As with Bautista & DeRosa, Teixeira injury is to right tendon sheath

Late Spring Training Game Saturday Night Open Thread
Yankees release Matt Diaz

Updated (11:20 a.m.): The news on Mark Teixeira grew considerably worse this morning as the Yanks’ slugger returned to Tampa with his diagnosis. What had originally been called a strained right wrist is in fact an injury to his right tendon sheath, he told reporters. The Yanks’ first baseman isn’t going to rush back and discussed the possibility that he could be out until early June, nearly a month longer than first expected.

Later on, Brian Cashman explained that Tex’s injury is, according to Chad Jennings, a “partially torn sheath with a stable tendon.” A full recovery without surgery occurs in approximately 70 percent of cases, and Cashman said Teixeira would miss the season if he had surgery.

“This is one of those things I can’t come back too early,” Teixeira said. “We saw when I tried to play too early last year what happened. This is unfortunately, if I try to play too early, we could miss the whole season and we don’t want that. I don’t know if it’s going to be middle of May, end of May, beginning of June. I don’t know when it is, but I know that there’s a whole bunch of season left and the time that really matters is the playoffs.”

Early June could be the Yanks’ best-case scenario as tendon sheath injuries are very difficult to treat without surgery and the subsequent recovery time. When the slugger first announced his injury, Ken Rosenthal profiled tendon sheath injuries. Mark DeRosa tried to come back too soon from such an injury and required two surgeries that have sapped him off his power. Jose Bautista tried to avoid surgery as well but had to succumb to the knife last September.

On the other hand, David Ortiz suffered a similar injury in 2008 and missed 50 games. He slugged .529 after he returned from the injury, but that’s a rare case. The same year, Nick Johnson missed most of the season with a tendon sheath injury. If Tex ultimately needs surgery to retain his power as Bautista did, the Yanks will have to find a way to fill for one of their power bats at a time when first basemen are not readily available on the market.

Late Spring Training Game Saturday Night Open Thread
Yankees release Matt Diaz
  • Travis L.

    Doom and gloom here we come! The “realists” will be coming out of the woodwork now!!

    • trr

      Your opinion would carry more weight if you spoke of viable alternatives rather than mocking other’s opinions.

      I’m open to exploring fresh trade possibilities (Cuddyer?) but not at any great costs in prospects. Otherwise we’ll muddle through with what we have…it may be that acquiring Boesch is more significant than it first seemed.

      • Travis L.

        My opinion of what? Do you believe that when news like this comes out that there arent a lot of people on here chiming in with the hopeless attitudes associated with “doom and gloom”? That’s all I’m saying. Didnt mean to upset you…didnt think you were so sensative. As for alternatives for first base…we have Rivera and Youkilis in camp. Either one can play that position (albeit Rivra is worse than Youk and both are worse than Tex). We have Mustelier or Nix that could play 3B until such a time that we can trade for a more full-time option. Rumors are still swirling about a Mike Olt trade. These arent great options, but its what we have and the Yankees and their fans will have to deal with it. I’ve been a fan since I was a child and I took the 90’s with the rest of you. This team isnt that bad.

        • Travis L.

          Shit…80’s. My bad.

        • trr

          Hey Travis, I’m not upset, didn’t mean to come off that way We kinda talked about this here yesterday, “doom and gloom” is no way to enjoy the season…

          Thanks for your ideas.
          I’d like to see more of Mustelier than Nix. Olt is an intriguing trade possiblity, but the team’s thinking seems more directed towards an experienced player. Anyway, we need to hang in during the first 2 months ’til the injured come back and maybe we can acquire some help at the trading deadline in July.

          Happy St Pat’s to you all, enjoy the day!

          • Travis L.

            I’m working too much to enjoy St. Pat’s, but I agree with you about hanging in there. Sorry for getting a touch sour before, I agree that you cant enjoy the season thinking everything is caving in around you. Also, I’ve learned that just because a player is thought to be “done” or just not good, doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have some sort of magic left…Raul Ibanez says hi. People thought the Yanks were crazy for signing him. Just like some think it’d be the end of the world to put Rivera at first and let Francisco be the RH OF…or Cervelli behind the plate. All we need is a partial season of Juan and Ben being salvageable.

