ESPN: MLB will look to suspend ~20 players for connections to Biogenesis


Via ESPN: MLB will seek to suspend approximately 20 (!) players for their connections to the South Florida clinic Biogenesis. Among those players are Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and Frankie Cervelli.

That part is not new; we’ve known MLB wants to hand out suspensions the whole time. The new information is that Biogenesis chief Anthony Bosch has agreed to cooperate with the investigation and will sign an affidavit saying he provided performance-enhancing drugs to various big leaguers. Obviously, all hell is about to break loose between MLB and the union.

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  1. Pasta says:

    Stanton reyes joey bats encarnation cano

  2. DC says:

    Unless MLB has something other than what’s been reported, Bud Selig has lost his mind.

    • CountryClub says:

      The guy that ran the clinic is going to confirm names. I cant imagine MLB needs much more than that.

      • DC says:

        I read that, but if that’s all they’ve got, it will be a bloodbath with the union.

        • CountryClub says:

          I guess it will depend on how the CBA reads. I’m pretty sure there’s language in there that allows for suspensions without a failed test.

        • Coolerking101 says:

          When you go up against a powerful opponent like the players union, you pick your battles. This is a battle to take on. For starters a sworn affidavit from the guy who gave the players the drugs is pretty damning evidence. As an added bonus, the players union will look terrible for defending a bunch of cheaters and MLB will look like the white knights for cleaning up the game. Even if MLB loses on the merits…. they win in the court of public opinion, thereby weakening the union.

          • trr says:

            I don’t think the Union cares about public opinion, only the $$$

          • Cuso says:

            For starters, a sworn affidavit from a guy trying to elude federal charges in which signing the affidavit means MLB will offer him personal security services and a “good word” with the Feds is pretty worthless.

            • Rick says:

              +1. That’s getting torn to shreds. MLB better have a lot more than that. ESPN said they were trying to get at least two more confirmations. That’d be a start.

            • Coolerking101 says:

              Totally disagree. Why would the Feds care if he cooperates with MLB? Giving this affidavit should not help him with the feds in the least. Regardless, even if he was doing it to save himself, hIs motive for ratting out a bunch of cheaters is irrelevant as long as he tells the truth and backs up what says with docs and other proof.

              • Cuso says:

                Part of the agreement between Bosch and MLB is specifically that MLB would advocate for him if any specific charges materialize. In fact, that was the hold-up as to whether Bosch would cooperate. SPECIFICALLY that MLB would assist in that capacity.

                • Coolerking101 says:

                  Haven’t seen that anywhere, but again, so what? Plea deals in exchange for rolling over on others happen all the time. As long as he backs up his accusations, it is game over for the players.

                  • Lyon says:

                    Except when plea deals are done its between the government and an individual, not between an individual and a organization. This is in my opinion a big deal.

            • Chris g says:

              I have a feeling it will go something like Frankie Pentangeli’s testimony in the Godfather 2. MLB said they would offer me a deal so I made up things they wanted to hear. They said Braun did this and Rodriguez did that and I said sure sure.

              • Coolerking101 says:

                Hah. Maybe he will slit his wrists in a bathtub? Funny, but will never happen. Bosch is trying to escape a civil suit and maybe fed charges if Cuso’s post is accurate. He can’t say “just kidding” without opening himself up to crazy damages.

                • Chris G says:

                  Well according to the ESPN article, the agreement is because Bosch is broke. He is giving up the info because MLB sued him and he doesn’t have the money to fight even though he would win. Since MLB is going for the 100 game suspensions against Arod and Braun they stand to lose at lest 30 million between the two of them. I would be surprised if the Bosch legal defense fund gets a 20 million donation.

    • Mikhel says:

      With the new CBA, Selig/MLB only needs reasonable doubt to suspend a player, and if that doubt arises from the declarations of the Biogenesis owner, a signed affidavit will be very valuable for MLB as of right now.

      The Player’s union will kick and scream about the possible suspensions, but then again we are talking about the very same union which defended the players involved in the cocaine bust of the 1980s involving stars like even Willie Mays; the same union which has crucified a few players and has deidified others who have failed antidoping tests, like for example, David Ortíz (who has an awesome season which reminds me of the greatest seasons of a player in recent years like those from Barry Bonds, Juan González, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodríguez and Ryan Braun, no reason to doubt Ortiz nor Miguelito Cabrera whatsoever).

  3. Cy Pettitte says:

    losing Cervelli for another 50 games would not be ideal. sigh.

