• M Sammy

    Mike, Granderson’s second half was atrocious. Yeah he hit HRs and got RBIs, but he was a constant inning killer with strikeout after strikeout. Right now all three starting Yankees OFs have superior offensive production then what Granderson is likely to produce. So I don’t know how much of a shot in the arm he’s going to be. What the Yankees need are infielders – namely shortstop and third base. They need Youkilis to get healthy and for Jeter to somehow make it back in top form. They also need a healthy Teixiera too. IMO, Granderson’s return may actually cause a decline in offensive productivity not an increase in it.

  • Samuel

    The stupidest move by far was promoting Vidal Nuno to have him sit in the bullpen his entire time. Then, when Joba or Kelley returns, Nuno will be sent to the minors and have to “build up” arm strength again to be “stretched out.”

    Such a waste. Should have just kept him starting games in AAA.

    Awesome to be able to have two long men in the pen in Nuno and Warren, except, of course, when you need another goddamned infielder.

    • Laz

      They have no one. Velazquez isn’t anything.