps Brenda, you’d just like to get dogged by him…got a sweet spot, for Brennan? Tell me I’m terrible when you’ve been watching them as long as I have.

              • jsbrendog

                ah, i see, so you’ve seen it with your own eyes. right. and gay jokes are always the go to for the intellectual and reasonable. carry on sir with yourself. enjoy.

              • jjyank

                …well that escalated quickly. Look, nobody is saying Boesch is some unappreciated star. But there is a chance that he can help this team. Perhaps even a better chance than guys like Fransisco, Mustelier, Dan Johnson, Juan Rivera etc. If your response to an injury of a potentially useful player is “good” and your response to someone challenging you on that is a gay joke, then I can’t respect that.

                • jsbrendog

                  how did he know about my alter ego brenda where i play dress up?!?!

                • herby

                  Don’t start off with calling me an idiot, insulting my intelligence, and calling me terrible fan. My response never said anything bad about being gay. Just a response to his insults and why he’s so enamored with a average to below average player. I’ve taken a ton of crap on here from some people including one idiot recently saying my mother gives out free BJ’s. so I sit back and take it?

                  • jjyank

                    Listen, I didn’t insult anyone. Maybe jsbrendog shouldn’t have called you an idiot. And I didn’t see the comment you refer to at the end, but I doubt it was him.

                    All I’m trying to say, is don’t be glad that a potential contributor to the team is injured. It seems petty and kind of dickish. He’s been above average before, so I don’t think it’s fair to pigeon hole him into “average at best, but most likely below average”. Again, it was only a year ago he was a favorite as a young breakout candidate.

                    • herby

                      No, I’ve never had a problem with you…but how many times have we seen players in the past called useless, and terrible. Is it so bad that I feel this guy fits that classification now. His defense yesterday cost the Yankees runs. I didn’t like what I saw, so I made a comment. So Brendog jumps my shit and I react. If he’s been half the fan I’ve been he’d be lucky.
                      If I’m wrong so be it.

                    • jjyank

                      Well, fair enough I suppose. I do disagree that he’s fallen into the “useless” category though. He may not be above average, but I think he has a reasonable a shot as anyone else for his role in camp to be above average, and maybe even more so.

                      I won’t get in the middle of beef you have with other commenters.

                    • jsbrendog

                      haha yo im a more heady fan than you are bruh.

                      dude, you’re free to feel however you want. and i am free to feel that anyone who says “good” about a player on their team getting hurt and calling them useless is an idiot.

                      i dont know who said that other crap to you but it wasn’t me. it’s the internet, it is full of tough guys.

                      i’m done. you feel your way, i’ll feel mine. i won’t make fun of your mom or call you gay cause i have class. enjoy your weekend and may flying spaghetti monster be with you.

              • The Doctor

                Or maybe he had a significant thumb injury and is poised to bounce back now that he’s healthy. At a low price, you take the risk. The odds of him having a hot month and compensating for the lack of Grandy are better than with anyone else we have. He’s for a swing made for YS and at least some track record of MLB success.

  • trr

    the hits just keep on comin’

    Speaking of which, Musty had 3 hits today, but Nova pitched poorly (Don’t tell Eddard!)

    • jsbrendog


  • forensic

    And apparently those were 57 very impressive pitches from Hughes too. Against low-A competition no less.