Thoughts following the Granderson injury

Yankees lose Curtis Granderson in win over Rays
2013 Draft: Sean Manaea will not pitch again this season
(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)
(AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Eleven days after he returned from the fractured forearm, the Yankees lost Curtis Granderson to a fractured lefty pinky finger on Friday night. Cesar Ramos did the honors with an errant pitch in the fifth inning. The team won’t have a firm timetable for his return until a specialist takes a look at him on Monday, but it’s safe to say Curtis will miss several weeks. Maybe four, maybe six, who knows? If he can return before the All-Star break, I’ll be thrilled. For what it’s worth, Granderson was pretty upbeat following the game:

“I bounced back from [the forearm injury], I’ll bounce back from this,” he said (via Mark Feinsand). “The hand is still on, it didn’t fall off. You can take a look at all the positives from everything. It’s a better break than the previous one, that’s a good thing, it should be back sooner than the last time so that’s a good thing. The team is playing well. Hopefully we come back and the team is right where we need it to be and continue to help this team move forward until the end.”

The Yankees have been struggling to score runs this month (last night’s outburst aside), so losing Granderson is a pretty big loss when you consider that his replacement has stunk this year. It doesn’t matter if it’s Ichiro Suzuki, Brennan Boesch, or Ben Francisco. They’ve all stunk. Oh well, what can you do. We’ll all look back and laugh at this when the Yankees win the World Series. Here are some miscellaneous thoughts following the injury.

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)
(AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

1. With Mark Teixeira due to start an official minor league rehab assignment on Wednesday, I think the Yankees should start working Lyle Overbay out in right field. Send him out to shag fly balls during batting practice and have him put in some extra work early in the afternoon, stuff like that, just to see if he can actually do it. He might be a Bobby Abreu disaster-level defender out there considering he hasn’t played the outfield since 2001 (25 games in Double-A), but it will keep him in the lineup against right-handers. Overbay could come out for a defensive replacement after six innings and ride the bench whenever the fly ball-prone Phil Hughes is on the mound, but they’d get to keep his bat around even after Teixeira returns. Given how little offense the current outfield options are expected to provide, spending the next week or so seeing in Lyle can handle right (the smallest part of Yankee Stadium) seems worthwhile.

2. I don’t think the Yankees will explore any trades to replace Granderson, not unless the specialist looks at his hand Monday and says he’ll miss the rest of the season or something like that. I’m sure they will monitor the waiver wire and stuff for small Alberto Gonzalez/Reid Brignac-esque moves that could provide a marginal upgrade, but I have a hard time thinking they’ll find someone better. Given how cooked Ichiro has looked, it might be best to start Boesch in right field and hope the bat clicks with regular playing time. Being a pinch-hitter and part-timer is hard, especially if you’ve never done it before. He could always come out for defense in the late innings, and his lack of a platoon split — career 109 wRC+ against lefties, 91 against righties — gives the team an excuse to run him out there every day. It’ll never happen, but I feel like Boesch deserves a shot given how terrible Ichiro (and Francisco) has looked.

3. Between the forearm and the finger, Granderson is going to miss what amounts to half his contract year. Does that make it more likely the Yankees will be able to retain him on a one-year “pillow contract?” He could come back to New York for a year, feast on the short porch and hopefully put up some more big power numbers before going back out on the free agent market after the season. I’d bring Granderson back on one-year, $10M contract no questions asked … hell, give him $15M for all I care. It ain’t my money. I don’t like the idea of re-signing him to a multi-year pact, and as much as these injuries suck and hurt the team right now, they might make it easier to retain him on favorable terms this coming winter. I’m guessing there will be multi-year offers on the table if he stays healthy in the second half and hits like he last these last three years. These were the definition of fluke injuries.

Yankees lose Curtis Granderson in win over Rays
2013 Draft: Sean Manaea will not pitch again this season
  • Mattchu12

    I’ve been trying to think of a way to keep Adams in the lineup when Youkilis returns, could this be it? I know it’s a lot of effort for a guy that might never be anything more than a part time player in the future, but on the off chance he Cano’s out of nowhere, would be nice, no?

