Red Sox pummel Yankees, win 11-1

Mesa & Almonte homer, Wang dominates in win
2013 Draft: Shadowing the Minor League Ball Mock Draft

Source: FanGraphs

When the Yankees get anything less than a strong pitching performance, they have very little chance of winning this year. Let’s recap Saturday’s 11-1 loss to the Red Sox…

  • Phlopped: The Red Sox are a bad matchup for Phil Hughes and it showed. They pounded him for five runs on seven hits in 4.1 innings, with four of those runs coming on Mike Napoli’s third inning grand slam. Intentionally walking David Ortiz to load the bases with one out immediately prior to that was madness, but the bottom line is Hughes jumped ahead in the count 0-2 on Napoli and couldn’t put him away. In fact, Boston hitters fouled off 29 of his 100 pitches on the night. Phil did strike out seven in those 4.1 innings, but whoop-dee-do. His roller coaster season continues — he’s either very good or very bad. No middle ground.
  • Cy Doubront: As he did four times last year, the eminently beatable Felix Doubront shut the Yankees down on Saturday. New York actually worked him very hard early, forcing him to throw 49 pitches in the first two innings. Then they put their tail between their legs and let him coast through the next four innings on 54 pitches. Doubront walked three and allowed six hits (all singles), but he gave up just one run in those six innings. Par for the course for this offense.
  • Leftovers: Adam Warren fell off the regression tree and hit every branch on the way down. He allowed six runs in three innings on Saturday, and is up to 18 base-runners (three homers) and nine runs in his last nine innings … the top five hitters in the lineup went a combined 2-for-19 with a walk and eight strikeouts … seemed like Vernon Wells was pulling a trailor in the outfield all night, his range is kaput … the last ten and 18 of the last 19 Yankees to bat made outs … the Bombers have lost six of their last seven and eight of their last eleven games. has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs the advanced stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The loss moves the Red Sox back into sole possession of first place in the AL East by one game in the loss column. The Orioles and Rays both lost on Saturday afternoon, so they remain one back in the loss column. Hiroki Kuroda and Clay Buchholz is your pitching matchup for Sunday night’s rubber game. RAB Tickets is the place to go for last minute tickets.

Mesa & Almonte homer, Wang dominates in win
2013 Draft: Shadowing the Minor League Ball Mock Draft
  • forensic

    Not much else to say about this one. Overall, not too surprising for the most part.

    At least Mark Buehrle is still pitching like Mark Buehrle though, even against the Padres.

  • Anthony_14

    I am glad that the Yankees are giving guys a chance a lot more than they were in the 1980s, but sometimes you have to admit what does not work. Hughes is not really a number two or three starter for this team. He pitched great against the Mets, but he is so unreliable. Can they put him in the bullpen? Chein Ming Wang is pitching pretty well in AAA by the way.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      He’s definitely not a #2 or #3.
      The question is do they have better options at #4 and #5.
      Hughes is horribly inconsistent, but he tends to give the team a great chance to win in about half of his starts, which for a back end starter is pretty good. Unfortunately, he gives the current offense virtually no chance to win in most of the other starts. I’m not sure that’s worth the tradeoff.
      I wouldn’t expect a change any time soon though. Maybe when Pineda is ready.

      • Rolling Doughnut

        Hughes is an accident waiting to happen against good hitting teams. Hope to see him at Citi next year.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Red Sox have outscored the Yankees 28-15 at Yankee Stadium this year, and have now won 16 of their last 27 games at Yankee Stadium.

    The Yankees home performance against the Red Sox has been absolutely atrocious. And Phil Hughes is a fucking disaster waiting to happen every single time he pitches.

    • Get Phelps Up

      On the flip side, the Yanks have won 17 of their last 27 at Fenway.

      • forensic

        Guess that’s good for 3 of their last 4 series of the year against them at least.

      • Kramerica Industries

        Yeah, as with much of the AL East, seemingly, there’s a weird reverse home/road split dynamic going on.

        The only case I can think of, immediately, where home/road plays straight is with the Rays and Yankees. Yankees are 12-6 since 2011 at home, and Rays are 16-8, at their home fields. Otherwise, you see the road team dominance between the Yankees and Red Sox, Red Sox and Rays, Yankees and Orioles, kinda-sorta the Orioles and Rays (Baltimore is 12-9 at the Trop since 2011, Tampa Bay is 13-11 at Camden Yards).