    • Electric Nunez ll says:

      Right? I mean, seriously:

      In this latest dispatch from Bizarro World, it could almost reasonably be argued that at this point in time a Frankie Cervelli suspension is more detrimental to the Yankees’ fortunes than…

      …an A-Rod suspension.

      That’s Frankie Cervelli, folks.

      While stil in Bizarro World proper, am I the only one who sees the morbid silver lining in a Robbie Cano suspension (which would likely blow to hell any playoff chances this yr) as a way to keep contract demands down and help get him to accept 5 yrs or less to stay?

  4. Crusadecat says:

    Wow! 20 players Will it be the standard 50 more?

  5. Crusadecat says:

    Can yankees rescind the contract at this point then?

    • DC says:

      Very doubtful.

    • RobA says:

      Of course not. For the same reason. The penalties for PED use are very clearly laid out. Contract invalidation is not one of them.

      The ONLY thing AROD can get is either 50 games or 100 games depending on if MLB considers it a forst or second offense.

      • Winter says:

        The suspension wouldn’t be for using PEDs. IIRC the voiding would be for receiving medical treatment from a non-team-approved doctor.

        • Havok9120 says:

          There’s also the silly “morality clause” of the standard MLB contract. I don’t see them trying to use that tho.

      • Spaceman Spiff says:

        couldnt they argue that they signed him to a contract under false pretenses due to the fact his stats and performance were enhanced by drugs?

        • Coolerking101 says:

          No. That ship sailed years ago. At this point the Yanks have sat on their hands too long to legitimately raise such a claim.

          • Spaceman Spiff says:

            How has that ship sailed if they did not have definitive proof, until now, that he has indeed been taking PED’s after he denied it before the contract extension they gave him?

  6. anonymous says:

    I also heard LeBron James was associated with this clinic.

  7. flamingo says:

    …This will be insane.

  8. Eddard says:

    Good to A-Rod. Hopefully the FO bans him from the clubhouse and finds a way to worm out of that contract. He should just retire.

    Frankie being out for another 50 on top of his injury would be devastating. They would need to trade for a catcher.

    • Alkaline says:

      So, A-rod getting caught = good get him!

      Frankie getting caught = oh no!

      • nyyankfan_7 says:

        Of course – we hate everyone who makes a lot of money. Those poor guys only making the league minimum are alright though; real working class type of guys like us.

  9. Get Phelps Up says:

    Dalelama will make his return in 3…2…1…

  10. Mickey Scheister says:

    Total bullishit. There is no way this will stick, it amounts to here-say. No failed test, no video of them getting the PEDs just one guy willing to take a plea bargain to snitch on others. Being a Schesiter, this has Scheister written all over it.

  11. Puppet says:

    Couldn’t Cano be one of the 20?

  12. DERP says:

    Going to be any surprise names? Hoping for Machado personally.

  13. Pasta says:

    Yup Tex sucks lol

  14. Dan in Athens says:

    MLB is going for 100 games on all of these guys, claiming the use and cover up are 2 different violations. One minor league guy got hung for this same thing for the full 100.

    Lawsuit city coming.

  15. Manny's BanWagon says:

    I couldn’t be happier if Arod never wears a yankee uniform again. The only thing that would make it better would be if Papi and especially Lebron James was implicated too.

    I personally gave him a pass the first time around but if this is true, he’s a just a total disgrace

    • James Carter says:

      Why LeBron? So absolutely no one will care because it’s not MLB? This is the only league where anyone gives a shit about PEDs because a bunch of old men consider baseball records to be our nation’s most precious property. If members of the BBWAA had a choice between preventing a school massacre & giving Roger Maris back his HR record, they’d go with Maris with no thought for the school.

      • Manny's BanWagon says:

        I think people will care if it’s LBJ. Maybe not as much as if it’s in baseball but there’s enough people that hate him (like me) that I’m sure he’ll feel a nasty backlash and might get suspended though I’m not sure about the NBA drug policy.

        Look at how Lance Armstrong got crucified and every time you turn around, another NFL player is being suspended for 25-50% of the season which isn’t insignificant so I wouldn’t say the other sports leagues don’t care.

        • James Carter says:

          The Lance Armstrong backlash was primarily because of what he represented, a man beating cancer & being the face of a giant “charity” whose use of raised funds was also questionable. The only people that cared about the actual racing part of it were whiny french riders who also usually ended up getting popped for PEDs too. The backlash on him would’ve been just as great had he finished 4th in all those races too.

          As for the NFL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L.....by_the_NFL

          The best part of that is Merriman, which itself shows how silly it is in the rule made with him.

      • Jenny C says:

        ironically, they hated Maris when he was alive for taking the record away from Ruth.

