Update: Yankees outright Cody Eppley to Triple-A

Sunday Night Open Thread
Betances throws five no-hit innings as SWB sweeps doubleheader

Sunday: Eppley has cleared waivers and been outrighted to Triple-A according to Dan Barbarisi. He remains in the organization, just not on the 40-man roster.

Friday: The Yankees have designated right-hander Cody Eppley for assignment, the team announced. The move creates room on the 40-man roster for righty Preston Claiborne, who has officially been called up to replace the injured Joba Chamberlain.

Eppley, 27, has pitched to a 2.89 ERA (4.59 FIP) in 9.1 innings with Triple-A Scranton this year. He was on the big league team’s Opening Day roster, but was sent down after allowing four runs in 1.2 innings across two appearances. The Yankees got a good 46 innings out of Eppley last year — 3.33 ERA (3.66 FIP) with a 60.3% ground ball rate — after claiming him off waivers from the Rangers at the end of Spring Training. He hasn’t been effective basically since camp opened, so it’s no surprise he was the 40-man casualty.

Sunday Night Open Thread
Betances throws five no-hit innings as SWB sweeps doubleheader
  • Bob Buttons

    Watch the Jays claim him.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Replace the devil you know, but don’t want, with something not really glamorous that you could potentially want more. Sure. Why not.

  • Eddard

    Eppley is a lot like Ben Francisco, useless in every way imaginable. Let’s see what Preston can do, we already know what Eppley can’t do.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I don’t call what he did last year useless in the least. He was an average ROOGY. I still think the team could have won another ten games if baseball would have amended its rules in order to allow Eppley and Rapada to come in and out of the game whenever needed.

      I just don’t think Eppley stands out enough to be held on to when he stops being effective, and he wasn’t doing so in the spring. Move on to fresher virgin meat.

      • Manny’s BanWagon

        teh Cory Eppleyz will be mizzed.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          No one blinked at my reference to fresh virgin meat. I’m surprised, considering the A’s preview thread turned into one huge golden shower fest.

          I just can feel Mike losing advertising dollars by the second with all the filthy mouths in his comment section.

  • trr

    dime a dozen player.

  • Strawberry

    Slightly OT-

    If Tex isn’t officially on the DL (or his he?) when we look back on this period, do we/they count all these days missed as being spent on the “DL”?

    Or in general, if a player is hurt but doesn’t officially go on the DL, do people still stay this player

    • Strawberry

      … do people still say this player spent x amount of days of the DL?

      • Strawberry

        *ON the DL


    • hmelawyer

      Tex is on the 15-day DL and has been. He just has avoided the 60-day DL.

  • Bubba

    There is an Eppley-shaped void in my life.

  • Shep

    If they were willing to DFA Eppley, which I am totally fine with, I would have rather seen Montgomery up. Maybe he’ll get more innings at AAA.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      There’s your silver lining if you want Montgomery to continue to progress. I doubt Joba’s two-week fill-in gets a whole lot of play.

  • forensic

    Good move.

    It was nice to hear Cashman come right out a couple weeks ago and admit that he just doesn’t have much value when you don’t have someone like a Rapada and you’re putting yourself in a position where you can, and have to, mix and match to an extreme.

    Now, why he started the season on the roster is another question entirely…

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Incumbency has its perks.

  • Larch

    I don’t get why people gloat when a person who was decent player for their team is cut. He was a solid contributor last year, and like most of us he’s trying to spin his average talent into a career.

    I hope he pitches for 10 years in the NL.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I don’t think the majority of folks here are doing that at all. There’s huge value in guys like Eppley. Guys like Eppley save your ass at some point during the season.

      We also know full well as to the volatile nature of middle relievers, and I’d certainly rather cut bait too early than too late with, like you said, an average middle reliever.

      I too hope this is the springboard to a HOF career.

      • The Real Me

        I too hope this is the springboard to a HOF career.

        Which it obviously will be when he’s picked up by Toronto.


  • Bob Buttons

    Not that they would lose a lot if he was claimed, his value to us is still positive.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Welcome back, Cody. You can have Pantston’s locker.