        Doesn’t make it any more fun, however.

  • forensic

    According to Sterling, anyone questioning the IBB is just questioning for the sake of questioning, and there was no doubt whatsoever that it was the correct move.

    Personally, I don’t really have a problem with it either and probably would’ve made the same choice, but I can certainly see both sides of the argument.

    I’m sure both sides will go a little overboard in their attempt to defend their position, as Sterling has here and as Mike might have by calling it ‘madness’.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Girardi’s love affair with the intentional walk has always been maddening. I realize Ortiz is dangerous, particularly against Hughes, but loading the bases with one out? With Hughes –a homerun machine who always has great trouble putting hitters away– having no room for error? That’s a recipe for disaster.
      No, this wasn’t as indefensible as the walk to Sean Rodriguez, or any of the numerous IBBs in the ’10 series against Texas, and maybe there was no good solution under these circumstances.
      Still, enough with the IBBs already.

      • forensic

        I didn’t have a huge problem with the Sean Rodriguez IBB either, as he kills CC and Pena was coming up who CC just needs to get out.

        I don’t like all of them, but these weren’t too bad, in my opinion.

        Last season, I actually went back through every IBB Girardi has dictated in his Yankees tenure, and the stats actually showed that they’ve done a really good job of keeping more runs from scoring and getting the next guy. I don’t have the numbers in front of me here, but I can try to update them again sometime in the future.

        Is it always going to work out? No. Just because it works out, does that mean it was the right choice? Not necessarily, but there is something to be said for that.

        • Bob Buttons

          Yes, that’d be nice if you can share your findings. Always thought “maybe one day I’ll do it” but always put it off later.

          • forensic

            Sure, I’ll try to update it soon, maybe have it available for his next IBB. I’m a loser and sucker for this tedious research sometimes. Hughes and his homerun tendencies were my most recent project until I took some time to work with Fangraphs create your own stats charts which made it easier.

            • Bob Buttons

              Me with computers is like Nunez with the Yankees. Certainly ain’t the worst guy around and show some promise at times but you should probably look for a better guy. He can’t, and possibly never will learn plate discipline and I can’t, and possibly never will learn how to use those advanced features on some sites.

              • trr

                Everyone stil has hope for you both, Bob!

    • Steve (different one)

      Girardi’s choice wasn’t necessarily the right one, but you would think calling something “madness” would be reflected in the WPA chart embedded in the same article.

      But it isn’t. It caused a tiny bump in WPA, with a tool that is not sophisticated enough to account for the specifics of the batters and pitchers. The math is probably a wash if you did it with Hughes/Ortiz/Napoli.

      A slam dunk either way? Nope. But Girardi was rolling the dice for a DP ball, since he figured another run or two might be the game (which was unfortunately true).

  • Hans Moleman

    The Nava homerun was so atrocious even Fangraphs doesn’t want to document it.

    • forensic

      Heh, I like Fangraphs version better. I don’t want to think about giving up consecutive hits to Iglesias, Bradley, and Nava. The only thing missing is Ciriaco to maybe make it the most frustrating group of hitters to get consecutive hits ever.

  • Mike

    Just one bad inning. Overall, not a bad game by Hughes. I like our chances tomorrow.

    • Rolling Doughnut

      Buckholtz v. our lineup? Clay probably has already saved some of the lubricant he uses just for us.

      • Nutty Squirrel

        The only reason he doesn’t use the stuff every start is because he’d go blind.

    • Bo Knows

      I’m sorry but the one bad inning doesn’t fly when your starter can’t get through the fifth inning. It doesn’t fly when the starter had already thrown almost 50 pitches before getting out of the 2 inning. Phil sucked tonight, there are exceptions.

    • Rolling Doughnut

      5 runs in 5 innings is a bad outing. I’m not a Hughes hater but he can’t put hitters away and he can’t beat good hitting teams. He’d be a reasonable spot starter if there were such a thing nowadays and yes he will pitch a gem now and then. 5th starter, no more, trade him.

      • Bo Knows

        There is zero chance he’s getting traded, your not going to get anything for him, and until Nova shows he’s regained his 2011 fastball command back as well as Pineda has completed his rehab; Hughes is the best option for a rotation spot.

        Warren is not good enough for a position of the rotation, and I wouldn’t trust a mid-80’s junkballer like Nuno for anything more than a spot start.