    • CS Yankee

      Good thought, Adams should be able to fake SS too, I would believe.

      • Mattchu12

        I’m not going to fall in love with him because chances are, he’ll flame out like 90% of prospects do, but every once in a while someone just surprises you. I feel like Cano surprised us all when he came up to replace Tony Womack years ago.

        With all these holes, I’d like to see if some of these young guys at catch on. Adams is the best of the bunch, so lets give him a chance.

        • Preston

          He has a much better chance of sticking in RF than Overbay. It’s definitely worth a shot.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      I’d rather have Overbay at 1B then Texeira. Have Tex try to play and platoon in right field w/Ichiro, & leave Overbay where he belongs, at first base!

  • jmpnyy

    How about giving Thomas Neal a shot as a RH bat/OF? The curse of Ben Francisco lives.

    • Steve (different one)

      The team isn’t going to add anyone to the 40 man with all of these guys slated to come off the 60 day DL. Considering they are replacing a LHed bat, it will be Boesch. Sometimes the obvious move is also the correct one.

    • Kosmo

      Neal or Mustelier. Yanks could release Boesch AND Francisco. 2 odd ball ideas 1) When Youkilis returns move Cano to SS, Adams to 2B. 2) Let Arod play SS when he returns.
      I like the idea of fitting Overbay in RF but I doubt Girardi would be down with it. The Brewers and Miami could use a 1B.

      • Steve (different one)

        But the Yankees are going to need to release those guys when Teixeira, ARod, Jeter, Cervelli, Pineda and maybe Cabral come back. Adding Mustelier doesn’t help, at all.

        Mustelier missed his chance, his spot went to Adams.

        They could add Neal if they don’t mind releasing him with Granderson comes back, but how much of an upgrade do we really think he is over Boesch?

        • Kosmo

          I know clearing roster space will be somewhat of a challenge but I think Boesch, Francisco don´t bring anything to the table and I´m thinking MAYBE NY wants to let Ichiro go at the expense of eating his salary or a substantial portion of it if he´ll agree to a trade. Just think of the vast sums of money already being paid to all the DL´ed vets. Of course there is Joba to consider.

        • emac2

          Are you kidding?

          Boesch is hitting a buck fifty in AAA. What nugget of data are you hanging onto that makes him a major league outfielder?

          • Steve (different one)

            Instead of using 28 ABs to make your argument, why don’t you play out the roster moves that make your argument? No one is saying Boesch is great. I am saying that for the two weeks until Teixeira comes back, he is good enough to sit on the bench.

            • emac2

              I’m asking why you promote a player who can’t make contact with AAA pitches at all. Why is he even taking up a AAA roster spot when he has proven he cannot play at the major league level.

              There are guys that are hitting and they should play first.

      • Spaceman Spiff

        The yanks will never move Cano to SS so lets stop pretending thats an option.

        When Youkilis and Teix get back I bet they start giving Adams some time in one of the corner outfield spots.

        • Kosmo

          I did say it was an oddball idea. FWIW Cano did play 80 games at SS in the minors.

    • emac2

      Doesn’t that make too much sense? Why call up someone hitting over 300 when you have someone hitting 149 already on the 40 man roster?

      I don’t know if you have looked at the record books but there are very few mlb players in history who have managed to hit under 150 for an entire season. You don’t just cut those guys loose when you have players like Adams you can cut and just resign.

      Ronnier and Neal should be recalled and Ben and Brendon should be cut. It’s about hitting not what round you were originally drafted.

      • Steve (different one)

        But Francisco is gone when Teixeira comes back, so he doesn’t really factor in here. If you replace him with Mustelier, Mustelier has to go down when Teixeira comes back AND someone else has to be released. Unless you want to release Overbay for Teixeira right away, which is a little risky.

        Also, Mustelier is not hitting in AAA, which kindof works against your case.

        And I don’t get the point about Adams, he is currently on the roster and playing 3B. He has nothing to do with anything at this point.

        I agree that these moves are not ideal, but when you keep getting besieged by injuries, some of them flukes, you have to scrape by sometimes. The Yankees have to think ahead and plan for the guys coming off the 60 day DL, and adding Neal AND Mustelier to the 40 man just doesn’t make any sense.

