Yankees release Matt Diaz


We have our first outfield competition casualty. The Yankees have released Matt Diaz according to multiple reports from Tampa. He has been in camp on a minor league deal.

Diaz, 35, went 6-for-30 (.200) in camp with no extra-base hits, and by releasing him now the club gave the right-hander hitter two weeks to find a new job before the season. Ben Francisco and Juan Rivera look like very strong candidates to make the team right now, especially Rivera given his ability to play first base in the wake of Mark Teixeira‘s injury.

  • trr

    not suprising

  • jjyank

    At least Tilapia won’t have to hear the pronunciation of his name anymore :P

    • Robinson Tilapia

      No fucking kidding.

      • Dan Gold

        Were got plenty more Hispanics

        • Pat D

          They all have better grasps of the English language than you do.

          • Scully

            Awesome haha.

  • ClusterDuck

    I would give the final spot to Musty, not Francisco. But we’ll probably get Bendover Francisco.

    • Barry

      Amen to this. Why would they stop a future HOFer like Musty any longer?

  • fabricio

    musty for the spot!!!!!!

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Rivera, Boesch, Mesa. Mustelier will get his moment during the season.

    • ClusterDuck

      Under your scenario, Mesa would be a late innings defensive replacement for Boesch. And Girardi has used late innings outfield replacements in the past. Rivera would be the full time first baseman and I have no idea how Rivera handles that position.

      The Musty scenario would put Youk at first, Rivera/Pronk/Jeter(sometimes) at a crowded DH spot and it would put Musty at third, with Nix replacing him for D late in the game. Perhaps under that scenario, the DH spot would be too crowded and Musty would get too many chances at 3B.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Rivera’s made a couple of nice plays at first. That means nothing, of course, in the grand scheme of things, but the bat’s been good thus far and him getting first crack at things seems right to me.

        I’m confident Mustelier will get a chance at some point during the season. No one’s had a bad word to say about him yet when asked.

        Yes, Mesa would get the 4th OF slot while Boesch plays in left.

        I’m open to changing my mind on this a thousand more times before the start of the season.

        • Herby

          So how many Boesched plays before Mesa gets a chance

          • ClusterDuck

            Mesa did Mesa-up a throw yesterday.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            If he can hit like he hit for a while in Detroit, he’s only a year older than Mesa, yet Mesa has less than a handful of MLB at-bats.

      • RetroRob (Live from Amsterdam)

        When dealing with a collection of questions, and with no clear standout, hold onto the depth. Mustelier is an unknown, so he’s that empty cup people want to fill up with their favorite elixer, yet I’m not sure he’s any better than the other options. It really comes down to who fills a need. If they need speed and a defensive OFer on the bench, then that opens the door for Mesa.

        With Boesch and Rivera and Francisco around, and Grandy returning within a month, and hopefully Tex too, I’m thinking Musty goes down to AAA, but that we’ll see him at some point this year.

        Of course that all said, I would like to see him get the chance. Some fans believed in Juan Miranda and Jorge Vazquez, but it was obvious both had significant flaws that would prevent them from being legit MLB hitters. I’m not sure that’s the case with Mustelier.

        • Herby

          It’s why I’d like to see him given a real chance, now is when he could get an extended amount of ABs and see what kind of possible player he could be. If he comes up later in the season, more than likely it’ll be a bit here or there, but not really an extended look.
          The others, you know what your getting, which really isn’t that much…shake a tree and players like that fall all around, you’ll find plenty of those at the end of spring training.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            How is a 28 year-old who plays below-average defense at several positions, but can hit, any different, though? You’re not bringing Tony Gwynn (Senior) up here.

            • RetroRob (Live from Amsterdam)

              Correct, and I should add that while we think he has a better hit tool that some of the others, we really don’t have any idea. He might turn out to be both defensively challenged and with a flaw in his hitting that is quickly exposed by MLB pitchers, making him more useless than the players since released.

            • Herby

              Don’t know unless you give him a try…we’ve already got below average defense with Boesch and Rivera, and below average offense with Francisco. I haven’t seen enough of him at 3rd to really rate his defense, and I think the Yankees basically stuck him in the OF saying he wasn’t an IF and are now just giving him a look there.
              You know what you’ve got with the others, see what you’ve got with someone else at the higher level, it’s not like you’re replacing gold.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                I don’t think Francisco makes the team, though, unless he’s willing to accept an MiLB assignment or he beats out Mesa AND Musty. I think Boesch was also Francisco’s ticket out of the roster, not just Diaz.

                I don’t think the ceiling of what you’re going to get with Musty is going to be that much higher than what you’re going to get with Rivera or Boesch, and it’s not worth losing these guys over. I want to see Musty get the shot, and I think he’s absolutely part of the overall MLB depth picture, even if not on the 25 man at the start of the season, but he’s on the outside looking in for me today.

                • Herby

                  I don’t really see Francisco making the team either much to Sterling’s dismay. I just don’t have as high regard for Boesch as many do. I’d really just rather see Youk at first where I think he’s a better player and let Musty play third. Rivera I kind of see as great in spring, dies in season type of player. Let him make the team, but as a back-up at 1st, DH and OF. Let Boesch and Mesa split some OF time until Granderson comes back.

                  • Robinson Tilapia

                    “High regard” is probably a strong term. “Nice little pick up at that point in the spring” is more like it.

                    • Herby

                      I don’t know…the way some refer to him around here I expect he’s going to start to be called, “Babe Boesch,” by some.

        • RetroRob (Live from Amsterdam)

          Just saw the Tex news, so May no looking good.

  • Herby

    There goes our saviour

    • RetroRob (Live from Amsterdam

      Some people were annoyed when he was given a shot. Now they can be annoyed he was released.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Why can’t the Yankees sign guys like Matt Diaz, said someone or other in August.

        • Herby

          We won’t hold it against you.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            I’ll be back in November claiming dumpster diving when they bring him back, though. I don’t think anyone would notice.

      • Tom

        Is anyone annoyed he’s being released?

        I’m not sure I understand this comment.

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