Sunday Night Open Thread

Update: Eduardo Nunez day-to-day with left ribcage irritation
Update: Yankees outright Cody Eppley to Triple-A

Here is your open thread for the evening. The ESPN Sunday night game is a good one, the Dodgers at the Giants (Ryu vs. Cain). You might be able to catch the end of the Knicks game if you click over to ABC real quick, but there will be some NHL playoff action later tonight as well. You folks know how these things work by now, right? Good. Enjoy.

Update: Eduardo Nunez day-to-day with left ribcage irritation
Update: Yankees outright Cody Eppley to Triple-A
  • Eddard

    A manager will always lose a few games throughout the regular season and today was one of those occasions. Girardi had no business bringing in Boone Logan to face 3 straight right handers when he knows full well Boone is terrible against RHB. If Logan is his last option then he has no choice, but that was not the case.

    They are already without their starting CF, 1B, C, SS, 3B. And going to Colorado means they lose Hafner’s bat, they can ill afford to lose Nuney’s glove as well. A 7-3 home stand was pretty good considering the circumstances. If they can find a way to go 4-4 on the road trip they’ll be in good shape with reinforcements on the horizon.

  • flamingo

    The refs in this Knicks game…

  • Bob Buttons

    Now there’s an interesting idea: have a batter for the ceremonial first pitch. Certainly feels more normal to me than having multiple people throwing out ceremonial first pitches.

  • YankeePankee

    See Bettances, still trying, gave up no hits over his 5 innings against a Braves AAA team with a rehabbing Brian McCann. But 4 walks.
    Anyone have his velocity for this game and what was working?

  • trr

    Patience. Patience and forbearance. We have an 8 game trip with the makeup DH next Monday; I’d be happy with 4-4, thrilled with 5-3 …and hell, things aren’t SO bad now, are they?

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    Fuck Boone Logan. Seriously.


    So, bets on when Romine and Nuno will appear again?

    Romine might get in on Wednesday with Phelps pitching. I’m guessing Nuno has taken over for Adam Warren in the last man out of the bullpen role.

    • Joe Girardi

      Well, we had an off day on Monday and Stewie’s been swinging a hot bat, and is such a good receiver that we just can’t afford to take him out of the line up right now. Plus I can’t think of a clever way to add a ‘y’ to part of Austin Romine’s name. You know, the kid had his shot, and Andy didn’t pitch well to him, so I’m just not 100% comfortable with him right now. We’ll see if that changes. As for Nuno, the kid knows how to pitch, and really hit his spots. But right now Shawny is my 7th inning guy, Booney is my 8th inning guy, and we have Mo in the 9th, so my hands are really tied.

      • WhittakerWalt


  • Mads

    Will they promote Mustelier now? He got 6 PA’s today in the doubleheader in AAA, and hit a HR.
    Tired of seing Francisco, hope it’s time for musty


    So, given that a loss before an off-day will probably produce more negativity than there should be for a team that is 18-12 and just had a 7-3 homestand, I thought I’d keep piling it on:

    Russell Martin is now out WAR-ing Lettuce Stewvelli:

    Russell Martin:
    .272/.362/.543 wOBA .390 wRC+153 fWAR 1.3

    Chris Stewart, Miracle Catcher:
    .256/.298/.395 wOBA .302 wRC+85 fWAR .3

    Francisco Cervelli:
    .269/.377/.500 wOBA: .382 wRC+140 fWAR .6
    [In the two weeks before hitting the DL: .220/.325/.457]
    [In the last week before the DL: .217/.280/.565]

    Austin Romine:
    .000/.250/.000 wOBA:.180 wRC+ 2 fWAR 0.0

  • vicki

    i like this all caps rob guy.