Draft Signing Updates: Wade, Murphy, Coshow

Monday Night Open Thread
O'Brien homers again in Charleston loss

Here are some updates on various draft picks who have signed or are close to signing (draft round in parenthesis):

  • SS Tyler Wade (4) is traveling to Florida tomorrow, according to his Twitter feed. That’s a pretty good indication he’s close to signing. The California high schooler is slotted for a touch more than $371k.
  • SS John Murphy (6) has signed according to his Twitter feed. He is already in Tampa working out with the rest of gang. Slot for the Sacred Heart senior is a bit over $208k, but it’s a safe bet he signed for less.
  • RHP Cale Coshow (13) has reached an agreement and is heading to Tampa for his physical, reports K. Levine-Flandrup. The Oklahoma Christian product is one of the team’s most interesting late-rounders because he sits in the mid-90s as a starter and is enormous (listed at 6-foot-5 and 270 lbs.). No word on the money, but slot for every pick after the tenth round is $100k.
  • OF Jordan Barnes (15) flew to Tampa today and will sign his contract soon, reports Kevin Maloney. I doubt the Northwest Mississippi Community College freshman signs for more than the $100k slot allowance.
  • OF Derek Toadvine (22) “anticipates that he will sign” according to David Jablonski. Like Barnes, the Kent State junior is likely to get nothing more than the $100k slot.
  • OF Cody Thomas (30) will not sign, reports Jason Kersey. The Oklahoma prepster is a legitimate football prospect, and he’ll follow through on his commitment to Oklahoma and play both sports for the Sooners. Not surprising, I’m guessing he would have had to have been drafted a whole lot higher to consider turning pro.

In case you missed it over the weekend, our 2013 Draft Pool page is up and running. It’s available via the Resources tab under the street sign in the banner. All of the team’s selections can be seen at Baseball America.

Monday Night Open Thread
O'Brien homers again in Charleston loss
  • Josh

    The John Murphy link goes to Pinstriped Bible, not his twitter.

    • Pseudoyanks

      I clicked it and got Rickrolled!

  • Tom

    Good stuff.

    A few late 20’s first rounders signed today (for I think TB and Texas) so hopefully the Yankees get their 1st rounders signed quickly and playing. Would be good to get the college players acclimated to playing everyday, and who knows maybe they will hit enough in A ball to start next year in AA.

  • Josh
    • Larch

      Thanks Mike!

      Folks: another benefit of having a larger pool, is that the .05% over becomes larger. That would be $ 397,870.

      However, that does not mean they will spend it. They were $406,300 under budget in 2012, after signing Hensley for less because of the abnormality.

  • pat

    I’m not completely sold on Thomas being a forgone conclusion. DO did an interview where he mentioned Thomas actually brought up the prospect of playing pro ball to the Yankees area scout. Granted he might only be a 5% chance to sign, but I think it’s still better than 0%

    • Pseudoyanks

      How would they actually be able to pull it off financially? Unless they want to pay penalties and get screwed for next year’s draft…

      • Josh

        They did seem to draft more discount seniors then usual… Still don’t think there’s enough money to sway him though. He’s also definitely not the guy you go into penalties for.

      • pat

        Who are we really expecting to break the bank on? Clarkin will probably be the biggest bonus and he probably won’t be a huge cost. 1.5 maybe? I don’t think we took a ton of other high price guys besides Thomas. Maybe Palladino and the fat pitchers might cost some loot, but not a ton.

        • CashmanNinja

          Clarkin will get much more than $1.5 mil. He’s very young and has the whole “I don’t like the Yankees” thing going for him. Whether it was taken out of context or not he could still use it to his advantage for leverage. He’s definitely getting over $2 mil. As for Thomas…meh. He’s definitely talented, but he’s definitely not coming here. The commitment is too strong. He’s going to be a two-sport athlete with a full ride…you don’t throw that away. Aside from Pettitte and Quantrill I think Thomas is the least likely to sign. And if we did try to lure someone away I’d actually take Quantrill over Thomas at this point because I just feel his ceiling is higher.

          And I really hope Brandon Thomas signs quickly. That’s the Thomas I want most.

        • forensic

          I don’t know much about this stuff, but Clarkin’s slot money is a touch over $1.6M. From the things I’ve read, I’d be shocked if he signed for less than that, and very surprised if he signed for less than about $2M.

    • vicki

      he’s a top ten qb recruit but ou has a lot of depth at the position. obviously he’ll redshirt. still ought to get plenty of hot coed tail around norman, though.

      boomer sooner!

      • Electric Nunez ll

        If he’s smart he will go gay and never look back…

  • Danny

    Kevin Corneilus also signed via his twitter

  • crawdaddy
    • CashmanNinja

      The fact that LSU upped their offer to a FULL scholarship really speaks volumes to just how badly Palladino wanted to be a Yankee. It’s not like he was getting “life changing money” like Clarkin will be offered. They probably went above slot a bit, but it’s still not an absurd amount. So the fact that he passed over a full ride at a powerhouse like LSU in order to be a Yankee…as a fan I can’t help but be giddy.

  • crawdaddy

    I meant Palladino.

  • Sam

    Looks like 31st rounder Kevin Cornelius is signed as well.

    K. Levine-Flandrup ?@YankeesDraft

    #Yankees 31st rd #mlbdraft pick Kevin Cornelius has agreed pending phys. Was a projectable HS SS pk in ’11, destroyed elite JUCO this yr.

  • Wayne

    Here’s praying that coshow has nothing wrong in his physical. They got to get his weight under control. What about Alex Polanco any update on him?

    • Bo Knows

      They could form a veritable EA (Like AA except with food)

  • Dan

    Jagielo’s on his way to Florida, guess he’s close to signing too.