Curtis Granderson started throwing today

Yankees will skip Ivan Nova following rain out
Game Nine: More Rain

According to the man himself, Curtis Granderson threw for the first time today since having his right forearm fractured by a pitch in early Spring Training. He said everything went “really well,” so hooray for that.

Granderson, 32, is expected to return to the team in early-May, which isn’t all that far away really. The Yankees insist he will remain in center field when he returns for whatever reason. One thing we have to remember is that Granderson missed all of camp, so his minor league rehab stint will have to be longer than usual. It won’t be two quick games with Double-A Trenton or anything like that, he’ll need a good week or two of at-bats before being ready for the big leagues.

Yankees will skip Ivan Nova following rain out
Game Nine: More Rain
  • Eddard

    By late May hopefully our lineup is-


    Against LHP You DH Jeter and play Nuney at SS. The lineup is above average without these guys so just imagine how good it will be when they return.

    • Jersey Joe

      I wouldn’t say Teixeira will be back by late May…if he is, wrist problems are never fun. I doubt he’s batting 4th by then.

    • Jack

      Eddard. You are wrong. Nunez will not be moved to short because he is not as good of a defensive shortstop as Jeter. Nunez only plays well at a position when he can consistently play there every day. He cannot do that with Jeter on the roster. Jeter will not come out of the lineup based on righty/lefty matchups. He will only come out for rest days.

  • trr

    wake me up when he starts hittin’

  • gritner’s glove

    no reason he can’t be getting work in left field from here on out. hell, he could have been tracking balls off the bat for weeks by now.

    switching granderson and gardner may only be worth a win or two in the long run, but we need every win we can get in a tight division like this.

  • J

    I’m a little curious as to what Girardi will do with Wells after Grandy comes back.

    • jjyank

      I’d imagine it has a lot to do with what Wells, Ichiro, and Gardner do until then. Weakest link becomes the 4th OF. Though for the record, I don’t think that should be Gardner. You never know, though. I’d like to see Wells and Ichiro audition to start, and that’s what I believe will happen.

    • Slugger27

      wells will be the 4th OF unless ichiro either gets hurt or is completely useless. gardner is pretty safe i would think.

  • Pasta

    Francisco and overbay dont have much time left. Nunie has to go down when jeter comes back. He needs to play every day.

  • Darren

    By late May we should have a pretty good idea on wether or not Wells is really playing like he used to and wether or not Ichiro was a 1 year wonder for us, I don’t expect that from Ichiro though he’s to talented of a hitter, that’s why I think that Wells will be the 4th OF playing DH and Of on occasion, but Ben Francisco will be lost by then I expect Rapada to be back with the team by then if not sooner so he’ll take his spot, I think Overbay and Nunez will stay up though Ankle for Jeter and Wrist for Tex are always tricky so you want to have a quality back up in place, Nix may be the odd man out in the Infield either in May when Jeter, Tex Grandy come back or in July-August If/When A-Rod comes back people don’t like him but I guarantee he gets a spot on the team when he’s back

  • LemDaGem

    Ichiro, providing his physical regimen remains true to form will continue to be a consistent contributor both on defense and offense. Gardner, hopefully might want to learn some hitting tips from Suzuki in crucial situations where he HAS to get on base to either start or continue a rally. Granderson just needs to take a less “HOMER happy” approach to hitting and work on his arm strength and accuracy from his DL time. Girardi will MAKE time for Wells to be in the line up as a part time DH and late inning addition in key situations where his hitting and defensive skills will prove to be a decisive factor in a win.