        • Manny’s BanWagon

          “This team isn’t that bad”.

          Never thought I’d see those words used in defense of the Yankees. .

          • Travis L.

            Had to happen eventually right? Everybody goes through down phases.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              No, never the Yankees. Ever and, when they do, they’re no longer deserving of your fandom since they’re run by billionaires, unlike every other sports team.

              • Travis L.

                Oh…my bad. Didnt realize.

                *hands you a bag of dicks and runs*


              • Manny’s BanWagon

                A little self righteous today, aren’t we?

                Don’t know where you read they’re no longer worthy of anyone’s fandom.

              • Youkales’ Misspelled Name

                Holy shit. Two missed the sarcasm already.

    • TomH

      I think the people to whom you are referring are realists, not “realists.”

      • Get Phelps Up

        …says a gloom-bagger.

  • Alkaline

    Yikes. Rock, meet hard place. Getting him back asap is crucial, yet they need to make sure he is game ready and not rushed. Coming back too early with an injury like this will prolong the issue.

    I guess the question could be, do we want a shell of Tex or have him take his time and go with it with the replacements?

  • Chamberlain


  • John

    Can we somehow have a conversation with the Rockies and grab ourselves a Cuddyer? What will it take? Nova or Phelps probably, but they will need to throw something else in. Might be a good fit for 1st, RF, DH guy.

    • Travis L.

      Even though I’m a Cuddyer fan…I wouldnt want to give up Phelps or Nova. I’m assuming we lose Pettitte after this year and I’d want to see both Nova and Phelps in the rotation. I dont have much faith in Warren and I want to see Marshall in AAA before passing judgement on him. I think we may have to settle for what we have in camp…which isnt exactly ideal, but isnt terrible. We can survive it for a while.

  • fabricio

    i hope whoever they choose to fill in is decent for a while

  • Eddard

    Nova and Phelps aren’t going anywhere. We have to get out of the business of trading away good, young, cheap ballplayers for temporary bandaids. The team will weather the storm. Let’s face it, Teixera is a big loss but his OPS last year was .807. That’s not so good for a 1st baseman. Defensively he’s a big loss because he’s one of the best. As long as Granderson returns as scheduled there is no reason to panic in mid March.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Easy to say that .807 isn’t “so good” for a first baseman, but it’s not that simple. He had an sOPS+ as a 1B of 108, making him still an above average offensive first baseman though less so than he used to be.

      • Eddard

        Yes, I agree he’s above average but he’s not a Babe Ruth type player that people are making him out to be. He can be replaced for a few months by a serviceable player. The biggest problem seems to be there are a lack of serviceable fill ins out there and I just don’t think we should trade away our young starting pitching for a 2-3 month replacement, especially when we develop so few young starting pitchers as it is.

        • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

          Nobody has ever compared Mark Teixeira to Babe Ruth.

      • Dozer

        I’m curious. What’s the mode OPS+ for 1b?

    • jjyank

      Can you stop mentioning Nova and Phelps in every single comment?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        It’s the new shtick. If it ain’t broke in EddardWorld…

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    “The same year, Nick Johnson missed most of the season with a tendon sheath injury…which he sustained from taking a harmless shower and then died two weeks later.”

    • aluis


  • @NotJackCurry

    And with the lack of prospects in the minor leagues (or even serviceable MLBers) , looks like Yankees are heading back to the mid 1980’s!

    • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

      We averaged just over 90 wins from 1984 to 1987.

      • Jimmy

        I loved following those teams, FWIW. The 1984 Batting title race doesn’t get enough attention in general. Awesome teams. Mattingly, Baylor, Winfield, Randolph, Guidry, Pags. No championships and plenty of suffering, but great great teams to follow.

        • Pat D

          You mean in how it supposedly divided the clubhouse?

          • Jimmy

            I never heard about how it divided the clubhouse. I really hope it wasn’t a stupid black-white thing. Those two guys were just on fire that year. I remember that year looking at the stats every day to see who was ahead.

        • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

          TOTALLY agree on this. The batting race was a complete blast that year. I was 14, at the shore, and loved waking up every morning, walking to grab a couple dozen donuts (for the house…) and the Daily News, and returning to pore over the box score to see whether Winfield (boo!) or Mattingly (hooray!) had a better day. I was also quasi-interested in whether the team won, but given how the season went on the whole the batting race was waaaaaaay more fun. Epic even.

          • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…


            And btw I too recall no divided clubhouse stuff. At least not over that.

      • Slu

        Wow. 4 whole years.

  • This Year

    What is with the Yankees and injuries? We never get the straight dope at the time of injury. It only trickles out later.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Initial diagnosis followed by subsequent tests. Have you never been injured in life before?

      • Dozer

        Not for nothing but writers give the Yankees a bad radio for being opaque about injuries relative to other teams.

      • This Year

        Yes, and my diagnoses came quickly, and I do not think I had quite the same quality of doctors as the Yankees have access to. The Yankees are often secretive or inept, or both, when it comes to injuries. It may have been the former here so a difficult trade market would not get worse as teams knew just how bad it is.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Can you confirm or deny that you are, in fact, Wolverine?

        • Jimmy

          Omar Moreno, please call your office.

        • MannyGeee

          Well dude, in fairness there is typically no secondary diagnosis for bruised labia. It usually is less complicated than the inner workings of a wrist.

          • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

            Manny fucking Geee I am crying laughing at this.

        • Benjamin Kabak

          The Yankees are often secretive or inept, or both, when it comes to injuries.

          This is hilarious.

          • Dozer

            Aren’t you the same guy that swore that the Yankees gave Phil Hughes an MRI in his first dead arm phase when in fact they didn’t? Calm down. No one is perfect.

            • Jack P

              This was also the guy who thought Phil Hughes was going to be Roger Clemens, Ben has gone off the deep end and thinks his opinion is above all, don’t take offense to anything he says, you know as much or more then him.

              • This Year

                Yeah, I know and thanks. Amazing the vitriol an honest– and accurate comment invokes. Anybody who has followed the Yankees who believe they are forthcoming on injuries is a dope. And sometimes it is indeed for strategic reasons, as may be the case here. Or somehow a strained tendon morphed into a partially torn tendon magically. Mike Axisa, I think you have done a fabulous job with RAB, and I have followed from its birth. I do not usually comment, and now I remember why. Some true lowlifes participate here.

                • Benjamin Kabak

                  So you don’t know who I am but you followed RAB from its birth and you’re calling the creators of the site true lowlifes. I see.

              • Benjamin Kabak

                When exactly did any of us say that? Would love to see links to those posts.

                • Dozer

                  In the April 17th, 2011 post by you titled Nearly sent down, Hughes’ concerns landed him on DL, you said in response to a poster named Phil something along those lines. In a later post you said that you “guessed wrong” about an MRI.

                  I’m not trying to catch you in anything. I’m just pointing out that people can be wrong including you, so you should understand and have some empathy.

    • RetroRob (Live from Amsterdam)

      What makes you think *you* deserve the “straight dope?” Here’s a shocking idea. The Yankees may not have have wanted to broadcast to the world the potential extent of the injury at first while they explored other options. I’m not even sure why they’ve revealed this much now. Update the world come May and in the meantime keep exploring options.

      • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

        Exactly. Teix back in a few weeks is a very different negotiating position than is Teix is farked.

  • TJ

    Wow..back to the 80’s?? Does that mean the music is coming back too?

  • Igawa’s Sunglasses

    Tex may be the one who doesn’t want the surgery. Regardless, the point of having a surgery now is correct. He could be back by the ASG.

    • Mike Axisa

      Nope. Never cut into a major joint of a baseball player unless it’s unavoidable.

      • toad


        Also true of non-baseball players, I would think.

  • pounder

    I wonder if he will remain a switch hitter once he heals,or decides to bat righty,at least for a while.

  • Jersey Joe

    Kill. Me.

    • Travis L.

      I knew it. trr….see what I mean?

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Terrible news obviously but what would make this a total disaster would be to wait till June and then determine this needs surgery.

    I hope they’re making the right move treating this conservatively.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Yeah. I agree. I’d rather have a truly healthy Tex for less time than a less than effective one risking injury for longer.

      Some folks will just have to wear an extra diaper in the interim.

      • Travis L.