  16. Good Bye A-Rod says:

    Tony Bosch, founder of the now-shuttered Biogenesis of America, reached an agreement this week to cooperate with MLB’s investigation, two sources told “Outside the Lines,” giving MLB the ammunition officials believe they need to suspend the players.

    One source familiar with the case said the commissioner’s office might seek 100-game suspensions for Rodriguez, Braun and other players, the penalty for a second doping offense. The argument, the source said, is that the players’ connection to Bosch constitutes one offense, and previous statements to MLB officials denying any such connection or the use of PEDs constitute another. Bosch and his attorneys did not return several calls. MLB officials refused to comment when reached Tuesday.

    • trr says:

      100? Jeezus!

    • Mike says:

      Can someone explain the “agreement” part? What obligation does Bosch have to say anything at all to the MLB? They aren’t the FBI.

      • Coolerking101 says:

        Bosch has no obligation to speak to MLB though he would have eventually been deposed under oath. Bosch has to be very careful not to admit criminal wrongdoing. I imagine what is really going on here I that he is being sued in civil court and is spilling the beans in exchange for MLB giving up their lawsuit.

  17. trr says:

    Hate to see this shit no matter who gets named. If there are several big names, then yes, it’s gonna be a real shitstorm

  18. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Yeah I’m guessing it will take more than just this guy saying this.

    • trr says:

      Let’s hope so. They have to show some real evidence, not just one man’s testimony

    • toad says:

      I’m guessing Bosch has documents and records to back up his statements, not to mention people who worked for him.

      There was a lot of money moving around and some of that, at least, can be traced.

  19. jimmy james says:

    first time, long time…

    You have to imagine the FO will do everything in their power to wiggle themselves out from underneath A-Rod’s contract. That is, if it actually holds up. This is bad news for baseball…

    • RobA says:

      They have absolutely no recourse though

      The limits on PED punishment are very clearly and specifically outlined in the agreed upon CBA. No further punishments are allowed. Period.

      Its simple really.

      • jimmy james says:

        Maybe it’s just misinformation, but was there language in A-Rod’s contract concerning steroids? I thought I read that somewhere. That being said, I wonder how the union would have allowed him to sign that knowing there was language built in that could potentially nullify his contract, if he was convicted of steroid usage…

  20. Get Phelps Up says:

    Steroids really killed baseball during the era of Bonds, McGuire, Sosa, etc.

    I really wish MLB would focus their efforts on fixing their godawful umpiring system instead of this BS.

    • RobA says:

      Its not Baseballs fault for punishing players that keep breaking the rules.

      Steroids almost “kiled” baseball because it went unchecked and baseball turned a blind eye, which is what youre suggesting they do.

      If theyre serious aout keeping the game clean then they need to ounish the ppl who break the rules. Its the players fault, not Baseballs.

  21. sangreal says:

    One source familiar with the case said the commissioner’s office might seek 100-game suspensions for Rodriguez, Braun and other players, the penalty for a second doping offense. The argument, the source said, is that the players’ connection to Bosch constitutes one offense, and previous statements to MLB officials denying any such connection or the use of PEDs constitute another.

    Good luck with that

  22. Good Bye A-Rod says:

    Andrew Marchand
    About questions about voiding A-Rod’s contract: Still very unlikely.

  23. Mike says:

    Only person I care about is Cano. If he’s suspended then they better damn well have more than just the connection of his spokeswoman or whatever buying some diet products.

  24. Jacob the OG says:

    Imagine if Chris Stewart got suspended

  25. Bob Buttons says:

    Those Braun defenders can officially go suck a fat one now.

  26. ClayDavis says:

    It’s crazy how much crap baseball gets for steroids when it’s obvious the NFL player usage is incredibly high.

    • JintMVP says:

      The only reason steroids are a bigger deal in baseball than any other sport is because the MLB hitting and pitching records are so highly regarded. Baseball prides itself on its long standing records and they just can’t stand the fact that guys cheating are breaking these records thus making them less prestigious. Prestige and baseball have been side by side for a century.

  27. shittyshittybangbang says:

    Come on guys, dont blame mlb for the evils and under-handedness of others. Most of these guys have already been speculated, implicated or found guilty in the past. “While you weep for p.o.s. a-rod, his suspension, while sad, saved baseball”. These guys aint angels (of anaheim?).

  28. Pasta says:

    Not cervelli
    He went there for some asprine

  29. TOTALIMMORTAL23 says:

    Should I attempt to move Ryan Braun in my dynasty league? Let’s take a vote.