        • Kosmo

          Mustelier has picked it up abit in his last 10 games, hitting at a .298 clip. Nothing great but still.

        • emac2

          The Adams reference was related to the incredibly stupid (or collusionary) release and resigning.

          Ronnier is hitting fine. It took him a couple of weeks to get back on track but he’s never had a problem with the bat.

          It doesn’t make sense to promote to guys that are hitting well because you are saving a roster spot for Tex? It seems pretty basic to me that you promote the guys that are playing well at the expense of the guys that aren’t and you don’t worry about the possibility that you might have to drop someone like Overbay. (especially when Ronnier and Adams can both play 1st.)

          We need a Granderson replacement now and that should be Neal. Francisco is a waste of time and Ronnier can take his spot. When Tex is ready we drop Overbay and accept the tiny bit of risk. Joba and Cabral will be replacing pitchers and that will create a jam on the pitching side which is why I was proposing the trade of Hughes, Joba, Maybe logan, Overbay and a few spare parts for something that will help alleviate the jam while also helping the balance of the roster.

          I get that we have to go through some contortions with all of the injuries but we can’t start holding roster spots for these replacement level players when it means we aren’t fielding the best team we can. I think people are getting too excited about the bottom of the roster and forget that development means younger and better not sifting through the old folks and clogging the roster because of a good few games.

          • Steve (different one)

            But making moves like Adams occur because of roster jams that you are explicitly trying to create.

            I mean, you are basically arguing to trade Hughes, Joba and Logan so that Thomas Neal and Mustelier can get a few ABs over the next few weeks. Take a step back and think about how insane that is.

            • emac2

              It’s insane to promote a player who is hitting well because you might be able to stave off an old players retirement for another month and he might have a couple of good games?

              It’s insane to want the best guys on the filed unstead of playing roster management to conserve roster spots for player we don’t want or need anyway?

              It’s insane to promote players from the minors when they do well instead of basing it on salary or whose best friend they are?

              I think you’re playing a GM game instead of playing to win if you start prizing roster spots for has been, never was or potential replacement level players. I’m all for giving those guys a shot but that can’t be confused with player development and shouldn’t interfere with the goals of winning and player development.

            • emac2

              It looks like I accidentally read your post as something that made sense.

              I’m not basically trading those guys for nothing in case you couldn’t figure that out. Yes, it would be insane to trade those guys for nothing though. Good call.

          • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

            Seems like you are weakening the team for the length of the season to get very minimal gains (if any) over the next couple of weeks.
            I would like to see Neal get a chance over Boesch, but both would likely to mostly be glued to the bench with Ichiro getting most of the playing time anyways, so it’s really no big deal.
            Calling up both Neal and Musty really makes no sense. One would have enough trouble getting consistent AB’s. Having both, one is sure to be buried on the bench, like Ben Fran has been lately.

            • emac2

              How am I weakening the team for the length of the season?

              Do you think Ben Francisco is going to make a difference?

              • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

                Not at all.
                Your proposing trading away useful players just for the sake of creating roster space for players like Mustelier and Neal, especially if you want to keep either Musty or Neal long-term.

                • emac2

                  I’m talking about trading away useful players for more useful players that better fit what the team needs.

                  I’m talking about cutting longshot players who don’t perform and giving the next guy the chance.

                  Basically I’m saying to cut Francisco and Boesch for Ronnier and Neal. I’m saying trade the pitchers that are leaving as free agents for something we can use because we don’t have the roster spots to spare ON THE PITCHING SIDE and because none of the mentioned pitchers make much of a difference to the teams results.

                  We can let them go as free agents get a tiny bit this year and lose the ability to see what we would have been able to get from Nuno, Cabral such but I’d rather search for a 2 than hope a 4 turns into a 2 for a few month before free agency.

  • CS Yankee

    …five him 15M$….

    So, 5/75? Thinking you meant give. I would be good with 1/15 or 2/25, but I’ve always liked the Grandyman.

