• Rwh

    I used to look forward to the chats with Axisa: informed, insightful and interesting. Matt Warden, however, offers very little of those qualities and.even fails to keep up with questions and comments as they come in. With all due respect, his chats are boring, and I think Axisa ought to step in or junk the chat format. It’s just not working now.

    • http://RiverAveBlues.com Matt Warden

      Well, what can I say other than your refund check is surely in the mail. Can you provide any specifics to your criticisms? As for the questions, I keep up with them as best as I can — if you’re question hasn’t been answered, submit it next go around and I’ll try to keep an eye out for it.

      Also, with all due respect, you do realize Mike still does chats every Friday, so if you don’t find mine engaging you can always wait a day.

  • Laz

    Fan bias.
    Votto is a whole nother level of good compared to Cano. Cano has the position, but that is it. Votto’s line last year, .337/.474/.567, compare that to anything Cano has done.