Sunday Night Open Thread

The perfect New Yankee Stadium shot: ice cream in one hand and champagne in the other.

The perfect New Yankee Stadium shot: ice cream in one hand and champagne in the other.

Here is your open thread for this beautiful evening. The weather has been really awesome this weekend, probably the first true “baseball weather” weekend of the year. The ESPN Sunday night game is a good one, the Braves at the Tigers (Minor vs. Fister). There’s also some NBA playoff action going on as well. Talk about any of those games and more right here. Go nuts.

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  1. Eddard says:

    8 comeback wins already this season. The 09 club had 51. There are a lot of parallels between the two teams. Last year’s team didn’t have the ability to come from behind and this is with a bunch of replacements. It’s an above average offense without them, just imagine what it will be with them.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

      Last year’s team had 45 comeback wins.
      Yankees winning percentage when trailing after 5 innings:
      2012 – .254, 2013 – .111
      After 6 innings:
      2012- .194, 2013 – .182
      After 7 innings:
      2012 – .134, 2013 – .100
      After 8 innings:
      2012 – .017, 2013 – .000

      Unfortunately, the facts don’t fit your narrative.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

        *doesn’t include today’s game

      • MannyGeee (Give Philip some run support) says:

        Never let facts get in the way of a good narrative. That’s like “Never mention Fight Club” level rule here.. thought you knew

    • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

      “Didn’t have the ability to come from behind?” The end of the regular season and the playoffs were ALL about comebacks.

      • Kevin S says:

        Those comebacks were after the team did absolutely nothing for most of the game–don’t mischaracterize the Yanks offensive performance in last years playoffs was horrendous–they might not have won a game if the pitching wasn’t great

        • Improbable Island's Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR) says:

          So what? Seriously, so what? They stillmade comebacks all the time. Today they won 3-2. Not exactly an offensive juggernaut.

          I characterized nothing about the Yankees last year except that they made a lot of comebacks. This is true however you want to slice it.

  2. Bob Buttons says:

    So… Giants drafting… Don’t have many flashy names (other than Nassib) but overall I think it was satisfactory. Would have liked more bang in round 1 but later rounds they got some guys that may end up contributing down the road.

    Would have been nice if we got a LB even in later rounds.

  3. Mick taylor says:

    This team has the best chemistry since 2009, with hungry playerslike wells. Too bad we lose overbay when Tex comes back.

  4. forensic says:

    So, now YSIII is terrible because they serve ice cream and champagne???

  5. forensic says:

    Thank you Cespedes for maybe finally helping the A’s show up in this run of games. Of course, I’m sure they’ll still find a way to lose anyway and make it 9 of 10 losses against the Rays, Red Sox, and O’s.

  6. Get Phelps Up says:

    Oh my god Orioles defense.

  7. Kramerica Industries says:

    Thank g-d the A’s managed to steal one of four games at home from the Orioles.

    Requisite “it’s only April” comments duly noted – it would’ve really been annoying to sweep a four game series and gain zero ground on the Red Sox and Orioles. I mean, at least the Red Sox were playing a miserable team; I thoroughly expected them to go 4/4 against Houston. But the A’s, at home, to be lucky to squeeze out ONE game? That’s pathetic.

    Anaheim is 9-15 and Toronto is 9-17. Off-season championships are fun.

    • Get Phelps Up says:

      And now Dickey is getting an MRI on his neck and back. As if they weren’t in deep enough shit already.
      Another fun stat about the Jays is that their highest batting average is .250 and their highest OBP is .312.

      • forensic says:

        But, but, but they said just swinging as hard as you can at everything and trying it pull it out of the park works fine.

        I’m so confused…

      • Kramerica Industries says:

        Toronto has had really bad luck with injuries in recent years. They’re already nine games out of the top spot in the AL East and it’s only 4/28.

        It’s going to be really hard for them to get on the right track. They lost all four games this weekend despite having a lead in all four of them at one point or another. That’s depressing.

  8. OldYanksFan says:

    Jesus Montero: .217 .250 .333 so far in 2013.
    He was shitty (95 OPS+) last year too.
    Yet we KNOW the guy can hit.
    (And Smoak is pure shit also).

    I heard more then once that Montero had a bad attitude and poor work ethic. I wonder how much that factored into the Yanks decision to trade him.
    It sure looks like he misses being a Yankee.

    • forensic says:

      Or maybe Seattle is just where hitters go to die, and not just because of the stadium anymore. There’s something up with the organization or their philosophy going on, because no one seems to be able to hit there.

