Update: Teixeira will join Double-A Trenton for rehab next week

Yankees activate Ivan Nova, send Dellin Betances to Triple-A
Game 47: Stop the Skid

Friday: Teixeira will indeed join Double-A Trenton for a rehab assignment next week according to George King. He will play with the Thunder on Wednesday and Thursday, and it’s unclear what happens after that since Trenton is heading out on a road trip. I have to think he’ll need more than two rehab games, however.

Thursday: Via Erik Boland: Mark Teixeira could join Double-A Trenton for an official rehab assignment as soon as next Tuesday. He’s been hitting in the cage and in simulated games down in Tampa, and I assume he’ll squeeze in a few Extended Spring Training at-bats before joining the Thunder.

Teixeira, 33, has been out with an injury to the tendon sheath in his right wrist since early March, so his rehab assignment is probably going to last longer than two or three days. He might be there for a week considering he missed a big chunk of Spring Training and needs to iron out two swings. Lyle Overbay has started to cool off recently and if nothing else, getting Teixeira in the lineup will be a huge help against left-handed pitchers.

Yankees activate Ivan Nova, send Dellin Betances to Triple-A
Game 47: Stop the Skid
  • https://twitter.com/Craig_Miller26 Craig

    Overbay had an OPS over 1 from May 1-11; regression to the mean. That said, think Overbay could have a home in Queens sooner rather than later? Davis is going to be demoted after this Atlanta series and it wouldn’t make sense to carry Overbay on the roster given Pronk is currently healthy. What’re some realistic landing spots for Overbay in, say, two weeks? NYM and MIA are the only ones I could come up with.

    • Laz

      Overbay has been handy to have, But I don’t see many teams that will be clamoring to get a 1B hitting .250/.286/.467. Miami and Mets are options.

    • forensic

      I still question just how much trade value, if any, he has. He can hit righties a little, but I don’t think teams will expect his out of line power production to continue, and beyond that, there may not be a ton there.

      There is a reason he was available on two MiLB deals before opening day. Maybe somebody will do a nothing A-level guy, but even that I’m not so sure about.

      • ROBTEN

        If I’m a GM, and unless I am desperate, I’d have to think cash or low-level guy as forensic said.

        I’d look at the fact that his walk rate is way down, his iso is way up, he’s swinging at more pitches with a slowly declining contact rate, seeing the least amount of pitches per at bat since 2006…all signs that he’s probably started cheating a bit.

        He’s been a great fill-in, but over the course of a full season I’d expect lower numbers going forward.

        Ultimately, someone might offer something small, as he might fit a need until the trade season heats up, but I wouldn’t expect anything really significant.

      • RetroRob

        I pretty much agree. He’s had a nice run, but looking at his recent career and age, he basically is a player who for two months more than did his job for God and Yankees. He didn’t suck, he had some big hits, but the longer he has to play the greater the chance he’ll regress.

        I have more faith that Wells might continue to be productive than I do Overbay.

        • trr


    • DT

      I’d keep him on the bench as a pinch hitter and righties Masher.

      • trr

        Not much room there…

  • Jon G

    How about when Youkilis is ready – does Adams go down to AAA and do the Yanks, seeing value in Adams, trade Youk by the deadline..?

    • RetroRob

      Adams is still a question mark, although I do believe his bat will translate long term to the majors. Enough for 3B on team shooting for the World Series? Probably not, but certainly in the role he’s being used now.

      Youkilis is also a free agent and has been trending down. They wouldn’t get much for him, which means they should keep both. I’m hoping they can find enough ABs for Adams when Tex and Youkilis return, although I’m not quite sure where. If there is a lefty on the mound, Tex will play as will Youkilis and as should Wells.

    • ROBTEN

      Unlikely. Who is going to take a declining player with a bad back who has already been on the DL and missed more than a month of the season? Adams would likely have more value, and that still wouldn’t be much.

    • trr

      Doubtful, as Youklis’ value continues to decline. Hopefully we can get another good run out of him. With the re-addition of Youklis, hopefully Francisco finally walks the green mile…

  • mt

    I know Overbay hasn’t been special by the numbers but he has had some key hits and fits defensively – also who is the back-up if Teix gets injured again? Who is the depth? (to me walking injury risk Youkilis and Brennan Boesch are not answers here).

