Monday Night Open Thread


I have no idea why it took me so long to stumble across the Classics YouTube channel, but better late than never. That is Game Six of the 1996 World Series up there, in its entirety. From Jimmy Key throwing the first pitch to John Wetteland throwing the last. That is pretty awesome. Like many of you, 1996 was my first World Championship as a fan and I will it never forget it.

Anyway, here is your open thread for the night. ESPN is showing the Braves and Reds (Maholm vs. Arroyo), plus there’s a bunch of NBA and NHL (Rangers!) playoff action on as well. Talk about any of that stuff and more. Enjoy.

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  1. forensic says:

    Wait a minute, Buchholz has a sanding machine on the mound next to him. Something doesn’t seem right there…

  2. CountryClub says:

    O’neill jumping on the pile and then tumbling all the way back to the ground is one of my favorite sports celebration moments.

    And since I’m talking about favorites, Pettitte’s game 5 performance is easily my favorite post season pitched game.

  3. Alkaline says:

    Does anyone know who’ll be pitching at Scranton tomorrow by chance?

  4. Wayne says:

    Is Jose Ramirez hurt again why is he not pitching today? If he is not I hope they don’t put him on extra days rest then after that pitch on three days rest cause that is how he got hurt in spring training.

  5. MannyGeee says:

    Wow… That injury update thread turned into a pig screw quick… And apparently Youk is our guy now? Because fck a rod?


    • forensic says:

      How was it a ‘pig screw’? It was just good discussion and debate.

      It was much better than what many of these comments sections turn into these days.

      • Hoglover Harry says:

        You say “pig screw” like it’s a BAD thing.

      • MannyGeee says:

        Fair enough. It was better than 90% of dribble that comes across the RABisphere. But any time anyone dares mutter the name Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, people go all bananas.

        It gets…. Messy

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        It was an Ichiro/Wells argument. Just not something I’d ever think was worth going through multiple rounds on.

        They’re both going to get at-bats, in some way, shape, or form, when Curtis returns.

        • forensic says:

          It was a debate or discussion, not an argument. I was on the short side of it and still didn’t sense any anger, real dissention, or insults.

          • LK says:

            Coming from the other side of the debate, I didn’t sense any hostility on either side. It is a little sad that we’re needing to have a Vernon Wells/Ichiro Suzuki debate in the year 2013, but such is life.

            The A-Rod stuff I just can’t even deal with anymore; everyone is so entrenched in their position that there just isn’t any point (for the record, I still think it’s incredible that a guy with 2 MVPs and a postseason MVP can be so widely hated by his own teams, but again, such is life).

            • jjyank says:

              Regarding your second paragraph: THIS.

            • forensic says:

              I try to avoid all the A-Rod stuff, and certainly did in that thread.

              I’m still a huge fan of his (he’s one of my favorite players even now), but I can kind of understand why some people wouldn’t be big fans of him anymore. Though I certainly don’t get it to the point that some people take it to.

              And your ultimate point baffles me too. He’s the best 3B in the history of this franchise, helped them to one Championship, and was an incredible player for them for many years. His game has gone downhill a bit, as everyone’s does, but he’s still a useful player when he can stay healthy.

              • LK says:

                Yeah, not to turn this into an A-Rod discussion, but after his 2007 season he pretty much can do whatever he wants and I’ll still be in his corner. That’s the best season I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch on a daily basis.

        • MannyGeee says:

          My take on it (on the risk of re fanning flames) is that Ichiro was resigned with the thought that Granderson (and possibly even Gardner) would not be back in 2014, and that leaves us hoping Bubba Crosby was still available to be our starting Center Fielder…

          Or maybe they got a little slap happy with the potential of getting that Sapporo money, Amirite?

  6. Travis L. says:

    I’m Gameday-ing the Trenton game…Tracy is actually pitching well today! Another double for Murphy. Also…wondering when Refsnyder will get his shot at Double-A. They cant keep letting him tear up Tampa and A ball affiliates. Its a waste of his talent.

  7. Barry says:

    Any fellow sci-fi nerds watching Defiance?

  8. Tom says:

    Mark Buehrle… yikes! Another 7ER through 3 IP.

    On the bright side after this year, Toronto only has 39mil over the next 2 years. Loria sure did backload the shit out of the Buehrle and Reyes deals when he signed them.

    • forensic says:

      Him getting destroyed in the AL was so utterly predictable.

      Maybe even more predictable than Reyes or Johnson getting hurt…

      • MannyGeee says:

        No, nothing was more predictable than two guys made of glass getting hurt within a month with all those expectations so high…

      • Bob Buttons says:

        My Jays fan friend basically flat out said “no way” when I told him Johnson and Reyes will get hurt and Buehrle will not have sub 5.00 ERA.