      • Kramerica Industries says:

        Seattle is such a depressing baseball franchise. Easily the least relevant in terms of accomplishments and accolades in the American League. They, almost literally, have not done a single relevant thing outside of the time period between 1995-2001.

        • radnom says:

          They won 93 games in 2002 and 2003.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Oh, I’d take them over KC as a franchise any day.

        • forensic says:

          Just looked back at their franchise page on BR. You know you’re in trouble as a franchise when just two years ago Brendan Ryan led the team in BWAR.

          Yes, THAT Brendan freakin’ Ryan.

          At just 3.8.


          • forensic says:

            Just for comparison, the last (and only) time the Yankees had a leader that low in BWAR in a non-shortened season?

            1908. Charlie Hemphill also at 3.8 (though that was a 155 game season).

            In 1981, Righetti led the team at just 3.5, but that season was of course cut short at 107 games by the strike.

    • mustang says:

      In Montero defends Seattle has done a piss poor job in dealing with him. They name him the starting catcher in the off-season and now he is just splitting time and barely DHing. They keep taking him in and out of the starting line-up how is the kid supposed to develop as a hitter doing that. I really have to question what they are doing in Seattle.

  9. howdy says:

    Seattle also had the golden generation of talent between 1990 2001. Griffey jr, randy johnson, arod, edgar martinez, tino martinez and buhner. That’s pretty uncanny scouting.

    • forensic says:

      Well, there’s a little scouting in there but there’s also some luck and coincidence.

      Johnson and Buhner were both trades. That’s not really all scouting, and Johnson especially has some element of luck happening upon a guy who in his mid-to-late 20′s turned into one of the greatest left-handed pitchers in history.

      Griffey and A-Rod were both generational talents and pretty much unanimous #1 overall picks in their years, which just both happened to be seasons where they had the #1 pick. Not much scouting at all in there.

      Tino was also a first round pick. And Edgar was a great hitter but did nothing else of value for his team, taking away value until they hid his gloves and always hurting them on baserunning (though of course the hitting out-did the baserunning).

  10. mark says:

    looks like the universe and the nation are going to collide once again

  11. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I hope the Toronto Blue Jays never win another game. However, I do hope R.A. Dickey’s losses are all, much like today, of the “hard luck” variety, as he’s one of baseball’s great people, no matter what team he’s on.

    Very nice win today. Hughes is Hughes. Yes, we’d like to see him pitch more efficiently and put guys away after two strikes. Other than his rehab-on-the-job early starts, though, he’s been on point thus far this season.

    I’m not second-guessing Youkilis here. It does seem like he thought he was ready yesterday, and we know this team will give vets the benefit of the doubt. I’d hate to see a DL stint here, though. I also may be a bit more on the “swap Francisco with Adams” bandwagon today.

    I could not have imagined this team where they are right now at the end of April. Awesome for them.

    For Prussia.

  12. MannyGeee says:

    (Minor vs. Fister)

    HI, I’m Chris Hanson with Dateline NBC… have a seat.

  13. Lyle Overbay's Herpes says:

    Hey gang, don’t hurt me it’s little old me, Herpes. Cooler than your best friend, I’ll stay with you till the end. You won’t see me everyday, but every few years I’ll come say, “Hey!” That’s right! No cure for me in sight, I won’t go without a fight! I’m the Herpes, the Herpes! See you in hell motherfuckers! Oh, baby I like it raw. It’s a V.D. day!

  14. Tut says:

    Casper Wells DFA again. Should the Yanks take a flier?

  15. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Question for the wrestling fans:
    What did you think about Raw and Smackdown from the matches with the shield and Ambrose vs UT to HHH and Brock going at it again to Ryback heel turn

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I love Ambrose. I thing he’s going to be a major star.

      I read something on the net on him which kind of set it perfectly. Three years ago, he was bleeding buckets while losing whatever indy’s title he held at the time in front of 50 people. Now he’s putting the Undertaker through a table and being booked liked his equal.

      Ryback can work better than some other big men, but he still has a ton to go. I hate it when Vince neuters other’s finishers in the name of “safety,” as a pretty cool muscle buster got turned into a glorified fallaway slam.

      We’ll see what happens with Ryback, as he just got blamed for legit injuring Cena’s Achilles over in Europe. Might be too sloppy to ever become something.

      Don’t care about HHH/Brock, although I think it’s ridiculous that HHH is put over anyone at this point.

      • The Big City of Dreams says:

        Thanks for the breakdown. Yea Ambrose has come a long way and I like what they are doing with the Shield.

        True HHH shouldn’t be going over anybody and it feels like the whole thing vs Brock is past the point of being relevant.

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