Campos confirms he suffered an elbow fracture in 2012

Poll: Which injured player do the Yankees miss the most?
Chien-Ming Wang and irrational optimism

Via Josh Norris: Right-hander Jose Campos confirmed he missed most of last season with a small fracture in his elbow. The injury was originally described as some kind of sprain or bone bruise. Obviously it was more serious than that. Despite the injury, I ranked him as the team’s seventh best prospect before the season.

Campos, 20, told Norris he feels he’s 90% of the way back to being where he was before the injury, when he was arguably the most electric pitching prospect in the system. That remaining 10% is mechanical refinements, he said. Campos made just five starts (4.01 ERA, 3.24 FIP in 24.2 innings) before getting hurt last year. He’s been limited to three-inning outings early in 2013, pitching to a 6.00 ERA (5.37 FIP) in 12 innings for Low-A Charleston.

Poll: Which injured player do the Yankees miss the most?
Chien-Ming Wang and irrational optimism
  • trr

    Good Luck, Get Well, God Speed

  • This Year

    As someone who reads every day but seldom posts, recently I did post about my perception that the Yankees are not forthcoming about the injuries to players within their system and promptly received less than flattering responses (not all). Well, see Jose Campos. Come on, did we not all know that yuou do not miss a year with a “strain” and a fracture shows up on xrays/ct scans. Suspect same was true about ManBan. Now, they may have good strategic reaons for playing their cards close to the vest, and perhaps recent privacy laws allow players to keep confidential the extent of their injuries, but they are often fot forthcoming to say the least.

    • John C

      Wonder how he is back pitching alot sooner than Caesar Cabral, who also suffered and elbowfracture. Cabral’s must have been alot more serious since he is still rehabbing

    • Havok9120

      “Recent privacy laws?”

      There’s never been any law or regulation requiring either the team or professional baseball players of any kind to release medical information. Nor does anyone involved have anything to gain by releasing such information.

      • Preston

        Yeah, how freaked out would people have been if the Yankees handled their injuries like the Phillies handled Ryan Howard’s rehab? Just lock the press out and don’t allow them to ever see or talk to him for a year.

  • monterowasdinero

    Have to agree that many Yankee “initial injury reports” should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Don’t count your Tex’s, Jeters and Arods before they are back on the field at YS.

    Got a sneaky feeling only Grandy will return to form this year.

    • Preston

      Yes the fact that injuries some times turn out to be more serious than originally diagnosed, or that a person can have setbacks during rehab means that the Yankees were lying and that all there injury reports should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s a good thing we have your sneaky feelings to divine the truth.

      • monterowasdinero

        Thanks Preston. Didn’t say all injury reports. You did.

        Lighten up….

  • nick

    heard some good reviews wrt Campos last night and his velocity in low 90s.

  • BeanTooth

    Hope that 10 percent is all the good stuff, since Keith Law really crapped on him a couple weeks ago and his performance so far this year has been anything but electric.

    • Preston

      I think Law might have felt differently if he’d known the extent of Campos’s injury. He’s lucky to be throwing at all this soon after an elbow fracture.

  • high heat

    As long as he avoided the scalpel, it’s all good.

    (Says the guy who didn’t have to go through an elbow fracture.)

  • jsbrendog

    7 of 9 outs via the k last night….sign me the eff up

  • VO III

    I wonder if this will be a big problem going forward. Did it happen just throwing pitches or did he injur the arm on a fielding play or was it a freak injury? I hope it’s not like a foot fracture that keeps coming back.

    Ditto for Cabral…

  • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral

    *takes notes*
    *kicks ass*