  30. Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain) says:

    Jesus Montero is on the list but Michael Pineda isn’t. Trade=won.

  31. bigweiner says:

    If Arod wasn’t on this list I wouldn’t give a shit. Going to blow having him out for 100 more games.

  32. Kibble and Vicks says:

    I would assume that MLB must have some pretty damning evidence besides this guys word. Where are the failed drug test, where is the ACTUAL proof of money being exchanged? I could go out and write on a piece of paper that Braun owes me 10,000 bucks for ped’s. Where is the actual proof of these guys buying/ or taking illegal drugs? This is like charging someone with murder but having no murder weapon, or DNA, but just deeming that the suspect has motive. The Union and the players are going to lawyer up like crazy. Can you imagine the lawyers arod can afford? Good luck, Selig.

    • Coolerking101 says:

      You do realize that MLB has enough $$$ to pay all the players and make a profit, right? MLB can get the same fancy lawyers that the players get. If you recall the original paper that broke the story had tons of documents. I’m guessing Bosch has these same docs and then some. If that is the case he will be able to backup his claims.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      MLB can afford more expensive lawyers.

    • Mikhel says:

      Did you know Bud Selig makes almost as much as ARod per year in his base salary? Selig’s new contract is a bit more than 20 mill a year (there are reports about a 2 million salary and a private jet for his sole use).

  33. Laz says:

    As long as it is uniform across the league. I do not like the plan they had earlier of ratting out certain players, while letting some off the hook. If you find a big treasure trove of information nobody should be suspended, or everyone in the report should be suspended.

  34. EndlessJose says:

    THe MLB want A-Rod bad because when they interviwed him back in 2009 he said he hasn’t took anything after 2003 and knew nothing else and MLB left him alone.It’s obvious he took it again and thats why besides Braun A-Rod became their number 1 target.

  35. Laz says:

    This is very grey area, I’m not even sure how Selig plans to pull this off.

    The CBA goes into depth about the drug testing policy, and then there is this.


    Section 3 testing, Part C
    “In the event that either part has information that gives it reasonable cause to believe that a player has, in the previous 12-month period, engaged in the use, possession, sale, or distribution of a performance enhancing substance, the party shall provide the other party, with a description ot its information, and the player will be subject to immediate urine and/or blood specimen collection.”

    I’m sure the MLBPA will be able to work pretty hard to block this, the CBA seems to be pretty solid on the testing procedure, but does it delve into the allegations of a player buying it, but not using it(yea right, but is possible)

  36. Manny's BanWagon says:

    If Arod did get suspended for 100 games, it would save the Yanks about $20 million which they hopefully would reinvest in the team.

  37. Leg-End says:

    “MLB officials have also investigated a possible connection between Biogenesis and Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, as the spokeswoman for Cano’s foundation (Sonia Cruz) has had her name appear in some clinic documents.”


    • Cool Lester Smooth says:

      Yeah. The spokeswoman for Robbie’s charity went to Biogenesis to get some diet pills. This came up a couple of months ago.

  38. Pat D says:

    After reading the whole story on ESPN.com I’m even more of a mind that MLB is doing nothing but engaging in a dirty deal with a really shady character. They’re gonna drop a lawsuit and convince federal and state attorneys to let this guy alone in exchange for nailing its own players? Where are the fucking priorities of this league?

    Like GPU said earlier, the game has bigger issues than worrying about PED’s, frankly. This tells me that MLB doesn’t believe in its own testing policy to catch possible users. Also, doesn’t MLB realize that they’ll never fully eradicate PED usage from the game? There’s just no fucking way. Someone will always be one step ahead of them for a period of time at the very least.

    This is just a bunch of shit.

    And quite frankly, if you’re a Yankee fan saying “Yay, A-Rod’s getting nailed, but, uh-oh, not Frankie!”……seriously, go fuck yourself. You’re not a fan. You’re a hypocritical douche.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Sounds to me like they want to nail Alex and Braun and are going to stop at nothing.

      The vindictiveness of people in power in baseball is just hilarious sometimes. I hope the players take them to the cleaners here.

    • Manny's BanWagon says:

      go fuck yourself. You’re not a fan. You’re a hypocritical douche.

      Dude, all that anger isn’t healthy. Lighten up a bit.

      • Pat D says:

        Nope, not on this. I’m sick of this kind of attitude.

        That’s on top of the fact that I’m so sick of the PED witch hunt.

        • Mikhel says:

          Aren’t you sick of the non-action by MLB on drugs and PEDs?

