Two thumbs up for YES Network’s new camera angle

Gumbs & Sanchez lead Tampa to win
Reggie Jackson putting World Series three-homer game jersey up for auction

When the new Yankee Stadium opened in 2009, one thing that really disappointed me was the traditional offset camera angle. A number of clubs had started using a directly behind the pitcher camera angle that, in addition to make balls and strikes easier to see, really brought a pitcher’s stuff to life. We got to see fastballs moving in ways we had never before seen on television, breaking balls were breaking both side-to-side and up-and-down, changeups fading away from hitters of the opposite hand … it’s great. The directly behind the pitcher angle gets two thumbs way up from me.

The YES Network used a traditional offset angle over the last few years — check out the gallery above and you’ll see the angle changing slightly from 2009-2012 — but this year they have it pretty close to centered behind the pitcher with the rubber and home plate nearly in line. It’s not a perfect behind the plate view like the Braves, Red Sox, Twins, or Cardinals have, but it’s far better than the traditional offset look. It allows us to see Mariano Rivera‘s cutter hook around the plate for a backdoor strike three better than ever before, for example.

So, while not much has gone right for the Yankees early this season, at least we’ve got a cool new center field camera that makes the strike zone and a pitch’s movement easier to see than ever before. I don’t think YES can raise the camera any higher to get a true in-line look — I guess they would have to put the camera on top of the concession stand in center field? — so this is probably the best we’ll get. It’s much better than the offset look in my opinion and I’m glad we got it, even if it came later rather than sooner.

Gumbs & Sanchez lead Tampa to win
Reggie Jackson putting World Series three-homer game jersey up for auction
  • Jay

    At least they improved in one area this season

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I hate the new angle. Like I said in another thread some days ago it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to see the catcher’s signals. I thought the previous angles were perfect so I don’t even know why they changed it. Too bad this isn’t the Yankees’ biggest problem right now.

  • Greg

    Hate the new angle! Many pitchers motions even block the plate from your view. Please go back to the offset view!

  • Dominik

    I am not a fan of the new angle either, but at least it isn’t as horrendous as the Dead Center angle that ESPN tried out a few years ago. Nearly got vertigo from watching baseball.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    blow up the freaking mohegan sun bar.

    • pat

      Why? It can either be a bar or nothing because it serves as the batter’s eye.

  • The Real Me (Formerly Cris Pengiucci)

    I like the new angle, unlike others here. I agree, it allows us to see movement on pitches that we couldn’t see before and also provides a better view of the strike zone. With the previous camera angle, some pitches that were called balls appeared to be strikes. Definitely appreciate this change.

  • Nick

    Love the new angle. I would always enjoy watching other broadcasts on with the straightaway angle, glad the yankees improved this.

    Quick thing – the Twins camera placement is terrible. It feels like you’re 20 feet further from the plate with any other camera angle. It doesn’t show up so much in a static picture, but it’s a pretty jarring change when you see it on video.

  • dalelama

    I heard the music on the Titantic as it was sinking was excellent also.

    • jjyank

      Your mom was excellent also.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Was it the lack of teeth, or the peculiarly placed “Seniors love the ’62 Mets” tattoo?

        • jjyank

          The latter, duh. I’m a sucker for tramp stamps.

      • True Pinstripe Blue

        Wow a mom joke. How did you ever come up with that one? So creative…

        • jjyank

          You must be new here.

    • Bob Buttons

      Well before the ship went down they were showing silent films, a spectacle even for higher class at the time. They needed “mood music” for the film so I’d say the music was excellent, as it was improv BGM.

  • Name

    Maybe one day we’ll get a pitch zone too?

  • Bartolo’s Colon

    I noticed that the camera guys moved closer to the middle when i went for a beer above the mohegan sun bar. it sort of sucks now watching from there because the cameramen are in the way

  • hey now

    ‘Two thumbs up’

    A Roger Ebert hat tip?

  • McLovin

    I like the new angle.

  • Real Life

    Nice. Now we get to see the Yanks suck @ss from directly behind the pitcher instead of watching the Yanks suck @ss from slightly to the right and behind the pitcher.

  • Yankee in CT

    For sure. Roger brought elegance and common sense to film criticism.

  • Arnie

    I like the Mets new low camera behind home plate. That’s all I like about the Mets.

  • Matthew

    Yankees suck!!!