Yankees, Blue Jays will play doubleheader on August 20th


The Yankees and Blue Jays will make up their May 19th rainout as part of a doubleheader on August 20th at Yankee Stadium. The first game starts at 1:05pm ET and the second at 7:05pm ET, so it’s not a single admission doubleheader. Like that would ever happen.

August 20th is the first day of a scheduled three-game series between the two teams. Thankfully the Yankees don’t lose an off-day, and in fact both teams are off on the 19th. The Bombers will be returning from a weekend series in Boston, meaning easy travel. There’s no good time for a doubleheader in August, so that’s pretty much best-case scenario.

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  • KeithK

    There’s no bad time for a doubleheader. At least a real doubleheader. Real doubleheaders are awesome.