  • trr

    Wonder if Overbay could handle the OF? An intriguing thought. In all honesty, Granderson’s defense has been declining, maybe it wouldn’t be that much of a drop-off…

    • LarryM Fl

      Overbay to Granderson is falling of the cliff in defensive comparisons. You may not think Grandy can handle CF well but he is a good CFer. Thus a much better OF than Overbay could be. I agree Overbay has to remain on the club even when Teix. comes back. I like Boesch or Almonte to roam in RF until Grand comes back Ichiro is toast and a fill in or part timer.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        Defensively, Granderson is a lousy CFer. I’m sure he’d be light years ahead of Overbay in the outfield but Granderson belongs in a corner, not in CF at this point of his career.

  • Steve (different one)

    While I agree they have little to lose, Overbay is really slow. Have to think he’d be a disaster in the OF, but I guess it’s worth a shot.

    • emac2

      No, that’s a lame idea.

      Overbay isn’t good enough to play out of position and while our host doesn’t care about defense, it is a relevant part of the game.

      • Scott

        *Defense: Ichiro >> Overbay

        *Offense vs RHP: Overbay >> Ichiro… BY 150-200 OPS POINTS

        The question isn’t “does defense matter” but “does defense matter enough to replace a league-average-hitting terrible defender with a good defender 150-200 points worse?” And it’s a close enough call to be worth working out Lyle a little in the OF, as the post suggests.

        • emac2

          I don’t know if you’ve ever been in an outfield but 500 points in average doesn’t matter if your defender can’t get to anything. It isn’t close enough anywhere but fantasy.

          I don’t know if you are aware but Overbay sucks. He wasn’t sitting home because of his financial demands.

          Ichiro is not a problem for this team in any way. He should be playing 5 games a week. Even when he doesn’t hit at all his defense and speed allow him to contribute something.

          • Steve (different one)

            Now I am completely confused, if you think Ichiro should play 5 days a week, why are you promoting Mustelier AND Neal? You aren’t even arguing that they should get Ichiro’s playing time?

            If you want to give Neal a chance right now and cut Francisco, knowing Neal could get cut in two weeks, that is fine. But why are you adding a guy you actually care about losing in Mustelier so he can sit on the bench? It’s just poor planning.

            • emac2

              Well, You might have noticed that Granderson was injured. My thought is that you cut Ben and fill those two spots with Neal and Ronnier.

              Assuming 5 of 21 weekly outfield games go to Ichiro, 6 to Gardner, and 5 to Wells you still have 5 for Neal.

              Overbay goes for Tex.

              It’s poor planning to have good players on the bench? It’s better to keep them in AAA and waste a spot on a bad play? Why?

          • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

            Replacement level players should not be playing 5 games a week.
            Unfortunatley, it’s possible the current alternatives are as bad or worse though.

            • emac2

              Ichiro is well above replacement on defense and a couple of weeks ago he and Wells had the same batting average so I’m not going to cut a player that can contribute, even when he isn’t hitting for a couple of weeks, for any of the Yanks current options.

              • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

                He has to bat too, if your going to play him. Combining his negative offense with his positive defense and baserunning has netted a roughly replacement level player so far this season.
                I’m not saying he should be cut. I’m saying ideally he should be a 4th OF, playing at most 2-3 times a week.

                • emac2

                  Ideally every one of your players should be replaced by someone better and put in a reserve role but I don’t agree that this team would be better putting Ichiro in a 4th outfielder role.

                  I base that on an expectation that he will hit 280 or better and that he will have a higher average than Wells at the end of the year.

          • Scott

            Emac, I agree that overbay *probably* won’t work out as an OF (i.e., a few practice sessions may show his range now is not only subpar but unacceptable) — but I just think it’s worth a shot. And you work too hard to support your “Overbay probably is too far sub-par” argument with *additional* arguments that, frankly, are quite stupid:

            (1) “I don’t know if you are aware but Overbay sucks. He wasn’t sitting home because of his financial demands.” Um, no:
            (a) Hey, take a look at the stats the rest of us have been talking about for a while now: he’s above-average against RHP, with OPS (vs RHP) >750 this yr, and well into the 800s last yr. That’s not “sucks.”
            (b) Ichiro’s OPS is about 600, with no real platoon split. So, “Overbay sucks” is not only statistically false, but a pointless point — because the question is, “who’s better/worse/suckier, Ichiro or Overbay.” Ichiro sucks more as a hitter – by a lot.

