Yankees drop second game to Mariners 4-1

Nuno injured in Triple-A loss
2013 Draft: Reviewing Day Two

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Well that wasn’t fun. The amazing disappearing offense was a no-show against a pitcher who’s been out of the league for more than two years while Hiroki Kuroda was done in by one bad inning on Friday night. Let’s recap the 4-1 loss…

  • Two Outs: After pitching around two-out doubles in the second and third, the wheels came off the Kuroda train in the fourth. Another two-out double spiraled into a four-run inning that featured a walk to Nick Franklin (#7 hitter), a walk to Kelly Shoppach (#8 hitter), and a two-run single by Brendan Ryan (#9 hitter). A two-run single by Jason Bay (#2) accounted for the other two runs. Kuroda was one strike away from ending the inning scoreless on two occasions. Four runs on eight hits and three walks in 6.1 innings is a decidedly un-Kuroda-like effort. Shake it off, Hiroki.
  • LMAOffense: One run on four singles and one walk in 12.2 innings against Blake Beaven and Jeremy Bonderman. I wish I would say I was surprised, but I’m not. After forcing Bonderman to throw 51 pitches in the first two innings, the Yankees coaxed just 46 pitches out of him in the next four innings. You can file this one under “well-earned losses.”
  • Death by Bunting: I know Reid Brignac is terrible, but I don’t get bunting on Bonderman (!) in the second inning (!!!) after the first two batters of the inning reach base. What’s the plan, set up Chris Stewart for the RBI opportunity? It’s super early in the game and Bonderman has been out of the big leagues since 2010. Swing the damn bats that early in the game. Strategy fail.
  • Leftovers: The two through six hitters went a combined 1-for-19 (.053) with one walk, and the one hit was Kevin Youkilis’ two-out double in the ninth … Preston Claiborne threw 1.2 scoreless innings in relief of Kuroda and almost walked the first batter of his big league career, but the would-be ball four pitch hit Shoppach in the arm. Claiborne still has yet to issue a walk in 18.1 innings.

Go to MLB.com for the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs for some other stats, and ESPN for the updated standings. The Red Sox were rained out while the Rays beat the Orioles, so the Yankees are two back of Boston and one up on Baltimore and Tampa (in the loss column). Andy Pettitte will get the ball against Joe Saunders in game three of this four-game series on Saturday afternoon.

Nuno injured in Triple-A loss
2013 Draft: Reviewing Day Two
  • Winter

    Wow, you were ready with this one quick.

  • forensic

    One run on four singles and one walk in 6.2 innings against Blake Beaven and Jeremy Bonderman.

    Assuming you were adding them together, it’s 12.2 innings and 3 singles and one double. The pitch count against Bonderman was also 50 in the first two and 47 in the last 4. Pitiful either way though.

    The two through six hitters went a combined 1-for-19 (.053) with one walk, and the one hit was Kevin Youkilis‘ two-out double in the ninth

    Nice! Called it. :-)

    • forensic

      Could also say they have zero runs on two singles and one double after the 3rd inning (12 innings total again) the last two games combined.

      Actually, you add the last Cleveland game in and it’s zero runs on four singles and two doubles in 17 innings.

      Last 4 games? Zero runs on five singles and three doubles in 22 innings.

      Finally, 5 games ago you find on where they’re scored after the 3rd inning.

  • Tom

    Bad managing + bad pitching + bad hitting = A loss (even to a shitty team with a shitty starting pitcher). They now have to win the next two games to avoid losing the season series to the Mariners.

    The Mariners bottom of the order got on base at a 50% clip (6 out of 12 PA’s)

    And someone needs to tell Girardi to stop fucking bunting in the 2nd inning – while the specific situation really doesn’t matter, it is especially brain dead when:

    – You are already leading 1-0 (“Hey, it’s getting late in the game – let’s play for the 2-0 lead in the top of the 2nd rather than possibly have a big inning”)

    – The pitcher has already thrown 37 pitches with no out in the 2nd (“Hey you know what this pitcher who’s working hard needs? A potential quick out and an opportunity to settle in”

    – Your # 9 hitter is on deck (“Stewie’s been clutch for us”)

    That’s not called “small ball”; it’s called “idiot ball”

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      Bad managing + bad pitching + bad hitting = A loss

      That’s like saying “Giving up more runs than your opponent = A loss.

      Well, I could have told you that.

      • Tom

        Well against a shit team like the M’s with their own bad pitcher going, sometimes you can win by just avoiding the trifecta. My point was if they could have avoided failing in just one of those areas, they may have still won, or at least been competitive.

        The M’s were actually doing a decent job trying to give up runs early on without a whole lot of hitting, rather than let it play out, Girardi had to manufacture runs outs.