          Players got a free get-out-of-jail card:

          a) in the mid 1980s in the cocaine trials (BIG names, so big that Willie Mays was mentioned to have given drugs to John Milner when both played with the Mets).

          b) In the late 1980s when rumors arose that Canseco and McGwire were using steroids, Canseco and McGwire would later admit it.

          c) The mid 1990s with the Sammy Sosa-Mark McGwire homerun chase.

          d) Mid 1990s when Aaron acknowledged in his autobiography he had used amphetamines when he played.

          e) Late 1990s early 2000s when Barry Bonds broke McGwire’s record and chased Aaron (and ultimately passing him).

          f) Early 2000s when a group of players were pardoned by MLB for their PED use (Ortíz + Manny in their 2003-2004 seasons), and according to a bosox player, MLB sent doctors to teach the bosox how to use and mask steroid use (he later recanted, when he was pressed by his employers to deny it, or be fired from NESN).

          g) The Mitchell Report, conducted by a Red Sox executive, who decided not to include important Red Sox and Brewers players in the report.

          h) The BalCo incident… nobody was suspended.

          i) Barry Bonds drugs trials, he was never suspended even when it was proved he used steroids, HGH and failed at least one antidoping test.

          j) Manny’s sanction for a positive doping reduced because he decided to not play one season, MLB wanted him back so bad, Selig decided to reduce his penalty.

          k) Giambi, ARod, Ortíz, Manny and many others acknowledged they used banned substances, no one was fired because “steroids were not banned”, but the thing is: steroid use is banned by the FDA unless there is a medical prescription, and MLBs CBA since the 1980s said that any substance that the FDA deemed as banned, it was banned for use in MLB, ergo, steroids were a banned substance.

          I would say that I am sick and tired… but with the powers that be in MLB not doing absolutely nothing.

          Meanwhile the NFL gives a 1 game suspension to two of the three most recent cases of doping in their league, all three in the past week (the other player yesterday received a 4 game suspension).

          • vicki says:

            i think you should grow the hell up.

            as long as there have been competitive athletics there have been performance-enhancing drugs.

            yes. ancient greece. likely a long time before that.

            the “mid 1990s” (1998; maybe the most fun anybody ever had as a baseball fan) sosa/mcguire/GRIFFEY JR saved baseball. if you’re too young to remember that season i very strongly suggest you go back and read absolutely everything written about it. while it was happening, and in retrospect.

            baseball was saved. dramatically, gloriously.

            further, greenies, coke, who gives a fuck. it’s sports, not the goddam catholic church.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        No I agree with that sentiment and I’m usually the one raging about it.

        What’s annoying is the defending of PEDs though. It’s against the rulebook so don’t fucking do it.

  39. Anthony Crispino says:

    Hey….did ya hear the latest?! The guy at the tire shop down the block told me that Bud Selig is trying to work with Brennan Boesch in order to get Alex Rodriguez suspended. I mean, can you believe the nerve of that guy? He doesn’t even play third base!!! Why can’t he just stay in rightfield and leave the rest of us alone, or just try to get Ichiro suspended for too many ramen noodles?! I mean, COMEON!

    • Bob Buttons says:

      Thought it was Kyle Vanden Bosch bent on getting revenge on ARod after a drunken night after an ALCS loss resulting in ARod insulting all Detroit based teams.

      • Pat D says:

        It was also a conspiracy between Bosch Power Tools and the ghost of longtime, legendary Houston wrestling promoter Paul Boesch.

  40. Fin says:

    I really dont understand MLB here. This is going to be awful for the game. Why the hell didn’t they just let it drop, most ppl had forgotten about this nonsense by now anyway. Really have to believe that they want to get Arod and Braun and the others are collateral damage.

  41. Pat D says:

    This line from All the King’s Men pretty much sums up how I feel about MLB’s role in this whole thing:

    “You know, dirt’s a funny thing. Some of it rubs off on everybody.”

  42. Cuso says:

    Look, it’s really simple. For all of you clamoring that you want to void A-Rod ‘s contract, just take an iPhone, turn the camera on and tape yourself selling PEDs to Alex. If the Commissioner’s Office tags him with 100 games, the next strike would be a permanent ban from baseball.

    That WOULD void his contract. Until you get that on tape, though, there’s no use bitching about the remaining $117M or whatever. Because its not going away.

  43. vicki says:

    arod fan. still.

  44. Bavarian Yankee says:

    and the steroid era continues …

  45. RocketQueen says:

    I’m pretty sure Francisco Cervelli didn’t do anything wrong. They better have some definitive proof if they insist on including his names with the likes of A-Rod and Braun.

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