Update: Hughes will be activated and start against Tigers tomorrow

Friday Night Open Thread
Yankees roughed up again in loss to Tigers

6:10pm: Brian Cashman just confirmed that Hughes will indeed be activated off the DL tomorrow and start against the Tigers. He threw seven innings in his most recent minor league start.

6:08pm: Phil Hughes has been scratched from tomorrow’s scheduled rehab start with Triple-A Scranton, reports Donnie Collins. Hughes is not injured according to Collins, which is a pretty good indication he will be in Detroit for tomorrow’s game against the Tigers. Given the overworked bullpen, I’m guessing Phil will start with David Phelps shifting to a relief role. Shawn Kelley is the obvious send-down candidate. The Yankees haven’t confirmed anything as of yet.

Friday Night Open Thread
Yankees roughed up again in loss to Tigers
  • trr


    • Govin


    • dalelama

      D E S P E R A T I O N

  • Dalek Jeter

    The pessimist in me is terrified they’re rushing him back and his bulging disk is going to explode in the second inning tomorrow.

    • Govin

      He was going to pitch tomorrow anyway. If his disk is going to explode you mine as well have it happen at a MLB game, so he could get two or three good innings in.

  • Eddard

    This is great news because now it gives us another weapon in the pen to use instead of Boone Logan. Phelps, Joba, Robertson, Mo should be used against righties and lefties. Logan has one job and can’t even do that.

    We really dodged a bullet with Nuney only being day to day. That could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. I still think we might get swept in Detroit without Nuney because Scherzer and Verlander are better than Hughes and CC. Their offense is healthy and better than ours, too. Our only advantage is the bullpen.

    • Luis Castillo (Not the one who dropped the ball)

      So the yankees have no advantage, acording to what happened today.

  • forensic

    That cheering you hear is from Miguel Cabrera…

    • vicki

      okay, but hughes likes comerica as much as miggy likes hughes.

      • flamingo

        I’d forgotten, but now that you mention it – Hughes outpitched Verlander last season in Comerica. That was a good game.

        • forensic

          Yup, of couse later in the year he then got smacked around there when he was facing off against Porcello.

  • YankeeJosh

    My guess is that Warren will get sent down since he’s probably still unavailable from his Wednesday outing and his role would be replaced by Phelps.

    I like Phelps in the pen but feel bad for him that he’s not even getting a chance to start given how shaky Nova looks.

    • Bo Knows

      Phelps has been just as shaky in ST the past couple of weeks.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    Oh, good

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    I don’t know if anyone saw Nova’s and Nunez’ postgame interviews, but I wasn’t too happy.

    There’s something immature about their demeanors and explanations. They seem soft.

    • Havok9120


      I don’t understand.

  • forensic

    It’s almost like they don’t really have plans for things, and the times they seem like they might, they can’t follow them…

    • Havok9120

      Riding the plan down in flames is no better tack to take either. And any middle ground between the two can only be judged subjectively.

  • LarryM Fl

    I can’t believe some of the prior comments. We will get swept by the Tigers their pitches are better than our pitchers. Hey guys especially the pessimists the game is played between the white lines by professional ballplayers. Anything can happen. We may get swept. We may take the next two games.

    True the Yankees are going through some tough times with an injury a day starting to take affect. It may very well be a rough month or two because the only simple injury amongst the guys on the DL is Granderson’s broken bone and their will be some power loss. So it’s going to be a tough year but I have faith in the Pinstripes and the ability to turn this year into a positive one for the organization.

    Maybe the guys in AAA get more than a few games in September which seems almost definite. I can’t see Stewart catching if the Yanks are heading downhill. Romine should be called up and given some real experience after some more AAA time. There will be other moves that we have not seen in the last 18 years. This will be highly unusual.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      This, this, and this.

  • To ensure that you

    Panicking already. This year is going to be fun.

  • dalelama

    Today in History for 5th April 1965

    – 37th Academy Awards – “My Fair Lady,” Rex Harrison & J Andrews win
    – Lava Lamp Day celebrated
    – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site