Kevin Youkilis will join Double-A Trenton tomorrow for rehab assignment

Michael Pineda shut down with cracked fingernail
Game 51: Harvey Day

Kevin Youkilis will begin an official minor league rehab assignment tomorrow, joining Mark Teixeira with Double-A Trenton. Joe Girardi indicated both guys will play two games with the Thunder before rejoining the big league team on Friday, but nothing is official. Youkilis has been sidelined for almost a month now with a back problem.

Michael Pineda shut down with cracked fingernail
Game 51: Harvey Day
  • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

    Seems aggressive for Tex given the nature of his injury. They need to be absolutely sure the wrist is at 100%.
    Unfortunately, I have a feeling this means Adams will probably be in AAA on Friday.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I assume there’s no way in hell Adams can fake SS with the injuries. Damn I wish he could.

      With both the corner guys close to returning, I don’t see how you salvage both Overbay and Adams, if you even salvage either.

      Take solace in that the team actually might have turned a scrap heap pickup into some minor trade value with Overbay, and that Adams’s name is definitely on the map moving forward.

      • RetroRob


        While I’d like to see Adams remain, his solid showing just provides the team more options and depth.

        Depth is a good thing, especially good depth.

        I’m looking forward to Youkilis and Tex returning and the possibility the team can score more than three runs a game.

      • trr


  • MrPappageorgio

    So…given that Tex always has a horrible first month, he’ll suck till July while Loverbay rides the pine…

    • RetroRob

      That’s okay. Loverbay is about to suck as is.

    • Bubba


  • Tom

    It will be interesting to see what they do when both Tex and Youk are activated.

    I assume they will stop the 8 man bullpen nonsense (it’s not clear why they bothered doing this in the first place), and I assume either Overbay or Adams are at risk? I guess in theory they could option Boesch down and try Overbay in the OF, but he would be the only backup OF’r at that point.

    Is Nova the odd man out in the pen?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I can’t see why they’d continue to keep Nova stashed in the pen rather than actually try to work on his issues by pitching on a regular basis, nor do I see how they sacrifice Claiborne, Warren, or Kelley now that they’ve settled into their own niche at the MLB level. Nothing would surprise me, though.

      Wouldn’t surprise me to see them try Overbay in the OF just to see how they can keep him on the roster as insurance, but whether that experiment would work is beyond me. I’d rather try to see who needs depth and try to get a C level prospect for him and try Adams backing up Youk and faking first.

    • CS Yankee

      Don’t forget that Nix played a decent (bat excluded) LF last year after the failed Nuney experiment. Thinking he has played 100 or so games in the MLB as an outfielder.

  • algernon blackwood

    Take your time Kevin.