  • trr

    Certainly not Girardi’ finest moments. He obviously has no faith in Brignac, who at the very least should be hitting behind Stewart ….But moreover the offense has again suddenly disappeared. I guess it’s gonna be that way all year, hills and valleys, hills and valleys….

  • Kevin

    I’m well aware we won 95 games last year but hidden in those wins was the fact that we made so many horrible pitchers look like Cy Young contenders and bases loaded last year…yuck.
    Not that different this year other then the fact we simply aren’t beating up on the weaker teams like we did last year.
    Also,Girardi in the second inning,complete brain cramp. We turned what could have been a lot of runs into no runs at all.

    • Winter

      I don’t care if we make Kei Igawa look like 1999 Pedro Martinez as long if we win 95 games.

      • Winter

        Whoops. Tried to change “as long as” to “if” and ended up somewhere in between.

    • forensic

      Well, their BA and OBP last year with bases loaded weren’t great, but they did hit 10 grandslams which gave them a solid SLG at least.

      In fact, no non-Yankees MLB team has hit 10+ grandslams since Philly in 2009 and no other AL team has done it since the White Sox in 2008.

      Random facts for the night…

    • Get Phelps Up

      “we simply aren’t beating up on the weaker teams like we did last year.”

      that’s not true actually. 2013 Yankees have a .677 WP against teams at or under .500 (21-10), last years team had a .671 WP (47-23).

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

    So people who have a good memory and have been around since last year, remember my obsession with the “Portal” games? Now I’m like that with “Firefly”. Holy shit, I love this show SO MUCH.

    I’m currently taking advantage of my free week of Hulu Plus and I’m on episode 6. It occurred to me briefly before I started this episode that it’s nearly 2 AM. Then I realized that I’m addicted and episode 6 is one right now.

    The only show I know better than this one is Sherlock, and I haven’t found any other show even close in quality to these two yet.

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      *on right now. Not one right now, of course. Typos annoy the Hell out of me.

    • Tom

      It’s a great show (Firefly) – kind of sad Fox dicked arund with it (I think when it originally aired they reordered some of the episodes). It apparently had a pretty huge cult following when it first aired, but not enough to avoid cancellation.

      The movie Serenity is also pretty decent (if you like the show you’ll probably like the movie). It’s pretty much a self-contained version of the series, but I’d watch the TV show first.

      The showrunner (Whedon) did another failed series called Dollhouse.. nowhere near as good as Firefly, but might be worth checking out (I think that lasted 2 seasons, but I forget).

      If you are looking for a quality TV show though, I would highly recommend Justified.

      • Brian Romeo

        whoa whoa take it easy… firefly was a damn good show that never should have been cancelled…

        but you REALLY need to watch The Wire and Breaking Bad

        It’s not a debate… The Wire is the greatest tv drama of the modern era… Breaking Bad is second… and the debate starts at #3 (most would probly say Sopranos or Mad Men but i’d vote The Shield)

        Firefly is in the top 10, as is Sherlock… if you love those shows you’re going to cream your pants at TW and BB.. although be advised they are a slow burn

        • Brian Romeo

          and yes i saw that hilarious family guy clip mocking people like me that won’t shut up about those 2 shows… but it’s true.. ive sacrificed many a movie to invest in all the best shows (including justified as well).. and they are the 2 best hands down

        • MarcAnthony

          It’s hard for me to even conceive a show that could possibly be better than “Sherlock”. “Sherlock” is a masterpiece. Writing, acting, cinematography, plots, characters…all virtually perfect. “The Reichenbach Fall” has to be one of the most perfectly constructed episodes of any show ever.

          I actually don’t watch a ton of TV, and when I do it’s pretty casual. Law and Order: SVU is pretty good (though while the new guy isn’t bad, I miss Stabler). I watch a few of the sitcoms – typical stuff like Raymond, King of Queens, Friends, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld…whichever one of those is on at the time. That sort of thing.

          I know pretty much nothing about “Breaking Bad” and “The Wire”, but for it to be better than “Firefly” they better be pretty incredible.

          • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

            Whoops, Marc is me. Marc is a screen name I use on more serious blogs. No, it is not my real name either.

  • Get Phelps Up

    I’m happy to see that Stuart is still in fine form.

    • WhittakerWalt

      If by “fine form” you mean “only writes something after a specific moment in a specific game when Cano fails to come through, and at no other time.”

      I think it’s hilarious that he expects us to believe he’s a Yankees fan. If he’s really a fan, it’s the most joyless version of fandom I’ve ever seen.

  • forensic

    Good line from Chad Jennings in his wrap-up:

    Vernon Wells, on the other hand, hasn’t had a hit in 37 straight games. I didn’t look it up, but I’m sure it’s something like that.

