Michael Pineda scheduled for simulated game next week

Game 17: Finish The Sweep
Sunday Night Open Thread

Via Dan Martin: Right-hander Michael Pineda is scheduled to throw his first simulated game since shoulder surgery this coming week. “He’s continued to look good,” said VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman. “With shoulder surgeries, there are always things that slow you down, but he’s constantly been getting better and healthier. We’re still counting on him.”

Pineda, 24, has been facing hitters in live batting practice in recent weeks. He’s confident he will return as the same pitcher he was before — “I’m going to be back and I’m going to be 100% … My arm is feeling good and I’m the same pitcher I was before,” he said to Martin — but you never really know with this kind of injury until he gets back on the mound in real game situations. Pineda continues to make good progress though, and that’s all you can ask for at this point.

Game 17: Finish The Sweep
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • Bo Knows

    Good, hopefully the he comes back soon. It’s obvious he’ll be taking Nova’s slot, and as much as I like the guy (Nova) it’ll be a well deserved demotion to hopefully AAA so he can work on his putrid control and command.

    • Mickey Scheister

      And composure.

  • Chris

    Nova might just be a AAAA pitcher…

  • Danny

    Can’t wait to see some V-Lo readings !! Better be averaging 95 again !!


  • fabrico

    i hope he takes novas spot in the rotation i wanna see him pitch in the summer

  • Jeff

    Phelps or Warren, or anyone else for that matter, should be taking Nova’s spot in the interim. Maybe Wang in another 3-4 weeks.

  • Phil

    I wouldn’t expect Pineda to come in right away and take a rotation spot. After his rehab he will probably be sent to AAA and/or the bullpen until he proves he’s ready. Right now the best option to take Nova’s spot might be Nuno.

    • Laz

      Will probably be sent to AAA just because then they can get back a year of team control.

    • Bo Knows

      It makes no sense to put Pineda in the bullpen, he is a starter and has always been a starter. The rotation is what he was traded to do, and that should be where he should be.

      I don’t understand the hype Nuno gets, the only thing he has going for him is his excellent control, everything else is average or well below (example his well below average mid-80’s velocity).

      • Phil

        Well he may go to the bullpen first because he is coming off such a major injury and may not be ready for the rotation yet.

        And while Nuno doesn’t have great velocity, it’s hard to ignore how dominant he has still been in spring training and the minors.

        • Dalek Jeter

          It’s also hard to ignore that before the surgery Pineda was an All-Star at the Major League level at a younger age than Nuno is right now

          • Phil

            Hopefully he is able to return to that level but that’s a pretty serious injury to come back from

        • Bo Knows

          He shouldn’t go near the bullpen, if he’s not ready for the rotation than he needs to be in AAA until he is. They don’t need to do that bouncing around BS with him.

      • emac2

        You can’t understand results or why people consider them?

        • Bo Knows

          I can’t understand how people think a guy who throws slower than Freddy Garcia will be able to handle a major league lineup, with less than zero margin for error. Non of his pitches are above average, his velocity is mediocre and he is extremely flyball prone even in the minors non of that screams “Success” in the MLB.

  • Paco Dooley

    I hope he can pitch with mechanics that don’t result in another tear in his shoulder. That is part of the problem – not only hard to recover, but hard not to be the same pitcher that tore something in the first place (different from elbows in that regard).

  • LarryM Fl

    Pineda is a starter. We did not trade Montero for a reliever. When he is physically ready and one of the starters needs to be replaced then he is the guy until that time he stays at AAA. But my thoughts are either Nova or Phelps may have earned a demotion or an injury replacement is in order .

    Unfortunately we have to keep putting Nova in the rotation to see if he has the stuff to be a good pitcher. IMHO, when he pitches aggressively. He seems to do better. He needs to keep going out there for a few more starts. Phelps who doesn’t have Nova’s physical ability is probably the better pitcher all aspects being considered. He has reasonable stuff to get the jog done. But he is behind Nova apparently and suffering a bit in his role as a reliever. The Yanks have to look to 2014 and use 2013 as a test for their young pitchers with CC and possibly Hughes as their only returnees amongst proven veterans.