Wang throws seven-inning complete game in win


3B Rob Segedin was placed on the Double-A Trenton DL with a sore right hip, reports Mike Ashmore. He had an MRI today.

Triple-A Scranton Game One (3-1 win over Charlotte in seven innings) makeup of Sunday’s rainout

  • 2B Kevin Mahoney: 1-3, 1 2B, 1 RBI — solid game as Corban Joseph‘s replacement
  • CF Melky Mesa: 1-3, 2 K
  • LF Zoilo Almonte: 1-3
  • 3B David Adams: 2-3, 1 R, 1 HR, 2 RBI — goes without saying he would have up instead of Joesph had the timing been better
  • RHP Chien-Ming Wang: 7 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 1 WP, 12/4 GB/FB — 55 of 82 pitches were strikes (67%), and apparently he was sitting 90-91 tonight … he’s been vintage CMW in his three starts so far

Triple-A Scranton (5-3 win over Charlotte) won all four games between yesterday’s and today’s doubleheader

  • 3B David Adams: 1-4, 1 K
  • CF Zoilo Almonte: 2-4, 1 R, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 K — only his second homer of the season, I thought it was more for whatever reason
  • 1B Dan Johnson: 2-4, 1 R, 1 HR, 2 RBI
  • RHP Graham Stoneburner: 2 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 2/1 GB/FB — 20 of 34 pitches were strikes (59%) … spot-starting during the doubleheader
  • RHP Mark Montgomery: 2 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 WP, 2/0 GB/FB — 22 of 41 pitches were strikes (54%)
  • RHP Cody Eppley: 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 0 K, 1/0 GB/FB – half of his 16 pitches were strikes

Double-A Trenton (6-4 win over New Hampshire in seven innings) makeup of yesterday’s rainout

  • LF Ramon Flores: 0-2, 2 R, 2 BB, 1 SB — seven walks in his last four games
  • RF Tyler Austin: 1-2, 1 R, 2 BB, 1 K
  • C J.R. Murphy: 1-4
  • CF Slade Heathcott: 2-3, 1 R, 1 HR, 3 RBI — came into the game with two hits in his previous28 at-bats (.071)
  • LHP Matt Tracy: 6 IP, 8 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 5 K, 7/2 GB/FB — 60 of 100 pitches were strikes … gave up three homers as the rough season continues
  • RHP Branden Pinder: 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 0 K, 0/2 GB/FB — 10 of 18 pitches were strikes (56%)

Double-A Trenton (2-1 win over New Hampshire in eight innings, walk-off style)

  • DH Ramon Flores: 0-4, 3 K
  • RF Tyler Austin: 0-3, 1 BB, 1 K
  • CF Slade Heathcott: 1-3, 1 R, 1 BB
  • RHP Caleb Cotham: 6 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 4 BB, 4 K, 10/1 GB/FB — 51 of 87 pitches were strikes (59%)
  • RHP Tommy Kahnle: 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 0 K, 3/2 GB/FB — half of his 28 pitches were strikes

High-A Tampa‘s game was suspended due to rain with one out in the top of the second. They’re going to complete the game tomorrow, but here’s the box score if you’re impatient. The game is notable because Ronnie Mustelier started at third base as he works his way back from some kind of bruise. Low-A Charleston, meanwhile, had a scheduled off-day.

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  1. Robinson Tilapia says:

    We’re going to have a feel-good moment with Wang at Yankee Stadium this year, aren’t we? I want to be there when it happens.

    Slade showing signs of life?

    • Pseudoyanks says:

      Personally my wang provides plenty of feel good moments….ba dump bump.

    • hornblower says:

      Since Tampa got rained out I guess it means that Rob. Refsnyder didn’t get a hit. What average does a corner outfielder have to carry to justify the fact that he does not hit homeruns? They are trying to make him an infielder. He is not very good at it. If he can hit .330 like an Ichiro or Matty Alou can he be a everyday outfielder without hitting for much power?
      I really want some opinions about it.

      • Thud says:

        Here’s an opinion, but not about “it”: I really like the reference to Matty Alou.

      • Nick says:

        He could hit .280 with no power and the Cubs would jump all over him. They’ve sort of cornered that market between David DeJesus and Nate Schierholtz.