    He then finished it up with this:

    Today’s 0-for-4 brought him down to a .236 average for the season. Wonder how much longer the Yankees go before Wells is strictly a platoon player.

    I wonder if they have started asking him more questions like that about Wells. Not that Girardi would ever cave and do somthing based on media questions, but it would be good to see him actually have to answer questions about it (not that there’s really a much better option on the MLB roster, though maybe there are choices in the Minors, both on and off the 40-man roster).

    Another random note from his pregame notes:

    Here’s something you might not expect to hear from a Yankees first-round pick, especially one who plays a position where the Yankees have someone under contract for another four years. “I definitely see an opportunity,” Notre Dame third baseman Eric Jagielo said in a conference call. “That was the biggest thing, hoping I would be drafted by some team that I can see myself in the future at the big-league level at third base. With everything I’ve read, there’s not much (standing in the way). I’m not going to really take that for anything, but just kind of go out there and earn the respect and the right that everybody in the organization wants to play at the big-league level. Go about my business the right way and just compete every day to win that spot.”

    I know most people here seem to want A-Rod to disappear too, but it’s likely not happening and it’s kind of odd to hear someone who was just drafted one whole day ago say there’s not much in his way when A-Rod does still have those years left. And that goes doubly considering the Yankees generally seem to move their players pretty slowly through the Minors.

    • Kosmo

      If Jagielo´s ETA is 2014-15 I would then agree “there´s not much(standing in the way)“ if Arod is still around I´m sure he´ll be the full-time DH.

      • forensic

        Maybe, though that’s not quite how I took it, but it could be.

        Still, no respect/fear of Dante Bichette Jr. either???

        • Kosmo

          IMO nothing really stands out with DBJ.

          • Manny’s BanWagon

            You’re not impressed with his .233/.288/.321 slash line in low A ball not to mention the fact that he’s repeating the level?

          • forensic

            That was sarcasm. Guess I needed more question marks…

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      Even if Arod comes back and doesn’t suck, he’s probably primarily a DH in a year or 2 plus he misses 30+ games per year pretty much every season now.

      Other than Bichette, who probably will be lucky to even make it as far as AAA, there really isn’t anyone else blocking Jagielo unless I’m forgetting someone.

    • your mom

      I like Eric Jagielo’s confidence, hope he backs it up on the field.

  • Kosmo

    the 93-69 1970 Yanks:

    Clarke 2b
    Munson C
    Murcer CF
    White LF
    Cater 1B
    Blefary RF
    Michael SS
    Kenney 3B
    no DH in those days. IMO would easily break even against the 2013 club, one of the worst Yankee offensive teams since well the 1970 Yanks.

  • your mom

    Managing 1 run off of Bonderman is flat out embarrassing. This offense is puke.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    What the hell is up this guy Puig?

    He’s like a combination of Bo Jackson and Roy Hobbs. It’s only a few games in the bigs but he’s dominated pretty much everywhere he’s played so far.

    • Kosmo

      I know ! I wonder more and more why NY wasn´t in on Puig, Cespedes or Soler.

      • JohnnyC

        The Dodgers outbid everyone else by $30 million reportedly. I repeat: $30 million.

        • Manny’s BanWagon

          $30 million is $17 million LESS than what the Yankees spent on Kei Igawa.

          • Kosmo

            i think it´s more like 40 million back loaded spread over 6 years. if Puig turns out to be as good as he´s looked so far, then his contract is a win for the Dodgers. 6.5 million per for a potentially elite player. A steal.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Yep. Someone asked Keth Law if he thought the Cubs should have signed Soler or Puig and his answer was both.

  • Mick taylor

    That was the worse loss of the season . I had a bad feeling they would lose when brickbat could not get that second inning bunt down. I went to sleep at that point expecting to wake up to a loss. How d o you onl yscore 1 run on bondeman. And why was Jason bay playing? Becuse he usually kills the yanks pitchers.

    • forensic

      And why was Jason bay playing? Becuse he usually kills the yanks pitchers.

      Prior to tonight, Bay was 1-12 with 6 K’s against the Yankees. Last year, he was 0-11 with 2 K’s against them.

  • Mick taylor

    Go back to his red soxyears and first met season mr expert. He had a lot of big hits mr expert.

  • Mick taylor

    For your info . Mr expert moron, bay in 2008. Hit 2 hrs and hit 444 again st yanks. In 2009 he had 3 hrs and 13 r.b.i . In 2010, 7 r.b.i 286. He had some big games with the pirates also against yanks. Many of his hits with the sox and mets against yanks were big hits that helped win games. Mr expert.

