Sherman: Yankees scouted Abreu in winter ball

Spring Training Game Thread: Sabathia's Debut
Yankees sign Brennan Boesch

Via Joel Sherman: The Yankees scouted former Yankee Bobby Abreu during his winter ball stint in Venezuela. The didn’t like what they saw and have obviously decided to pass. Remember, they tried to acquire him from the Angels for A.J. Burnett last offseason.

Abreu, who turned 39 on Monday, went 8-for-41 (.195) with three doubles and a triple in eleven winter ball games, drawing nine walks against ten strikeouts. He managed a .242/.350/.342 (97 wRC+) line in 257 plate appearances for the Angels and Dodgers last season, his fourth straight year of declining production. Bobby can still draw a walk like few others (14.4 BB% in 2012), but his power had disappeared (.108 ISO since 2011) and he absolutely can’t hit lefties (79 wRC+ since 2011). He also doesn’t steal many bases anyway and he was a terrible defender when he was playing in the Bronx five years ago. Abreu worked out at first base for some teams this winter, but he’s shown all the symptoms of age-related decline and I don’t want the Yankees to be his employer when he finally crashes.

Spring Training Game Thread: Sabathia's Debut
Yankees sign Brennan Boesch
  • trr

    c’mon…too old

  • Steve (different one)

    Good, they should scout everyone who could potentially help.

    They didn’t like what they saw, so this isn’t much of a story.

  • David Ortizs Dealer

    finally crashes … I think he already has. Other than being allergic to contact with a well padded wall. I was a fan, but I think the tank is pretty empty at this point.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    He used to drive me crazy pussying out whenever he got near the wall in the outfield.

    You’d have thought that there was a 100 foot ravine at the end of the warning track.

    • MannyGeee

      He was infuriating in the outfield. Like… anger inducing

  • dkidd

    hall of gamer?

    check the stats, you can make a real case

    • dkidd

      he’s also a borderline hall of famer, lamer, and tamer

      • Scully

        To me he’s borderline in the way that Damon is borderline: very good, but never great and not quite good enough to be enshrined. Plus, look at it this way… if Biggio can’t get in with his stats on the 1st try then what are Abreu’s chances of making it? Slim to nill. Bernie fell off the ballet 1st year. I think Abreu will too.

      • MannyGeee

        Also borderline hall of flamer…


        • JZee

          Are you really serious about him being a “flamer?”

  • Joba’sPhatStache

    Put me in coach – I’m ready to play (safely)

  • Gonzo

    I feel like there should be a to;ds or tc;ds post for these guys.

    Too Old; Didn’t/Don’t Sign
    Too Crappy; Didn’t/Don’t Sign

  • CashmanNinja

    I’m glad we’re not getting Abreu. At least we did get my personal fave in Boesch.