            (2) “Ichiro is not a problem for this team in any way. He should be playing 5 games a week.” A 600 OPS isn’t a problem “in any way”? And his defense really makes up for the 150-200 OPS by which he’s far-below-par offensively?

            (3) “I don’t know if you’ve ever been in an outfield but…” is probably your stupidest point. My guess is that you’re not Rickey Henderson or even Claudell Washington; we’re both fans lacking MLB experience who have opinions — so, it’s pretty laughable when you flex the you’re-not-really-an-outfielder argument. You’re kind of like the World-of-Warcraft player in his mom’s basement who asks if the other guy has even really been in a foxhole.

            • Scott

              Oh, another gem from emac: “and a couple of weeks ago [Ichiro] and Wells had the same batting average.” That’s so far from being a remotely logical point that I don’t know where to start.

              • emac2


                School is a good thing

                The point I failed to mash into pablum was that a 2 week cold streak is a bad reason to make a decision about a player which is especially true when that player contributes in other aspects of the game.

            • emac2

              You don’t have the play outfield to know that Overbay isn’t a good option. You just have to be aware of what an outfield is and that you have to run to any ball that isn’t hit right at you. You didn’t demonstrate that you had any spacial awareness with the idea and I thought maybe you were blind or something. That is why I asked if you had ever been in an outfield. It gives the tiniest appreciation for the speed required and the fact that you could cover more ground than your grandma just like Ichiro covers more ground than Overbay.

              Ichiro will outperform Overbay for the season with the bat but even if overbay somehow hit 100 points higher the team would still start Ichiro in the playoffs because Overbay would only help in high scoring/margin games.

              He was sitting home due to his financial demands? LOL

              • Scott

                You wrote: “Overbay would only help in high scoring/margin games.”

                RIIIGHT, offense helps only in “high scoring” games. Because in 1-run games, it doesn’t matter how much you score?

                Seriously, do you think at all, before you type, about whether what you’re saying makes any f-ing sense?

                • emac2

                  Dude – this isn’t that tough to follow if you just try a little bit. I shouldn’t have to spell out every mental step required.

                  The idea that you took what I said and came up with this is almost scary…. “RIIIGHT, offense helps only in “high scoring” games. Because in 1-run games, it doesn’t matter how much you score?”

                  Have you ever had an argument with someone dumb enough to use the logic you just used?

                  Overbay would suck so bad on defense that he would allow lots of extra runs and they dink hits around him. Because of this he will eliminate any chance of winning a close game as the other team will be able to score at will on a small ball basis.

                  He will hit some home runs and there will be games where he will add more to the offense than he hurts the defense but that will generally be high scoring games with large margins because of the fact that he will leave the team unable to defend properly.

      • Tyler Patterson

        He certainly cares about defense, although his suggestion of Overbay playing some outfield could confuse some people. Overpay in the outfield would be a complete disaster.

      • Mattchu12

        If Overbay doesn’t find a new role, he’s gone anyways. Pronk is the superior DH and Teixeira is obviously the superior first baseman. He might as well be released than sit on the bench, so on the off chance he isn’t horrible, you give him a shot.

  • Rolling Doughnut

    Putting Overbay in RF is an interesting idea–especially given Mike’s suggestions on how to manage the risks— until he misplays one in the gap w/2 outs and 3 runs score. Then everyone is screaming bloody murder. I’m not a huge Granderson fan. His best year in Detroit was 2007 (.302/.361/.552 wOBA.388 wrc+ 136), which was more or less repeated in 2011 with the Yankees (.262 .364 .552 .393 146). Otherwise, he’s hardly been stellar. Then there’s the “new swing, new stance” thing, which I guess has its advantages (40HR), at the cost of 200K. Then there’s the (lack of) defense. One year $10M max. because when you have to donate a kidney to get a hot dog at YS, it IS our money.

  • your mom

    So Ben Francisco will linger around longer……great!