        • Rolling Doughnut

          I could see him going to the Mets, Padres or Mariners. He’s not cut out for YS.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    I hate to say it but Hughes legacy with the Yankees is gonna be inconsistency and unfulfilled potential.

    I can’t see investing big bucks long term on him. If he hasn’t figured it out by now, it’s highly doubtful he ever will.

    • Rolling Doughnut


    • Pat D

      I agree. He was supposed to be The Guy, and he just hasn’t been. I’ve said a few times that he’s been my first prospect crush that broke my heart.

      I really can’t see they re-sign him because he’s just not a fit for the ballpark. Of course I can see him becoming a good pitcher, possibly even a #2 or #3 for a team with a big ballpark, like the ones they mentioned on air.

      I remember when Rob Neyer still worked for ESPN he had a blog article where he said, “Hey, maybe Hughes will be able to win 100 games in the majors,” something along those lines. That was either in 2007 or 2008, if I remember correctly, which I probably don’t. But I just remember thinking to myself, “How the hell won’t he?” Now he stands at 54 career wins several years later. There have been nearly 600 pitchers to win 100 games in MLB history. But it looks like Hughes won’t get to that mark in pinstripes.

      So sad.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        I’m far from a Hughes defender but while he fell short of expectations, he’s still a success all things considered. He’s been a league average pitcher. A lot of top 5 pitching prospects don’t even become that. But as you said the ballpark is a terrible fit and with the luxury threshold it’s not feasible to keep Hughes.

        If the Yankees are lucky to get another Hughes type prospect I hope they end with a better story.

  • Jay

    No problem with the IBB. Ortiz woul have just hit a 2 run single anyway and who knows what would have happened after that. Hughes just sucks. We won’t be seeing him anymore after this year. Some team will give him big money.

  • Famous Ray’s Not Affiliated With Famous Original Ray’s

    Glad I missed this one

  • Get Phelps Up

    The Yankees are just 3-7 in their last 10 Fox games against the Red Sox :(

    • Pat D

      Fox conspiracy to ruin the Yankees and promote the Sux!

      • JobaWockeeZ

        It’s not a conspiracy, Fox would do anything to promote the Sox.

    • Get Phelps Up

      And McCutchen ended my BTS streak at 24. Sad day.

      • forensic


        • Get Phelps Up

 Beat The Streak.

          • forensic

            Ah, tough one. Not great numbers for him against Leake, for whatever that’s worth.

          • Bob Buttons

            Every year I get streak to 5 or so then I either end up forgetting about it or too lazy.

            Wait.. at 24, that means you’re one of the season’s top players, no? Last dude failed at Fielder/Cano at 20 something too.

            • Get Phelps Up

              Nah, the record for this season is in the 40’s.
              And btw this year you don’t lose your streak if you forget to make a pick.

              • Bob Buttons

                Huh totally didn’t know that. Always thought you have to pick a guy each day for your streak to remain alive.

                And wow. That’s pretty sad if they publicize random streaks because I’m sure as hell seeing a 20+ streak getting a front page article. Of course it really doesn’t help that I’m desensitized towards numbers now.

  • forensic

    Well, at least it’s nice to see the Jays keep losing.

    • Get Phelps Up

      And the Angels!

  • yankeepankee

    Can’t defend Cashman anymore.
    With the money to hire the best scouts, farm system coaches, trainers, doctors..Cashman, his scouts, farm directors, etc. have done a horrible job drafting players and signing international amateur free agents.
    You have to stumble across a star-caliber position player, starting pitcher, even a solid lefty relief specialist over the last several years and Cashman has come up empty.
    Flops, horrid amounts of arm injuries and surgeries to pitchers..
    And before MLB decreed spending limitations on international free agents, the Yankees should have stockpiled talent there like the rangers and other teams did.
    Cashman and his incompetent staff have left the Yankees in bad shape for years. And now most teams have signed their top young players to long-term deals and he can’t go the spend-big bucks on major league free-agents route anymore.

    • Bob Buttons

      Because Cano is only some no name position player and Rapada and Logan can’t do shit against lefties.

