Update: Yankees sign Dominican shortstop Yonauris Rodriguez

Rotation playing a part in Yankees' recent slide
Game 83: Keep Going

Tuesday 7/2: The Yankees have signed Rodriguez for $575k, reports Jesse Sanchez. The team still has a touch more than $1.3M left to spend barring a trade for more pool space. Rodriguez is the only player they’ve signed so far, but it’s worth noting Molina can’t sign until he turns 16 on August 1st.

Monday 7/1: Via Ben Badler (subs. req’d): The Yankees are expected to sign Dominican shortstop Yonauris Rodriguez to a mid-six-figure signing bonus when the international signing period opens tomorrow. Between him and Dominican outfielder Leonardo Molina, Badler says the Yankees are likely max out their $1.88M spending pool. They are trying to trade for more pool money, however.

Rodriguez, 16, is said to be a high-energy player who stands out more for his defensive tools — namely quick feet and soft hands — than his hitting ability. The right-handed hitter is listed at 6-foot-0 and 160 lbs. and has good speed. Rodriguez played in the Dominican Prospect League and at various showcase events at the Yankees’ complex. Badler did not rank him among the 30 best international free agents available this summer. Here’s video.

Rotation playing a part in Yankees' recent slide
Game 83: Keep Going
  • vicki

    yo-rod. nice.

    • Preston

      I’m sick of -Rod names, I think he should be called the Yonaurisaurus Rex.

      • Big Member

        Yonauris Rodriguez
        Yoanuris Rodrig
        Yoanus Rod


        • Robinson Tilapia

          He HAS to make the majors now.

      • jjyank

        But Yo-Rod is definitely better than most.

    • Betty Lizard

      And “soft hands.”


      • trr

        Yo-Rod and soft hands.
        sounds like a winner

  • MannyGeee

    “But he’s not Cuban!!!!” In 3…….2………

    • Gonzo

      Yesss!!! Cuban B.

      • New Guy

        Abba Zabba… you my only friend

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Being Cuban never got me anywhere on here.


    • Manny’s BanWagon

      The Yankees treat Cuban (and recently Japanese) prospects like they’re members of an alien race sent to earth to steal it’s resources and kill everyone.

      • Bo Knows

        Ignoring the fact they have several players from Cuba currently in the system.

        Also does Gosuke Katoh not count? He was born in Japan spent a good chunk of his early years there and then moved here

        • Manny’s BanWagon

          I should have said Cuban or Japanese prospects that cost more than a few hundred thousand to sign.

          • Jose Contreras


  • KFC

    Is it that hard to be a complete player?
    It’s either glove OR bat… Hundreds of thousands of players and both tools that rare??

    • Preston

      It is very difficult to find somebody who is athletic enough and has a strong arm to be even a well below average defensive SS in the MLB, it is also very difficult to find even a league average MLB hitter. To find the two in one individual is rare indeed. Look around at starting SS in the majors and you will see a lot of no bat average glove guys. The fact that scouts aren’t sold on the bat of a 16 yo who has yet to hit the states is not surprising, nor very meaningful.

    • AndrewYF

      Yes. They’re called top 10 prospects.

    • pat

      At the age of 16? Yes it’s hard as hell.

  • Reggie C.


    WTF is going in scouting!!!1


  • JoeyA

    Oh, another light-hitting defense-first SS. Ramiro Pena says hi.

    In all seriousness, while I’m sure he’s gonna grow some, being 6’0″ & only 16, but would it kill this org. 2 make an impactful ML move?

    Just can’t be too excited about a 16yr old SS, when he’s automatically 4th on org. depth @ the position.

    • Bo Knows

      If they are going to sign one of the 5 best international prospects (Molina) what other minor league moves are they going to be able to make? Kid is going to eat most of that paltry sum.

      Also you forget last year they signed two of the highest rated prospects available in the international market.

      • OldYanksFan

        Who are those 2?

        • Preston

          I remember Luis Torrens was ranked #2, can’t remember who the other one was.

          • JohnnyC

            Alex Palma, a 16 year old power hitting outfielder out of Venezuela, and Yancarlos Baez, a 16 year old Dominican shortstop. They signed Omar Luis Rodriguez, a 19 year old lefty from Cuba, for over $4 million as well, before the July 2 imposition of IFA spending limits.

