Still no timetable for Granderson to resume swinging a bat


Via Dan Martin: There is still no timetable for Curtis Granderson and his fractured right forearm to resume swinging a bat. “Swinging was something that could happen,” he said yesterday. “The timetable of when is still to be determined. After further consultation with the doctors and trainers, they decided to make sure I’m good throwing before I start to swing.”

Granderson, 32, was cleared to resume throwing last week. Because he missed all but of five pitches of Spring Training, he figures to need a longer than usual minor league rehab assignment. This won’t be a two or three day thing, he might need a week or ten days to prepare for the season. Maybe more. Joe Girardi said a May 1st return date is probably a little optimistic, but once Granderson is given the okay to start swinging a bat, they’ll have a much better idea of when he’ll be able to return to the lineup.

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  • Eddard

    With the recent additions playing so well, there really is no reason for these guys to rush things. Having Curtis back would help because they could continue to play Wells and sit Ichiro. In the meantime I’d like to see them play Boesch more and sit Ichiro. Boesch showed what he can do last night. Ichiro does nothing except corkscrew himself into the ground and cause the ump to call the infield fly rule.

    • Laz

      Honestly don’t know why they brought back Ichiro anyways. They paid $13M/2 for a below average corner outfielder. If that is all you are getting there were several similar players out there that signed for fraction of that.

      • Pseudoyanks

        I think we do know now…all about selling Ichiro jerseys in Japan (and everywhere else too.)

        • Eddard

          It was all about selling merchandise. After Damon and Matsui helped us win a WS in 09 they couldn’t beg hard enough to get a 1 year deal let alone a 2 year deal. This was all about merchandising.

          • jjyank

            I’m really curious, Eddard. You’ve never actually responded to me about this. It was only a few weeks ago you were lauding the decision to bring a contact hitter like Ichiro aboard. Eddard World must be interesting.

            • trr

              This is my first season here….everyone, including myself, writes some off the wall shit sometimes, but it seems like Eddard can’t say boo without drawing criticism. What up with that?

              • jjyank

                Because Eddard is nuts. He’s gotten more…normal (relatively speaking) lately, but last year he was just crazy. Hence the “Eddard World” meme. In fact, Eddard had multiple personalities, and even argued with himself on occasion. Handles like “Eddard 2.0″ and “Eddard, back and better than never” suggests that he doesn’t even take himself seriously. Even this year he still occasionally refers to his opinions as “we”. So there’s your Eddard history in a nutshell.

                Regardless, my point still stands. He was practically drooling over Ichiro a month ago, and he’s done a complete 180. If this were any other poster, I would just assume they changed their mind, but with Eddard, I just assume he’s weird.

              • Robinson Tilapia

                Because he began as a trollish comedy character and no one can really tell if he’s now trying to be serious.

              • hogsmog

                Because Eddard is a gentle pariah, thrown to the wolves each day by an unforgiving, saber-oriented kangaroo court.

                • trr

                  Perhaps you are all correct!
                  Maybe he’s having a laugh on the rest of us.
                  I’m a tolerant soul (mostly), so I will just sit back and let him be…unless he goes really nuts!

        • trr


  • Pseudoyanks

    Thought he was swinging under water. Maybe we can get Pineda to pitch to him underwater for an added twist?

  • gbyanks

    speaking of injured outfielders has anyone heard anything on ronnier mustelier. I thought he was supposed to be back in aaa by now