Sunday Night Open Thread

Michael Pineda scheduled for simulated game next week
DePaula strikes out ten in five no-hit innings in latest start
Chris Stewart hit his annual homer this afternoon. (Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)
Chris Stewart hit his annual homer this afternoon. (Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)

Here is your end of the weekend open thread. The ESPN Sunday Night Game is the Cardinals at the Phillies (Westbrook vs. Kendrick), and that’s pretty much it. The Red Sox and Royals are playing the second game of their doubleheader, but I don’t believe that is on national television anywhere. Talk about whatever you like here. Go nuts.

Michael Pineda scheduled for simulated game next week
DePaula strikes out ten in five no-hit innings in latest start
  • Pat D

    ‘Tis a great tragedy to waste Stewie’s likely only HR of the year.

  • Eddard

    I’m sick of hearing about Matt Moore and David Price. What about CC and Andy? The Yankees still trot a better lineup out there every night than the Rays. They’ll take 2/3 in Tampa like they did in Toronto.

    • emac2

      How about Depaula with 5 no hit innings and 10 strikeouts tonight.

      • YankeesJunkie

        It is apparent that DePaula is much better than the competition in the Sally striking out nearly 17K/9 while the walk rate has been high he will be promoted sooner rather than later.

      • adjusts batting gloves

        Still wish they’d let him try to finish the no-no–only a seven inning game because of the double header. There has to be some value in a young pitcher learning how to finish games.

        • emac2

          I’m sure there is some but not enough to take any health risks in his first month over here.

        • Laz

          But they aren’t going to ride him up to 100+ pitches. More concern is with keeping him healthy.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      This is the side of Eddard I like. Agreed.

  • brian

    I hate to belabour this point but the yankees are getting NOTHING at the shortstop position…

    Seriously, I would take Jeter in a wheelchair over this… of course, most teams don’t get much at shortstop so it’s not a big deal

    just a reminder at how spoiled we’ve been all these years

    • trr

      Belabor Away!
      I’ve been calling for more depth at SS since the end of last season. And yes, we have been spoiled, royally spoiled, all these years. See you in Cooperstown, Jete!

    • Bob Buttons

      Jeter in a wheelchair: Every batter tries to hit to him; he’s out on anything he hits that stays in-play.

  • stuart a

    Phelps is not getting it done. the yanks search for a relaible lefty out of the pen, continues.

    it has been a long time since they had a lefty who can consistently get lefties out.

    logan is average. all the stuff does not mean jack, he is avg.

    • Continuity
    • Robinson Tilapia

      He is average. I don’t think anyone doubts that.

      I do think the Yankees had a solid lefty specialist as recently as last year in Clay Rapada.

      It’s not hard to find a lefty. What’s hard is to find consistency from a lefty year in, year out, and that’s not exclusively a Yankee issue.

      Also, while your two sentences could be completely unrelated, Phelps ain’t a lefty.

      • jjyank

        But Phelps had a parade. So that negates everything.

      • WhittakerWalt

        stuart’s not a real Yankee fan, so you can’t expect him to know that actual ins and outs. He gets all his Yankee news from Sportscenter and NESN.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          I’ve heard much worse on here today than what stuart just wrote. I actually thought that was worthy of a real reply.

          You know what that means: Throw him a parade.

    • Bob Buttons

      Who cares? Every single member of your OF earns less than what you pay for Jason Bay and Bobby Bonilla.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Nova hasn’t been worth a shit in nearly a year now. Luckily for him, Phelps has been pitching like shit too. Cashman is gonna have to get on his hands and knees again and beg Pettitte and Kuroda to come back next year because the way I see it, in 2014, all the Yankees have is CC.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      They’re walking a thin line right now, that’s for sure.

      • WhittakerWalt

        Nova’s a pure 5-inning pitcher these days. Actually, he’s almost always been that guy. If you get 5 OK inning from him just be thankful. We got 5 OK from him today. Unfortunately it’s hard to get 4 clean innings from your middle relief.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          MBW’s talking about next season, though, and I do think this gets dicey if we can’t get one of these back-end types to perform strong enough to maintain a spot. We don’t know what we’re going to get from Pineda, yet. Banuelos certainly can’t be counted on in any way. They’re going to have to, like Mike said in the chat, rely HEAVILY on one year deals. Then what?

          Thin line.

          • WhittakerWalt

            Oh yes. Very thin line.

  • TomH

    I was at the game today and so I didn’t see mustang’s memories-are-made-of-this post, where he quotes me on the Wells deal. Nolo contendere.

    • mustang

      Dude your post won for not only hating the Wells move, but also praising the Jays for they’re off-season. Its way to early you might still get the last laugh. I made fun of a few of regulars included myself but don’t even bother looking at the game thread. It was disgusting after the Jays took the lead.

      • Bob Buttons

        A lot of Yanks “fans” love to overreact and panic over insignificant crap. I personally avoid all game threads since there’s too much negativity whenever something goes downhill. Not that there’s anything wrong with venting and sharing the frustration, but it ain’t enjoyable watching the Yanks screw up AND surrounded by misery.

        • mustang

          So agree. I haven’t been in a losing game thread in while so I didn’t realize how bad it could get I’m definitely avoiding it from now on.

        • WhittakerWalt

          A lot of Yanks baseball “fans” love to overreact and panic over insignificant crap.

          There, fixed it.

          • Bob Buttons

            A lot of Yanks baseball “fans” people love to overreact and panic over insignificant crap.

            I just find that the more bandwagon-ish your common interest is, the more prominent “sky is falling” syndrome is.

            • WhittakerWalt

              Yeah, true. There are certainly people who seem to enjoy when bad things happen. The dalelamas and stuarts of the world.
              On the other hand, I know I can get pretty emotional and reactionary during games. It’s hard to stay detached and look at the big picture, especially while the game is happening at that moment.

              • Bob Buttons

                I won’t lie, I go to certain division rivals’ sites from time to time for some schadenfreude here and there. Can’t blame those two for doing it, or even commenting. One time or another we all need some assurance of our existence in this world. Some more than others.

                As for we who actually self identify as Yankees fans, we all get emotional from time to time, partially because more or less we may get stressed out over the course of the day, and partially because we are used to being successful. I’ve yelled “motherf****” and stuff at like 11pm before. However, it’s just more rare (by percentage) to see calm and collected people on bigger bandwagons. I mean, some people should have a little more faith in how teams are run and how we can mount comebacks here and there. (Yes, I’m referring to the silly little fan who renounces fandom over release of David Adams).

                I’m referring to no one in specific, since I rarely go to game threads in the middle of the game, but I bet there are people who panic and complains whenever we go 1-2-3 two innings in a row or a reliever gives up a hit. Sure, those ain’t good signs, but multi-hit innings even-out with 1-2-3 innings in the long run, and the average pitcher have a WHIP of more than 1. I’m sure every game there is some fans around the place going “crap this is his downfall” whenever their closer blows a game or their clean-up hitter gets a golden sombrero (except Dunn and Reynolds, maybe).

  • mustang

    Today’s game thread was just too much after the Jays took the lead. I miss having Ben around policing the site like he use to.

  • mustang

    How many more starts does Nova get if he keeps this up?

    I’m figuring if Wang can have 3 more good starts and Nova keeps this up then the change will happen.

    • mustang

      Or maybe Phelps and make Wang the long man.

      • Bob Buttons


  • forensic

    Very nice of the Royals to show up well today and sweep the DH from the Sox. The Dodgers did well today too.

    Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the A’s who did all they could to get the Rays on a roll right as the Yankees have to come to town to face them.