  • mt

    I brought up the pillow contract for Granderson last night right after injury – it does make sense. However, I am sure no matter how bad his performance or injury issue for remainder of year he will get long-term offers from some team(s) but I am sure they will not be viewed as the most they could be if he had had a projected 30 homer, 90-100 RBI yar. I don’t know whether Grandy is a risk-taker – either he accepts a good one year deal in 2014 from Yankees (with possibilities of inury) hoping to stay healthy and cash in for 2015 with a “maximum” long-term deal OR he just takes the highest (no matter how much below the “maximum” he thought he might have gotten with a good year in 2013) long-term contract that anyone offers in 2014? Keep in mind that if he accepts a one year pillow deal for 2014 from Yanks hoping to get a better long-term long term deal for 2015, Curtis turns 34 just before Opening Day 2015.

    His contract offers next year do depend on what he does in second half but he really has had no spring training against major league competition and I imagine whenever he returns he may start off slow – also it may be hard to get offensive rhythm in 2nd half if Girardi continues his 4 OFs for 3 spots approach (I.e, he refuses to just bench Ichiro).

    Assuming all their pending FAs (except Cano) leave or retire, I have always thought that Yanks next year are going to have to spend money between $8 million and $15 million next year on a player (in addition to resigning Cano) who is new to organization – whether it be an offensive-minded outfielder or a number 2 starter. I think they can do that and still can make the $189 million plan. With this injury, chances do increase that instead of a new player from outside the team it could be Granderson on a one year returning deal. It actually may depend more on Pineda, Phelps, Nova progress and how desperate Yanks will be for a true number 2 behind CC (and yes, I know Kuroda is currently acting as the Yanks Number 1 but I am assuming both he and Pettite are gone. If Kuroda stays, there probably is no money for Granderson for a significant one year deal.)

  • Jeff’s

    How about moving Adams to right? He’s athletic, and has a good at so far. Has he ever payed OF?

    • Preston

      As far as I can tell he’s only ever played 2b and 3b in high school, college or the minors until this season when he played a couple games at 1b. I do think it would be a good idea to try though. As of right now there doesn’t seem to be a doubt that he is one of the 9 best baseball players on the team. So keeping him on the field would when Youk and Tex return would be a good thing.

  • Dalek Jeter

    I hate to be “that guy” but, guys let’s be real. We all know that the Granderson injury means one thing, and one thing only: Ichiro is our starting right fielder for the foreseeable future. He’d have to go from god awful to Ben Francisco before Girardi considers benching him for Boesch or Loverbay (I like you Mike but talk about a pipe dream). He then would have to from Ben Francisco levels to Melky circa his year with the Braves for the FO to consider letting Girardi bench him for a Boesch/Loverbay/Musty/Neal. The only reason it was okay to bench Ichiro for Granderson was because it was under the guise of a “rotation” and because it was Granderson.

    • Preston

      I agree to an extent, but that’s because I don’t think any of those guys are an upgrade. Boesch hasn’t hit in a while and plays terrible defense and can’t run the bases. Overbay would probably be a disaster in the OF, probably enough to negate the upgrade of his bat. Musty isn’t hitting at AAA and would require a roster move, and 30 games at AAA aren’t making me jump on the Thomas Neal bandwagon. He’s hit for no power, and is mostly productive because of his .422 BABIP. There’s a reason he’s in his third organization and it isn’t that he’s really good. I think we’re stuck with Ichiro for now. But if he continues to struggle and Tex and Youk come back healthy and David Adams is still producing at the MLB level. I think trying him out in RF makes some sense.

    • WhittakerWalt

      This article will lead to another pointless “what does Mike have against Ichiro” complaint-fest.

      • emac2

        Thanks for the valuable warning of wasted posts to come.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        I don’t’ come as often and even I can tell this rings true..

  • mt

    On another matter, I am a big “keep Overbay” person – Overbay to OF so he can be back-up 1B and back-up 5th outfielder (assuming Tex and Youkilis replace Francisco and Adams; can’t send down Brignac because there’d be no one to play back-up SS) would solve a lot of problems but Yanks do not strike me as the type to try him defensively in OF in middle of season. The more I think about it I now think they will cut him and keep Adams (question: can Adams back up 1B defensively?)