      • ilovesmallsamples says:

        i can see why you’d be giving up on him after the massive amount of games he’s played since being moved to 2B. makes perfect sense.

        maybe you should coordinate all of the moves made in the minor league system, that way it would be a full blown shit show two weeks in to the season.

      • B-Rando says:

        But does he get on base???


        • Cool Lester Smooth says:

          If he’s hitting .330, he’s getting on base at at least a .330 clip, which is above average.

          The only issue relevant to money ball would be if we could trade him for someone hitting .280 with a .400 OBP.

    • Now Batting says:

      The question is will he force the Yankees hand where he’s so good in AAA they have to give him a shot, or will he be called up due to injuries or ineffectiveness?

      • Mattinglyfan03 says:

        Hitting AAA pitching isn’t the same thing as hitting major league pitching. As a corner outfielder, I think he’d hit below Zolio Almonte, Melky Mesa and maybe Ronnie Mustieler (or however you spell it) on the depth chart.

    • hogsmog says:

      Wang pitches for the win on Matsui Day, party like it’s 2007, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

  2. Jjyank says:

    My mouth…Tilapia’s small Wang= Heaven

  3. Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain) says:

    Could you imagine if Wang magically turned back into the pitcher he used to be? Man.

    • Larch says:

      Not sure we have the infield defense to keep the ERA below 4.00 if he doesn’t at least K/9 around 6.

      • Havok9120 says:

        A) what are you talking about? Nunez has been pretty darn good and Nix and Overbay have both been making plenty of very good plays.

        B) the Larry Rothschild Effect will have CMW K’ing every other batter, just you watch.

  4. nycsportzfan says:

    Maybe finally Heathcott is gonna get going.. On a day the opposition pitched well obviously, he had a couple solid games offensively..

  5. DArren says:

    Did we sign Wang to a deal where we have to promote him by a certain date or release him? What date?

    Dood, is the gun they used fast? Cause if he’s siting 91 and has a heavy sinker, ummm.. BRING HIM UP NOW! We need him more as a starter to drop Phelpsie to the Ramiro Mendoza role.

  6. Deathstroke Heathcott says:


  7. Robert says:

    I believe Wang must be on the ML team by June 1 or he is a free agent.

  8. Samuel says:

    I want to point out that Low A Charleston will play a three game series in Lakewood, NJ. Wednesday and Thursday games are at 6:35, and the Friday night game is 7:05.

    Those RAB readers who live in the New Jersey area should go see the young guys like Bichette, Bird, Culver, Encinas etc play.

    Only time this season at Lakewood.

  9. CountryClub says:

    I think they should call Wang up now. I dont think anyone could realistically expect him to stay healthy all yr. Why waste his pitches in the minors? They should get what they can out of him while he’s pitching well.

    So Adams can’t get called up until 5/15, right? By that time Musty will probably be ready. So he might get squeezed out of being called up again.

  10. TomH says:

    Chien-Ming Wang: 7 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 1 WP, 12/4 GB/FB — 55 of 82 pitches were strikes (67%), and apparently he was sitting 90-91 tonight … he’s been vintage CMW in his three starts so far


    Was that poster serious who said that the Yanks have to call him up by 1 June if they don’t want to have him become a FA?

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      I would choke David Phelps with a live cat myself in order for Wang to get a YS3 standing ovation.

    • goterpsgo says:

      “Deciding to stay in New York after his first opt-out date on April 30, Wang pitched the first game of the day’s doubleheader with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders against the Charlotte Knights.”


      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        I wouldn’t opt out this early if I was him. Clearly, he’s still gaining arm strength and velocity. Would he really pass up a moment to pitch in pinstripes again over waiting a couple of months? If he continues to pitch like this, it’s a matter of “when,” not “if.”

        If he does he job, there’s an opening for a still relatively young man in the rotation next year. Imagine that. I’m getting WAAAAAAY ahead of myself, though.

  11. Robert says:

    I will be at the FRiday Lakewood/Charlston game. As I did last week went I went to Trenton I will post my impressions late Fri Nite.

  12. SD Charlie says:

    Now that’s an outcome we’d all love to see. Comeback player of the decade! Of course, it’s way early, but at least the signs are promising.

  13. JU says:

    The Adams issue is Cashmans fault. In his effort to protect slop like Cody Epply, he took Adams out of the equation. It’s on him.

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