      Though I agree. Cashman should have scoured the earth and find witch doctors that actually work to make their bad shoulders feel good instead of their good shoulders feel bad. Cashman should have hired all doctors in the world so other teams don’t get access to healthcare and he should have got demon hunters to find whose responsible for injuries and make those demons come under control. Cashman should have said “fuck you” to the bosses and ignored their wishes against shedding payroll. It’s not like he has to answer to his bosses and operate with some kind of budget. I mean, what are they gonna do? Call the deals off? They can’t do that to Cashman! He’s the Cashman! He’ll give you money for your goooold (glove) yeahhhh!

      Most importantly, Cashman fucking failed. We were in fucking last place for the past few years and we couldn’t even win the fucking wild card. Look at all those other teams that keep making the playoffs year after year! It’s a bloody miracle that Cashman still has his job despite damn bloody ugly records year after year.


      • forensic

        I assume he meant developing those guys, since it was right after his rant about the minors, and they didn’t develop Rapada or Logan, for what it’s worth.

        • Bob Buttons

          Ah, makes a tad more sense, but still unfair to pin it mainly on Cashman. Scouting falls under scouting directors and farm people like Oppenheimer and Eppler, and Cashman only makes the decisions while under guidance from overhead and meddling from Levine.

        • Pat D

          There’s no magic trick to developing a lefty relief specialist. I don’t mean it’s supposed to be easy. I mean it’s not a big fucking deal. Relievers are fungible, they go hot and cold from year to year, so that’s a complete non-issue.

          I’m also getting really sick of the front office being blamed for injuries. Are the Yankees suffering more injuries than other teams this year? Yea, it seems that way. But that’s just the way it fucking goes. Every team deals with injuries. Injuries are more a matter of sheer dumb luck than anything else. If anyone can come up with ways that the injuries to Jeter, ARod, Teix, Granderson, Youk, Pineda, Pettitte could have been prevented, I’d LOVE to hear it. But it would all be bullshit.

          People need to stop going off on rants based upon how hot or cold the team is at any given time. Since after all, as Kevin Nash parodying Arn Anderson once said, “…sand ticking down the hour glass, and so are the days of our lives!”

          • Bob Buttons

            You’ve found the ideal words to express my thoughts. I mean, most of them got injured while playing. e.g. Jeter, Tex, Grandy, Youk, Pettitte, off your list. What can you do? Bubble-wrap them?

          • forensic

            I’m not going to get into the rest of your (or his original) rant, but in regards to the injury thing. There actually has long been talk of the Yankees being behind the times in terms of their preventive measures, training, analysis, assessment, facilities, etc.

            Some of it may have changed in recent years, and obviously some of those injuries can’t necessarily be avoided, but it’s not like this is some new thing that has never been brought up regarding the Yankees training staff and methods.

            • Pat D

              Well I guess I haven’t been reading the right things or remember any of this or it hasn’t been talked about enough, because I don’t recall seeing much talk about behind-the-times training techniques and equipment. If it’s true, it’s absolutely inexcusable. If it’s true then perhaps they have been too loyal too long to Gene Monahan and Steve Donahue.

              But again, who the fuck knows?

    • jjyank

      Way to make the same comment in two different threads. Very original. I’ll just go ahead and make the same reply then.

      “Cashman and his incompetent staff have left the Yankees in bad shape for years.”

      Says the guy about the team that has made a historic run winning the division and making the playoffs for almost two full decades. Don’t be so freaking spoiled.

  • Tom

    5.37 ERA, 4.66FIP, 1.43 WHIP, 8K/9IP, 2.2BB/9IP
    4.87 ERA, 4.68FIP, 1.26 WHIP, 7.9/9IP, 2.5BB/9IP
    5.68 ERA, 4.50FIP, 1.58 WHIP, 7.8K/9, 2.7BB/9

    One is Phil Hughes, one is the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona, and one is Dillon Gee! (I’m cheating a bit as I didn’t park correct the ERA and FIPs)

    The K and BB #’s are normally fine, but the problem is they aren’t fine when you have the 2nd worst GB rate in MLB. Jon Lester and Matt Latos both have similar K and BB rates, but both have an ERA nearly 2 runs lower because they gets a ton more GB’s (and as a result fewer HR’s). A bigger ball park will certainly help, but with a career xFIP near 4.50, it’s not simply a Yankee stadium thing.

    • forensic

      I was going to say Hughes has the worst GB%, but I just noticed that Slowey slipped by him. Still the worst (by quite a bit) GB/FB ratio though.

      I agree that it’s not all a YSIII thing too, but it is a part of it. So is the division.

