A-Rod will continue rehab in Tampa on Friday

Game 85: Do It For America
Fourth of July Open Thread

Via Pete Iacobelli: Alex Rodriguez will continue his rehab with one of the team’s minor league affiliates in Tampa on Friday after working out with Low-A Charleston today. He won’t play in a game today, as scheduled. His rehab started in Charleston because it’s been raining all week in Florida.

A-Rod, 37, has gone 0-for-4 with three ground outs and a strikeout while playing a total of six innings at third base in his first two minor league rehab games with the River Dogs. High-A Tampa is on the road for the next few days, so I wonder if Alex will stay behind at the complex and play with one of the two Rookie GCL clubs instead. At this point the rehab is more about getting reps and building stamina than facing good competition and getting results.

Game 85: Do It For America
Fourth of July Open Thread
  • forensic

    Being demoted from Low-A to Rookie-GCL? Just retire already A-Rod.

  • RetroRob

    After he plays a few more games, be interested to hear reports on his bat speed, which was quite poor last September and October.

    • trr

      Supposedly it was related to the hip injury, rather than steroids and aging; we’ll see soon enough

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    He could be tanking it.

    If the reports that he wants to retire to avoid a 100 game suspension that would cost him $17.5 million are true, then he could be just tanking it so he can compile a woeful ineffective record to demonstrate that he has sustained an career ending injury.

    I know he’s very rich, but 17 million is 17 million. With that much money on the table and given his advanced age would any one blame him.

  • Gabe Paul’s Ghost

    I dunno if he’s tanking. He strikes me as the kind of guy that will keep playing, take his suspension if (when) it comes and keep collecting a check. He’s got nothing else to play for. No shot at the HOF. Just continue out of spite.

    Maybe he should have a conversation with Joey Belle about how to leave the game gracefully.