Reggie Jackson putting World Series three-homer game jersey up for auction

Two thumbs up for YES Network's new camera angle
Game Five: Hughes Returns

Via Anthony Sulla-Heffinger: Reggie Jackson is putting the jersey from his three-homer game in the 1977 World Series up for auction. The proceeds will go towards his family and his charity, the Mr. October Foundation for Kids. Reggie hit three homers on three pitches off three different Dodgers pitchers in Game Six to help clinch the team’s 21st championship.

“Give someone $100,000 and it changes lives … I collected because I was a fan, and that stuff has turned into significant value. I’ve never sold anything except my stuff, because my stuff I guess is not as important to me as some of the other things I’ve collected,” said Jackson. The jersey will sold as part of an online auction at the California-based SCP Auctions from April 10-26. Late last year Don Larsen sold his uniform from his 1956 World Series perfect game for $756k at auction.

Two thumbs up for YES Network's new camera angle
Game Five: Hughes Returns
  • ajra21

    I’d be interested to know the pls it of charity to family money. If he’s having financial issues, that’s a shame.

  • Karl Krawfid

    This is why, if I was a baseball player, would use steroids to make as much money as I can and say F the hall.

    • Thurdonpaul

      You could use that same logic and say, fuck the laws that say you cant rob, so you could make lots of money too.

      • Bob Buttons


        There are PLENTY of crimes you can get away with easily.

        • forensic

          Good luck if you think you can get away with PLENTY of crimes easily.

          • Norris

            the do on Wall street. I mean how many people have gone to jail for the fraudulent mortgage backed security schemes that crashed the economy.