        (runs to Big K for extra large adult pampers)

    • Adirondack Murray

      I think that the conservative route is the way to go. Always avoid surgery as long as you can.

      There. I’m locked in to that opinion, in writing, here in mid-March.

      Now in June when he re-aggravates it and needs surgery please kick me in the ding ding.

  • LennonJames

    Sabathia, Kuroda, Pettitte, Phelps, Nova, Rivera, Robertson, Chamberlain, all healthy.

    Hughes potentially missing only one start (if that) and Logan on his way back.

    The injuries really suck, but their staff is healthy. That’s more important. Granderson and Teixiera will just be huge mid-season pick ups.

  • lightSABR

    In related news, the team announced today that Derek Jeter broke his other ankle, C.C. Sabathia suffered a “mild” heart attack, and Robinson Cano enjoyed playing for the Dominican Republic so much that he’ll be retiring from the MLB in order to sign with the Santo Domingo Tigres del Licey.

    Team officials remain unconcerned. “We have some great young players here in camp, and it’s time for them to step up,” said General Manager Brian Cashman, who denied that he was pursuing any trades to replace the Yankees’ ailing ace or fill the holes at shortstop and second base. Owner Hal Steinbrenner concurred. “We still have one of the biggest payrolls in baseball,” he said, “and you don’t need to spend $220 million every year to field a championship team. I have no doubt we’ll be just as competitive as we’ve always been.”

  • Alkaline


    I think I said it before, but I’m going with it again. 92 wins this season.


    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Easy to say though I wouldn’t put down money on it.

      Hope you’re right though.

    • lightSABR

      Good heavens, I hope so. Right now the most optimism I can muster is that they’ll be so awful that falling ticket sales will persuade ownership to invest in the team again. My worst-case scenario, which also seems to me the most likely scenario, is that we’re about to see five years of mediocrity, winning 85 games a year while Hal milks the Yankees’ existing brand value for all it’s worth. All the while, of course, pretending he’s fielding championship-caliber teams.

    • it is over

      only if you give them 5 games……………189,189,189,189,189,189,189,189,189,189,189,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Guns

    YES propaganda? This AP article says Teix is going to start swinging a bat next week. The tone of this article is much less serious than what’s mentioned above.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      It’s an AP piece that says one-handed swings.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Shit news, for sure. What an incredibly snakebitten spring when we all were rooting for the opposite.

    Continue to stay the course. See what happens and what unfolds as the season progresses. I’m willing to go with Rivera and Johnson (perhaps Johnson is fine with a AAA assignment knowing chances are good he’ll be able to contribute at some point) until a better idea comes up.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Not really any other reasonable course of action other than to hope for the best with the replacements and wait for the walking wounded to get healthy.

      Who knows, maybe the Yankees will be peaking in October with all these guys coming back around June/July.

    • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

      I still advocate luring Nick Johnson out of retirement.

  • LarryM., Fl.

    The Yankees may have to make 2013 a tryout season with Granderson and Texieria being MIA for some time. My concern with Teix. is the possibility of season ending surgery. Should we place Youklis at first, now? He is a gold glove man at first. Look for a possible 3rd base fillin such as Ronnie M. This gives us some offense at the corners. Maybe Ronnie M. will be our diamond in the rough.

    As Yankees fans the life has been good. We may just have to grin and bare it while the team can sort this mess out.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Not that I’m into making these sorts of suggestions, but what would Carlos Pena be worth? Would love the glove in the interim while being able to put up with billions of K’s.

    • MannyGeee

      Can’t be traded till April 15 though right?

  • marks undies

    I’m very soiled right now.

  • RetroRob (Live from Amsterdam)

    So surgery is a three-month recovery, meaning he’d be back in June; meanwhile, no surgery is a three-month recovery and he’d be back in June?

    Clearly I’ve missed something because that outline screams surgery now!

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Surgery would cause him to miss the season. I’ll update the post.

  • MannyGeee

    Ronnier Mustelier is gonna get mor reps to start the season than any of us are comfortable with.

    • Travis L.

      No sarcasm in this question, but, do you really think they would go with Mustelier on the bench? That would give them… Stewart, RH OF, Nix and Musty? Would they forego Nunez? or Nix and give Nunez a bench spot? I’m totally confused as to what the projected bench is. I know that we won’t truly know the answer until we break camp, but I kinda figured on Stewart, Francisco, Nunez and Nix. Can’t Nix play a little OF corner?