    Many may disagree but until either Arod/Jeter come back, I would not let Overbay out of the organization. All returns from injury before that should look to trying to maintain Overbay on 25 man roster. So this is how I see it maybe if all goes well and all injured players return (unlikely that all these injured players will all return on time and I also don’t know which of the current healthy players will get injured between now and September 1 when rosters expand but here goes):

    Joba returns; Betances to minors (more on this 12th pitcher slot issue later)
    Youkilis returns; Francisco DFA (this is where Giradi should think a little outside the box and not blindly send Adams down just because he is a 3B; Yanks don’t need a 5th OF given that someone the skill level of Ichiro – who Girardi will not just let waste on bench like he has Francisco and is a good defensive replacement – is the 4th OF)
    Nunez returns; Brignac DFA
    Pettite returns; Nuno goes
    Nova returns (hopefully after a stint in minors); Warren to minors (or Claiborne)
    Teix returns; unfortunately Adams DFA (would love to keep Adams but he can come back for September; if they want to keep Adams as back-up 1B and 3b maybe this is where Overbay gets cut? I have no idea whewther Adams is a credible back-up 1B; if he is, maybe Overbay can get released here but I still would like to keep Overbay)
    Cervelli returns; Romine to minors
    Pineda (hopefully after a stint in minors that resets his arb clock); Claiborne or Warren (whichever did not get sent down when Nova returned) goes

    and now the hard ones (keeping Overbay still a goal but extremely hard):
    Jeter returns; They will have to choose between Nix DFA and Nunez to minors – if that choice is unpalatable, maybe this is where Overbay goes if Teix has been looking OK (although problem with wrist is that Teix can be looking good and Yanks release Overbay but after Overbay is released and then wTeix rist can go out with little notice)
    Arod returns – how about go with 11 pitchers – 12th pitcher does not pitch that often – 5 starters including Phelps; Mo, D-rob, Logan, Nova (long man), Joba, Kelley – if Teix still looks shaky and still need to keep Overbay, maybe demote Nova or (very unlikely) trade Joba (who has little trade value)

    Also the fact of the matter is do we really know whether Arod (or for that matter Jeter) will come back in July? If one or both comes back in mid-late August, the roster will soon be expanded after that on 9/1 and there will not be issues keeping everybody. Maybe dates will all work out in that case if these two are more of an August return (i.e, someone not on this list (like a Hafner or Youkilis for a 2nd time) gets hurt and Arod/Jeter can come back and replace him until September roster expansion.)

    Basically I hope Yanks get creative to keep Overbay around as long as possible. This is different than Grandy – once Curtis’ arm healed, no real threat of re-injury (unless he is unlucky and gets hit again which would be a new injury) and we have depth (Ichiro as 4th OF, Neal, Boesch, etc.). Teix has what they have said is 30% chance of reinjury in which case he then is gone for year and we have no credible 1B back-up.

    My brain can’t handle trying to fit Cabral on for 90 days unless they demote Nova or trade Joba.

    • mt


      “Adams to minors” (Adams in not DFA)

    • Mscott

      Interesting analysis. Not sure if Nova necessarily gets to displace anyone.

      Also, while I can see some value to Overbay we are looking at a player whose OBA is .286! In fact it’s only .339 v. RHP.

      • mt

        Agreed – overall Lyle has not been special but has gotten key hits like the homer agaisnt Dickey earlier this year. The distance between him and his replacement is pretty wide – also a well fielded first base affects a lot of the other infield positions (I do not want Boesch as back-up 1B.).

        Maybe Youkilis (cross your fingers as to his health) and Adams can handle it when both Youkilis and Teix are ready to come back. It may work as long as both Youkilis and Teix are not hurt at the same time again.

        If Teix gets hurts again, Youkilis moves to 1B (his better position anyway) and Adams slips into 3B. Then we wait to see what Arod brings, if anything. On the other hand, if Youkilis is the one to get hurt again, Adams takes over 3B and then Arod may help down the road.

        I might feel better about letting Overbay than I did a couple of weeks ago since Adams looks like he might be a credible 3b.