Update: Yankees not interested at Yuniesky Betancourt “at this time”

Yankees close to acquiring Vernon Wells from Angels
Yankees sign Chien-Ming Wang to minor league contract

8:30pm: Jon Heyman says the Yankees are not interested in Betancourt “at this time.” The Phillies did indeed release him earlier today rather than add him to their roster, by the way.

2:00pm: Via Jim Salisbury: The Yankees are one of a handful of teams “poking around” on infielder Yuniesky Betancourt. I assume their thinking involves bringing in someone who would make Eduardo Nunez — who will start at shortstop as Derek Jeter slowly recovers from his ankle injury — look like an All-Star by comparison.

Betancourt, 31, can opt-out of his minor league contract with the Phillies if they do not add him to the roster today. He’s had a strong camp — 21-for-47 (.447) with three doubles and a homer — but remains one of the very worst players in baseball, a no-hit/no-glove type. Yuni is a .266/.290/.392 (79 wRC+) hitter in nearly 4,000 career plate appearances with a -49.2 UZR and -74 DRS in just over 8,200 defensive innings, in case you didn’t believe me. The Phillies are likely to keep him as a backup infielder, so the Yankees might not even get a chance to acquire Betancourt if they wanted.

Yankees close to acquiring Vernon Wells from Angels
Yankees sign Chien-Ming Wang to minor league contract
  • Nice Guy Eddie

    Freddy Garcia was released today…

    • JobaWockeeZ

      The Yanks could always use another soft toss for BP.

    • hogsmog

      Step 1: Acquire all 5th starters in MLB, stash in AAA.

      Step 2: ???
      Step 3: Profit!

  • Pat D

    This would be that which would make me join the gloom-bagging crowd.

  • Barry

    Nothing to do with doom and gloom, but please God, no, no, no Yuniesky Betancourt. He’s is the most worthless baseball player, ever.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    meh, wouldn’t even give him a minor league deal. tbh I don’t know why/how he gets a job in the major league every year.

    • Barry

      To be fair according to bbref he’s been worth 6 wins.. below replacement since 2008.

  • Cool Lester Smooth


  • LK

    And so it has come to this.

  • dkidd

    rock bottom

    nowhere to go but up

  • jjyank

    I’m usually all in favor of low risk minor league deals. But please, pass on this one. It may be low risk, but if there’s no upside, I don’t see the point. Poke around all you guys want, just don’t actually sign him.

  • wayne

    so now we get to feel what it’s like to be a mets fan!

  • trr

    not much of a pick up, but we badly need depth at SS

    • Deathstroke Heathcott

      Betancourt is negative depth at SS.

      • vicki


  • Jake

    Vernon Wells????? Please tell me Arod is involved. Please.

  • Magilla Gorilla

    John Sterling said that there is a rumor that the Yankees will acquire Vernon Wells at virtually no cost.

  • RetroRob

    I will take Nunez every day of the week over Betancourt.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Why not give Stewart and Wells some competition for the worst player on a major league roster. Those 3 gotta be in the top 10 at least.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    Well, that’s a little bit of good news on a bad day

  • Dalek Jeter

    Good, Yuni is were I would draw the line. At least you can make the argument that Wells and Boesch can platoon. Betancourt there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to.

  • Eddard

    Give it a week or two and Betancourt will be scooped up for $7 million over 2 years. God forbid we give the kids a chance to play.

  • RollingWave

    good lord, what next? Willie Bloomquist and Jeff Mathis?

  • Al

    The Yankees have had discussions about Lyle Overbay, who could platoon with Juan Rivera at first base in Mark Teixeira’s absence. Overbay is currently with the Red Sox, but he has an out clause in his contract that he can trigger on Tuesday.Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo:

  • oldmanalex

    Why not just call up Nomahh. Natural SS, plays 1b/3b. Why not?

  • Guns

    Oh, there is a shitty player they’re not interested in signing?

  • Bill

    You guys are comparing Yuni to Nunez…you wouldn’t pick him up to play ss over nunez…you have to compare him to jayson nix..if we were playing fantasy baseball…you guys can have nix with his .215 lifetime average, who has never started for anyone and is an awful offensive player…i will take betancourt with his .266 lifetime average who has started for kc two years in a row and hit 16 hrs in 2010 with 78 rbis and in 2011 13 hrs with 68 rbis…do you want to compare their spring training stats…I would take betancourt in a second over nix…not even close…nix might be a little better on defense….nix went thru waivers last year and not one team in either league put a claim in…

  • Bill

    You pick up betancourt for insurance in case nunez gets hurt or to give him a blow for a game..but mostly as a bench player who can get a hit pinch hitting..you wouldn’t use nix to pitch hit for anyone…he can’t hit and we have a weak offensive team as it is..