        He ain’t so sure any more.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Yeah, I wish someone had mentioned that Toronto selling their soul for a couple of guys who are not as good as their names and others who can’t stay healthy was not as good as they would have thought…

      Oh wait, that was about 1/2 of us here.

  9. Govin says:

    So, if you had a pretty good pitching staff,for your fantasy baseball team but one guy you felt you needed to get rid of. and you could have either Travis Wood or Ryan Dempster who would you pick.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Dempster? Wood is pitching better to date, and has a better chance of staying good in the NL Central, but you will get more wins from Dempster and the Red Sox than from the Cubs, methinks.

    • Bob Buttons says:

      Dumpster(intended) is going downhill while Wood may be getting better. As Manny already said, wins = Dumpster > Wood, but I’d say Wood will probably post a slightly better WHIP and ERA.

      Of course, this next part is biased but I rarely pick Sox players, so I don’t have internal conflict.

      • forensic says:

        I don’t usually understand people’s obsession with changing names in ways like that, but for some reason Dumpster has always been a good one to me. Big Sloppy and Crapelbon are I think the only others I’ve taken to a little too.

        • Bob Buttons says:

          For me it’s just easier to spell common words like Dumpster. I would use “Burly” too but people wouldn’t get the connection, and that’d negate any simplicity on my part. I don’t like some actual non-pejorative nicknames so I actually spell out the full name for those. Don’t know why but I don’t enjoy second guess my gut feelings. Bad crap happens when I do.

          I mean, half the time I have to make conscious efforts to remember to put the r after the h in Buehrle and remember that there’s two es in Eppley.

          I’m gonna guess for you it’s common simple unsanitary words + Sox players.

  10. TomH says:

    Great to see the 1952 Game 7 again. As a kid, I saw the final few innings after school. I loved hearing the Gillette jingle, seeing Mantle hit a hr, and watching Martin make that catch. I’ve seen most World Series since that year, and I have to say the 4 the Yanks played against the Dodgers, 1952, 53, 55, and 56, were everything baseball should be. Two pretty much evenly-matched teams.

  11. Mickey Scheister says:

    Joe Girardi with the RBI triple off Maddox. The wheels on that catcher!

    • Manny's BanWagon says:

      The look on Girardi’s face as he rounded 2nd will be forever etched in my brain. He would have run head first through a brick well to get to 3rd on that hit.

  12. forensic says:

    Wow, Ron Gardenhire sure is stupid and a terrible manager (at least right there he was).

  13. Easy as 123 says:

    Anyone see ankiel was dfa’d …. Could be an interesting ting tha

    • forensic says:

      Not sure what the end of your comment was, but no way I go anywhere near Ankiel. He’s terrible and another lefty to boot.

  14. Travis L. says:

    2B Mark Ellis went to the DL, could they be interested in acquiring Corban Joseph? Maybe for Scott Van Slyke…dude is mashing in AAA (and not on the 40 man, which could help us out come roster crunch time).

    • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain) says:

      Van Slyke is almost 27 so I’ll pass. I’m not super high on Joseph but if they were going to trade him they could probably get something better than that.

    • forensic says:

      Although he has hit some prior to AAA, I’d be careful with his AAA numbers since they came in Albuquerque. He’s also played there for a couple years now.

      • Travis L. says:

        True. I was just thinking RH bat with pop that could fake LF and 1B. Especially for Joseph who becomes a roster casualty if/when they re-sign Cano. Might as well get something that we can use, ya know?

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          I’d be down with something like that. Sure.

        • forensic says:

          Sure, I don’t have much problem dumping a spare part like Joseph who will likely never play here, I’m just saying to temper your expectations a bit due to Van Slyke’s hitting environment.

          • LargeGrizzly says:

            Idk about this..with the way things are going at the SS position thus far i dont think we’re that far from cano having to slide over for emergency duty

            • Havok9120 says:

              We are. They’d put any of the journeymen down on the farm there before they put Cano there for any extended period of time. And with good reason.

              • scf group says:

                The only journeyman they have down there is Velasquez. Has he ever even played in the big leagues?

                • Robinson Tilapia says:

                  Very sparingly.

                  Cano’s not moving over for any situation.

                  Joseph is DFA fodder. If you can get something that fits your needs more at this moment, you go for it. I’m not sure Van Slyke is the guy, but the idea’s not a bad one.

      • Bob Buttons says:

        Albuquerque certainly skews perceptions. I keep making wrong turns there.

  15. forensic says:

    Wow, Joe Maddon using Rodney for a 5 out save attempt tonight.

    Getting a little desperate after the score has gone from 7-0 to 7-5.

    It’s also tough to decide who I want to win games like this. I’d love to see the Jays keep falling but the Rays are closer to the Yankees so I’d like to see them lose.

    • forensic says:

      And Escobar just booted a routine double play grounder to load the bases and bring up Bautista.