  • Mick taylor

    For your info mr expert in 2008 he hit 2 hrs and 444.In 2009 3 hrs 13 r.b.i . In 2010, 7 r.b.I 308. In 2011 , 286 . Many of his hits were game winners or helped win games. He also in limited games against yanks while with pirates had some big hits, Mr expert.

    • McLovin

      Who you talking to?

      • Pat D

        Probably attempting to taunt Ronnie Wood again.

    • WhittakerWalt

      I like how you’re calling someone else a moron, even though you failed at using the REPLY button three times in a row.
      Nice going, mr expert moron!

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    No mention of Vernon’s stellar base running tonight?

    • WhittakerWalt

      Let us never speak of it again.

  • Laz

    i said they needed start overbay over wells.
    I totally understand that defense is important, but you don’t win ballgames if you go all defense and no offense, you need find ballance.
    As it is they are currently punting 4 spots for defense, catcher and ss make sense, but corner of spots? cmon, bring up musty and have him and overbay in corners, gardy covers tons of ground.

    • emac2

      Wrong answer. Safeco is a big outfield and there is a right handed pitcher on the mound. You need a right fielder who can go and get a ball.

      The biggest issue I have is not only that Wells plays every day but, in the middle of a horrible slump, he is in the middle of the batting order. Hello?

      Wells was supposed to take the 4th outfielder role and a strong few weeks now have him entrenched as a starter? To compensate for that we then end up with Overbay as the 4th OF? Ronnier is crushing in AAA and is probably better than both yet we screw the defense so that we can get a couple of old players who can’t hit in the middle of the lineup? Who is coming up with these ideas and what are they really trying to do? 14 mil for Wells? Wells and Overbay in the outfield at the same time? Wells hitting in the 5 spot with one hit in that last 10 games while Ichiro, your hottest hitter in that time is at the bottom of the order?

      I don’t believe this is Girardi or Cashmen because this is fantasy baseball being played by someone who either doesn’t know anything about the game or does not have the goal of winning this year. This is like one of those baseball movies where the owner is trying to lose for some personal or financial reason.

      Whatever it is, it’s not fun to watch, defend or explain and I pity people who have to follow the game for professional reasons because it’s become a chore. It’s like following the Knicks and after a lifetime I dropped them like a bad habit this year and didn’t miss it at all.

      • JohnnyC

        Of course it’s Girardi and Cashman. Take off your blinders. Next thing you’ll accuse Randy Levine of making out the lineups. Come on, you’re better than that.

  • nycsportzfan

    I honestly don’t understand how its possible to not destroy Bonderman, especially when you have em on the ropes early?

    Either way, thats what you call a lackluster effort and terrible performace by the offense. Pretty much abysmal.

    I had a random question i was wondering if any could answer? My question is, who would you rather have Ty Hensley or Ian Clarkin?

    • Pat D


      • Pat D

        I mean, why does that have to be a choice question? Both are in the system (assuming Clarkin signs), so you hope that they both develop into something.

        • emac2

          Two posts to ask why he HAS to ask a random question? Are you on meth?

          Clarkin is probably the better bet with Hensley injured and also having other medical concerns. A lefty is also probably more valuable for the Yanks.

          • Pat D

            I didn’t feel my first post was an adequate explanation.

            But you ask me if I’m on meth because I made two posts? Well, at the risk of the ban hammer, go fuck yourself.

        • nycsportzfan

          Of course. I was just curious to know who some would rather have if they could only pick one, to get a idea on who has a higher upside. Is it that crazy a question? Jesus, some of you are dicks.

  • shittyshittybangbang

    Ah mr. Wells, sure hes a nice guy, and good clubhouse/team guy, but its getting painfull to watch. I dont remember his defense being suspect. Bad jumps, cement cleats….., and offensively, “marron” ! I know that there are reasons as to why bringing up mustellier is difficult, but wow, hes sure to give us more than the venerable mr. Wells. And that 2nd inning…, keystone’ish !!!

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      They invested about $13 million into Wells so he’s here to stay.
      Hope you enjoyed his 30 game dead cat bounce.

  • mt

    Kuroda was not at his best but we just don’t score when he is pitching – something like 5 runs in his last 4 starts – makes him remember his Dodger days, I am sure.

    Brignac bunts and Wells caught stealing nothwitshtanding – 3 hits against Jeremy Bonderman is distressing. This offense can go ice cold so quickly.

    Losing season series to mariners (which will happen unless we win against both Saunders AND Felix) is galling but on the other hand if you take a step back is the Yankee offense, especially after April, so much better than Mariners this year? If Mariners pitch at all, they beat us.

  • Mick taylor

    The problem with jerks like you Whitaker is you can’t argue and win on the merits. And is forensic your girlfriend orboyfriend that you have to interject yourself and defend him /her.