    The Granderson re-injury experience just makes me pessimistic because of all the bad karma this year – he breaks a hand again! – for this Yankee team in 2013. Do we really think Teix is going to come back and play healthy for rest of year? The chances of Teix re-injuring his injured wrist are known to be not insignificant from a medical perspective.

    • Kosmo

      but on the other hand (sssss) Granderson´s injury is a golden opportunity for someone else. Youk can always slide over to 1st if Tex has any degree of discomfort in his wrist.

    • Mike HC

      I think we should keep both Overbay and Adams. Maybe carry one less pitcher for the time being. Of course, by the time Youk and Tex are both back there will probably be another injury with the way this year has gone.

      • mitch

        Totally agree. Overbay to the OF is an interesting thought, but he should stay on the roster for at least a few weeks after Tex comes back regardless. I’d hate to see them dump Overbay and have Tex injure himself again. We saw that happen with Bautista.

        Hafner would be better suited playing 50% of the time. I think you could give Overbay a couple games a week at first and give Hafner and Tex and extra day off per week until everyone is definitely healthy.

        • mt

          Let me be clear – I personally would like to keep both Overbay and Adams. That would mean when Tex and Youkilis come back, in order to keep both Adams and Overbay on 25 man roster, Francisco and Boesch would both have to go (I don’t see Brignac going for Tex or Youk because there would then be no back-up SS; Nunez will take Brignac’s place when he comes off DL).

          I just am not sure Yanks will go the necessary lengths to keep Tex, Youk, Adams and Overbay because dropping Boesch would make the inexperienced Overbay the 4th OF. Or, if they kept Boesch, they would then have to go with 11 pitchers. Again I think they should try to keep all 4 given injuries, performance of Adams/Overbay, and possibility of re-injury but I am coming around to the feeling that they probably won’t go that far. Tex and Youk will probably 1) replace Francisco (DFA) and 2) either they a) keep Overbay with Adams goes to minors or b) DFA/trade Overbay and keep Adams.

          • mt

            One intriguing thought:

            when Tex/Youk comes back – drop Francisco and Boesch; keep Overbay and Adams, and Nix becomes back-up 4th OF and back-up SS – Tex, Youk and Brgnac start at 3b, 1b and SS??

  • The Real Greg

    I would rather they called up Thomas Neal. They have enough left handed hitters to get over Grandy’s injury. Neal is doing very well at AAA and I would have thought that the success of David Adams would have inspired the Yankees to try more young players. Apparently not.

    By the way, it would not surprise me if Hawk Harrelson was arrested for the attempted murder of Angel Hernandez today.

    What a terrible umpire Hernandez is.

    • SDB

      “By the way, it would not surprise me if Hawk Harrelson was arrested for the attempted murder of Angel Hernandez today.”

      So Angel might actually do something good for once by getting Hawk off the air?

  • emac2

    Yankees that could play 1st base


    Now, can someone explain to me why Overbay is needed since we won’t have a roster crunch if so many 1st base options are hurt as to need him?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      He’s not needed. He’ll likely be cut/traded once both Tex and Youkilis are healthy. I would point out, though, that could play 1B and should play 1B are very different.

      Can you explain why they need to add both Neal and Mustelier to the 40-man roster, when they’re going to need a bunch of 40-man roster spots opened later on, and for a limited role that could be filled by just one of the two?

      • emac2

        I can’t explain why they would need them because they do not.

        They should promote both because we should waive Ben and Boesch which would leave us needed a couple of guys that can play outfield and they are the best options.

        If Neal doesn’t hit no one will cry if he is cut and in the meantime you send a bad message to prospects when it is clear you promote based on anything but production.

  • Brian S.


    • The Real Greg

      He hates the contract, believes Ichiro is cooked (which it looks like he may be) and is president of the Chris Dickerson fan club.

    • smurfy

      it’s probaably autocorrelation of opinion and stats as fact. I have seen half as many games, and twice Ichi started or impelled the late inning rally that saved the game. Isn’t toting up proper.