Spring Training Game Thread: On the road

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

The Yankees had a scheduled day off on Monday but are back at it this afternoon. They’re in nearby Clearwater to face the Phillies, so most of the regulars made the trip. Outside of Robinson Cano, there’s a pretty good chance the lineup the team is running out there this afternoon is the lineup we will see come Opening Day. Maybe the order is different, the collection of players figures to be pretty much the same. Here’s the starting nine…

  1. CF Brett Gardner
  2. SS Derek Jeter Gil Velazquez — Jeter was scratched due to a “cranky” ankle
  3. LF Ichiro Suzuki
  4. 1B Kevin Youkilis
  5. DH Travis Hafner
  6. RF Brennan Boesch
  7. C Chris Stewart
  8. 3B Ronnie Mustelier
  9. 2B Corban Joseph

And on the mound is the right-hander from North Carolina, Adam Warren. Here is the day’s second string, courtesy of Chad Jennings:

Available Pitchers: Not sure who is scheduled to pitch after Warren, but RHP Chase Whitley, RHP Ryan Pope, and RHP Graham Stoneburner are all available in relief.

Available Position Players: C Bobby Wilson, 1B Dan Johnson, 2B Walter Ibarra, SS Gil Velazquez, 3B Addison Maruszak, LF Ben Francisco, CF Melky Mesa, and RF Thomas Neal are all coming off the bench. C Kyle Higashioka, INF Casey Stevenson, and OF Ramon Flores are available if needed.

This afternoon’s game is scheduled to start at 1:05pm ET and can be seen on ESPN and (no local blackouts), but not YES. Enjoy the game.


  1. Eddard says:

    This is why Eduardo Nuney and Nix will make the roster. With Jete coming off injury and getting older you need backups. He won’t be able to play everyday and you’d rather have the potential of Nuney in there than the steady hand of Nix. With the offense depleted Nuney brings a better bat and more speed than Nix.

  2. Laz says:

    I like that Musty is getting these regular starts. How has his defense been? It also shifts Youk over to a position he is better at, and can stay healthier at.

    • jjyank says:

      I’ve only seen a bit of him so far, but he has definitely looked passable to me.

    • Jersey Joe says:

      Defense has been passable. I mean it’s hard to tell because he only gets so many fly balls with so few innings.

      I’ve said this before, but a super-sub platoon of CoJo and Ronnier would be awesome. Despite horrible defense in the infield, and CoJo’s lack of an arm, their bats would be awesome as a DH/3B/LF platoon in a few years.

  3. trr says:

    Not a big Nunez supporter, but we’ve gotta go with what we’ve got
    BTW, why isn’t he playing today?

  4. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Who has two thumbs and is home sick today?

    I’m sick and tired of looking at “Fantasy Busts” on the bottom chyron, mostly due to 1) not really giving a shit about fantasy baseball, 2) TOO MANY YANKEEZ.

  5. MannyGeee says:

    I have to say… Future HoF Ronnier Mustelier is getting a metric shit ton more looks this spring than I expected from someone who was supposed to go the way of Shelly Duncan and Jorge Vazquez.

    • Cris Pengiucci says:

      Kind of hope he makes it and does well. Glad he’s getting a good look so the Yankees can adequately assess what they have in him.

    • Jersey Joe says:

      I think people knew he was more athletic than those two. I think anybody is more athletic than Shelley/Vazquez. I don’t think Ronnier was ever thought to be THAT bad.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        I’d say AAAA baseball players are actually mighty fine baseball players.

        There’s no obvious hole in the bat that they’ve found with Ronnier. The question is how far up he can take his ability. He’s going to get a shot at some point this season.

  6. MannyGeee says:

    In an off topic alert, looks like Headley is starting the season on the DL… Dunno if this is old news, but since he seems to moisten so many trousers on RAB comments, thought it was worth mentioning .

  7. MannyGeee says:

    Dear Ichiro!:

    please save some for when they count.

    Us dudes in the stands

  8. Jersey Joe says:

    Why is Maruszack still here?

    • Steve T says:

      They need IF depth for Jeter’s ankle and Cano in WBC. Just a warm body until Cano returns.

      • Jersey Joe says:

        Ugh. He’s just horrible. There has to be something better. I want David Eckstein.

        • Cris Pengiucci says:

          Nothing to be concerned with – no need to replace him. He’ll be gone soon enough.

          • Jersey Joe says:

            It’s just depressing to watch. Like 1.5 weeks ago, 2 RISP and bottom 9 down by two – AHHHH!

            • Robinson Tilapia says:

              Then don’t watch.

              This is what Spring Training has been like since the dawn of time, where you rested the T-Rex at short with Gil Velazquez in the 7th.

              • Jersey Joe says:

                I know, I know. But it was an exciting moment and I was just irritated by the system where they just try to get players in, most of which will never make the roster. Example: Addison Marsuzack

          • jjyank says:

            Yeah. As soon as the WBC is over, he’s probably gone. He’s not really taking anyone important’s playing time, and the games don’t matter, so…

            • Cris Pengiucci says:

              Yeah, when I watch a ST game (which is rare), I’m usually done by the time the regulars are taken out.

              • jjyank says:

                Same. I probably haven’t even seen 2 full games when you add up the innings I’ve watched. It’s that point of spring training, I’m bored, and I just want the regular season now.

  9. dkidd says:

    anyone look at the picture above and consider posting a tasteless “gift basket” joke?

    me neither, just checking

  10. 1stbase says:

    what i’ve learned from the announcers is the yankees will be lucky to not go 0-162 this year, holy hell

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