      I always find it amusing when people say he’ll turn into a nice #3, or better, in some big NL park. That’s about the most damning or backhanded complement someone can give him, since that’s true for the vast majority of pitchers around.

      Give them a big ballpark and a weaker league and they’ll be better. Shocking news…

    • Dan in Athens

      But Axisa said he was worth 70 million. Of course, he also called the IBB the “bow tie” of giving the Sox the game.

      Real results, ignoring the advantage of not facing a lefty who was 9-22 with 2 HRs, a neutral – same type of hitters – increases run expectancy from 1.48 to 1.65.

      Hughes WAR this year – 0.0

      Blutarsky, can’t wait until you are gone.

      Hughes and Joba have be so bad they have produced less than Nix and Stewart. Can’t wait until they are gone.

      • Pat D

        The feeling is mutual.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Career xFIP- which is basically xFIP but park and league adjusted is 102. WHich makes him basically exactly average. Of course that includes 60 IP has a stellar reliever but still.

      He’s not as bad as the other names would suggest but he’s certainly not worth 10+ million as others have suggested.

      • Tom

        His xFIP- the last 3 years: 111, 108, 110

        I guess we can look at career #’s, sprinkle in some relief #’s to drag the #’s down, and put an equal weight on older data where his pitch mix was different (even his first year or two as a starter).

        And while the pitchers I put up were this year, I imagine you’d be surprised to hear that Dillon Gee has a better xFIP- over the last 3 years; would you pay Gee more than Hughes? Would you call him basically league average? Or a good #4?

        These are the three namea above and below Phil on xFIP- (qualified starters, 2011-2013):
        Edinson Volquez
        Jhoulys Chacin
        Jason Vargas
        Jason Marquis
        Jason Hammel
        Phil Humber

        And just for laughs…Ivan Nova has a career xFIP- of 99.

  • JFH

    Headline should read “Red Sox Dephile Yanks 11-1”.. Phil was awphul. Let’s take the next game and all will be well.

  • Duzzi

    I was there tonight with my girlfriend it was brutal.
    I also happened to be at the Mariano blown save game and the Robertson one this week.
    The offense has been absolutely atrocious.
    I don’t get how Stewart starts every game. His defense has been just as bad if not worse than his offense.

    • forensic

      I was there tonight with my girlfriend it was brutal.
      I also happened to be at the Mariano blown save game and the Robertson one this week.

      I think it’s about time you stop going to games…

      • Mikhel

        HAHAHAHAHA +1

    • Mikhel

      “I don’t get how Stewart starts every game. His defense has been just as bad if not worse than his offense.”

      They should put a bucket with a spring inside it, it would do a better job at catching and returning the ball to the pitcher than Stewart.

      Odd thing: the official scorer has scored “wild pitch” at least three obvious passed balls from both Stewart and Romine.

    • Evan3457

      Because Romine’s hitting .100 with 13 K’s in 40 AB, and his defense hasn’t been much better?

      • JohnnyC

        Wrong answer. The real reason is that he “knows” the pitching staff really well. He knows it well enough to call the wrong pitch consistently and reliably…and will do his best not to catch it as well.

  • forensic
    • jjyank

      Eesh. Some people need to remember that it’s just a game.

    • TomH

      20-something baseball beer-heads, a very low form of creeping life.

    • Nutty Squirrel

      And people thought i was joking when I say I don’t buy Yankees gear because I never wear it out of fear of my life (I’m a bit shorter than your average Canadian.)

    • goterpsgo

      0’s fans = classless hicks.

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan


  • Bavarian Yankee

    oh Hughesy. I don’t even know what to say. Only a few months to go until he’s finally gone.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    just looked at Ichiro’s stats and I was very surprised when I saw this: he’s 22 for 115 (.191) vs RHP and 23 for 60 (.383) vs LHP. Never realized he hit lefties pretty well and apparently that’s no fluke or small sample size. He has a career .333 average against LHP and has never hit worse than .281 in a season against LHP.

    • JohnnyC

      Makes sense. He’s always been much better on pitches away from him. Righties definitely get in his kitchen. With age it’s gotten markedly worse.

  • trr

    I missed the game, certainly looks like I picked a good one to miss.
    Hope we bounce back tonight, but Bucholz has been lights out this year.
    Also could be heavy rain here in NY tonight….