  • Jimmy

    Who is ths Benjamin Kabak guy anyway?

    • Travis L.

      Managing Editor of RAB. Knows his shit.

  • Pasta

    Get Olt now
    Joba monty and austin should do it id even offer ramirez too.

    • Travis L.

      No way! I would have given Heathcott along with Joba, if he were healthy, but since Slade is on the mend, I’d maybe give Turley and Flores. I’m know I’m higher on Flores than most, so this would probably get the needle from Texas and die. As for Turley… I’m higher on Matt Tracy as a SP, so I wouldnt blink to move him.

  • Neil

    Lets give Nunez a shot at 1B. Seriously. He’ll have good range over there. As long as he’s capable of stretching and making a scope now and then we will be decent until Tex comes back.

  • aRX

    Maybe I’m confused:
    “…Cashman said Teixeira would miss the season if he had surgery.”

    “…tendon sheath injuries are very difficult to treat without surgery and the subsequent three-month recovery time.”

    But wouldn’t that mean he’d be back around the ASB with surgery? Or would rehab take too long?

    I used to think that the goal was to just stay afloat until reinforcements arrive in May; now I have no idea how this is gonna work.

  • it is over


  • http://Riveraveblues Austinmac

    Teixiera is going to start swinging one handed. His injured arm is not involved.

  • JonMichel

    Cahsman should wow the Padres with a Chase Headley trade get Headley and move Youk to 1st.

  • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

    In other news, voodoo dolls of several Yankees including Teix were discovered in the locker of FHOFRM.

  • Mike CT

    Need to find a way to get Mike Olt from Rangers. Plays 1st, 3rd and RF. Right handed bat, young, cheap, under team control for years. Not sure what it would take to get him, but we dont have anything in the minors I wouldnt give up.

  • EndlessJose

    Of course Bautista and Ortiz came back with power,they both take PEDS.If he doesn’t get the surgery he’ll have a year like last year and keep injurying it.Look at Beltran,he had a wrist injury last year after getting traded and had a great year last year until he August when he had awrist inssue again.

  • toad

    I do think it’s past time to let the Israelites go.

    Besides, the timing is coming up just right.

  • ricky

    Hal must be pissing his pants realizing that if the Yankees miss the playoffs and he sticks to the 189 budget he will get crucified by the media and fans for being cheap.

  • Pistol pete

    Tex is finished for 2013 who’s kidding who. We’ve lost Arod Tex Swisher Martin and Grandy for three months. Let’s face it we’re going to stink if Cash doesn’t get a top level first baseman. There’s just too much power gone and no protection for the decent hitters. Jeter’s also coming off a major injury too. Tex’s position simply can’t be filled with another dfa’d retread like Rivera or Johnson. Cash has got to go get someone or just throw the season away.

    • toad

      Even if you’re right, does it make sense to try to rescue one season at the cost of several future seasons?

      Maybe you just take the hit, use it as an opportunity to get the top prospects some ML experience, and go on.

  • i like bacon

    whats the over under on texeria’s surgery? june 4th?

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    Isn’t this the injury that really killed Nick Johnson’s career (he had so many injuries)

  • Jim Cavanaugh

    Hey man, im still looking forward to the season … but this reinforces the bummer feeling i already had going into Opening Day. This is why i was so stunned how passive; wait let me re-phrase that … how completely uninvolved the Yankees were in the off season. This is an older team, a team that performed offensively weak in the post season and something really needed to be done. It didn’t mean signing Josh Hamilton, but there were some bats out there and some of the prices were more than fair. Even the season before at least there was the Pineda trade. Cashman tried something ! As far as i see it, there is more intrigue with what the team will do in response to the fan base rather than performance on the field, although they do go hand in hand. How is mgmt. going to respond if it’s June and the team is in 3rd or 4th place and the stadium is half empty ? Sad thing is most of us fans saw it, and it really should have been handled during the winter.

  • Jim Cavanaugh

    Come to think of it, maybe the Yankees can just sign Jesse Bradford and have him play 1st base !?!