      That trade hasn’t worked out so well quite yet.

  16. Nick says:

    wow Ovechkin flopped on that one

  17. forensic says:

    Heh, the Twins have a guy warming up and the bullpen catcher just airmailed a throw back to him right into the crowd next to the bullpen. And all right at the second the camera went to show who’s warming.

    That was awesome.

  18. SDB says:

    Wow, Tampa’s looking horrible in the field today. (Not good for me, as I have Hellickson in one of my fantasy baseball leagues, and the odds of a W don’t look good after this.)

  19. Mr Pink says:

    I love how Willie Randolph is all over that interference call on the 2nd to last pitch of the game

  20. forensic says:

    Hey Rodney, wanna point out to the seats and shoot your bow and arrow where that ball landed?

    He’s now allowed more earned runs already this year than all of last year.

  21. Bob Buttons says:

    As much as I love seeing Tampa’s closer blow games, it hurts to see any confidence builder for Toronto.

    Oh well, at least I got Arencibia.

  22. forensic says:

    Yay for Hanrahan!!!

    • Tom says:

      Where’s Bailey? Oh he’s on the DL…

      Filed under: things about as shocking as Johnson and Reyes being injured.

  23. Get Phelps Up says:

    The Red Sox closer situation since Papelbon left seems just like their SS situation after they traded Nomar.

    • Havok9120 says:

      Yeah. They really dropped the ball there. Much as I hate Papelbon, at least he’s stuck around. I’m coming to believe more and more that in the rare instances a team finds a capable reliever that seems able to keep it up long-term, they’re stupid not to lock him up unless it’s totally unreasonable. The guys who can keep success going are so rare.

      • Tom says:

        The Red Sox have managed to turn gold into lead with their recent reliever trades

        Jed Lowrie for Mark Melancon (who was so bad he got demoted to AAA)
        Josh Reddick for Andrew Bailey
        Mark Melancon for 1 year of Joel Hanrahan (ironically Melancon has been pitching well for the Pirates this year)

        So they gave up Lowrie and Reddick for a closer who’s expensive and always on the DL list (Bailey) and 1 year of a closer who’s not very good (Hanrahan)

        But at least they didn’t overpay for Papelbon ;-)

        • Havok9120 says:

          Not to mention Bard, who was pretty great before he so totally and completely wasn’t.

          • Tom says:

            He performed poorly the last month of 2011, but I wonder if converting him to a starter in 2012 messed him up.

            I get that starters have more value, but that’s only if the starter is a front line guy. Sometimes a dominant arm in the bullpen should just be left there (I think the Reds made the right decision with Chapman)

            • forensic says:

              Though Bard was a starter in college and his first year in the minors, he got lit up that first year as a starter and moved to the bullpen, so I can agree that he should’ve stayed there.

              But, Chapman was typically a starter in Cuba and was signed/paid as one by the Reds, though he hasn’t been given much chance to start by them. If I was them, I would’ve definitely tried him as a starter by now.

          • forensic says:

            It’s amazing what’s happened to him. He can’t even get guys out in the minors the last two years.

        • Bob Buttons says:

          To be fair, Lowrie had problem staying healthy (and they thought Iglesias wasn’t an utter piece of crap), and Reddick didn’t have consensus “.250 32 HR” potential.

          They did sell low and buy high on those guys though.

          • Havok9120 says:

            They knew Iggy was all glove though. There was never really any question about that from what I saw on Over the Monster.

            • forensic says:

              All glove???

              He hit .450/.476/.550 this year. He’s awesome!!!

              (sucks that the Yankees gave him almost all of that line)

            • Tom says:

              I don’t know, Peter Gammons said he was the Red Sox 2012 starting shortstop when they signed him, and he never overhypes Red Sox prospects (see: future ace Casey Kelly)

              I think he was claiming good bat speed or something so the hitting wasn’t as bad as it looked.

      • Get Phelps Up says:

        I think they would have re-signed him if he didn’t blow that last game of 2011.
        That would also mean they still have Reddick and Lowrie.

        • Havok9120 says:

          And would also mean that they were utterly, incredibly stupid. Worse than us with Swisher, and us letting Swisher go so easy was pretty dumb in a ton of ways.

    • forensic says:

      Yeah, the stuff leading to the situations were certainly different, but the results sure do seem to have several similarities.

  24. Havok9120 says:

    Meanwhile, I had no idea that W.B. Mason was also the big sponsor for NESN.

    I feel so betrayed. :(

  25. Havok9120 says:

    I wish I could be surprised that the Twins let me down.

    But, really, I can’t be. Drew had a pretty great night.

    • forensic says:

      Absolutely terrible defensively. At least 4 plays I saw where they turned outs into “hits”.

      And Gardenhire continued his terribleness. Doumit in LF? Really? And in Fenway of all places???

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