        • vicki

          luis torrens and alex palma. for a whole, what?, 2.1M?

          • JohnnyC

            Baez was $650K. They also signed Corby McCoy a Nicaraguan lefty for $150,000. That took up almost all of their allotted $2.9 million IFA pool. The Rays, for example, went more than 15 percent beyond their $2.9 million bonus pool for the 2012-13 signing period. So while the Rays will still be able to spend their entire 2013-14 international bonus pool allotment, they will be unable to sign a player for more than $250,000 during the 2013-14 signing period and will pay a 100 percent tax on the overage from their 2012-13 pool. If the Yankees had done that, you’d be complaining about them not signing anyone for more than $250,000 this year I’m sure.

            • vicki

              i am aware of that. i’m addressing the point that the yankees signed the #2 and #4 international prospects last year. i would expect them to.

              it doesn’t mean they’re excused from not spending money on mlb ready talent.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Dear fucking lord. Kid’s 16 years old.

      They’re ALL extreme lottery tickets at this point.

      • BFDeal

        You’re being too altruistic. Only the Yankees sign lottery tickets. The other 29 teams all sign bonafides.


        • Robinson Tilapia

          Of course, and anyone the other 29 teams signed is someone we missed out on, while they all picked just the right guy.

          • BFDeal

            Cashman failed.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Rafael Devers video: 215 Lb. 16 year old, carries weight well. Neither too soft or muscle bound. Average arm. Needs to refine defensive mechanics. Projects as corner infielder. Offensively, has a real easy load-up and smooth to the ball swing. Keeps it simple. Scouting report says he reads pitch out of pitcher’s hands well — an underrated skill. Will get stronger as his body matures, & he’s already pretty imposing. At least physically, already a man amongst boys. can be a special baseball player. Hit tool grades out potentially as special. Video is long and music in it is cheesy – makes for a long hard slog, but worth it due to Dever’s potential. IMO, whichever team signs this kid will have signed a terrific baseball prospect.


    Leonardo Molina video: Outfielder w/average arm/glove defensively. His value, if any, is his hit tool. Right hand hitter. Projects power. Will he deliver? Other than his good size, nothing shouts out special or above average. Generic outfielder & right hand hitter. From the brief look on the video, I’m not impressed, & I’d take a pass on him.


    Yonauris Rodriguez Video: Raw, but nice lithe body. Fields ball well, but foot happy while loading to throw. Nice easy compact line-drive swing from right-side. Looks like he’s got some more pop in that body as he grows larger and matures physically. Has a lot of room to grow into his potential. Presently a shortstop, but athletic enough to probably play just about anywhere on the diamond or OF. Kid needs to play a lot, stay healthy, & gain more bb experience. If he’s developed properly, he looks like he could turn into a quality major league baseball player. IMO, he’s a quality value sign.


    • Ethan

      He has a ton of foot movement before he throws. That will have to change on a routine ground ball. He takes like 5 or 6 steps between when he gets the ball in his hand to when he gets the throw off. That will hopefully change as he gets stronger.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Just saw some more video on Devers which is included in the first link below. Surprise, surprise, it would appear the Red Sox are all over this kid. This video shows Devers in an actual game, & his load up is considerably different than the one of him taking batting practice. Regardless, he clearly has more than a general idea of what he’s doing out there. I like this prospect a lot. Yankees should try to steal him before the Bosox sign him.



  • http://RAB I remember the CBS years!

    Wow…six minutes of instrumentals before the vocals. Devers looked like he had the stroke for Yankee Stadium. The plus side is he stayed in the box and let the bad pitches go. Makes him better than most of the 12 man EDP’s don’t ya’ know.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Going to be interesting to follow this kid. Maybe we’ll see him in a GSL game in 2014.

  • EndlessJose

    Except getting 3 players worth $500,000 a apiece how about we just get 1 guy worth $1.3 million. Unlike the draft about we go for quality than quantity.

    • BFDeal

      Where are you getting they are going for 3 $500k guys?

    • Greg

      Actually, they’re going to sign one guy for $575K and one for $1.2-1.3 million

    • jjyank

      Not sure you know what the word “except” means.

      Anyway, as far as your actual point? They are all, I repeat ALL lottery tickets. Every single one. Maybe blowing the whole wad on one guy is better, but it could very feasibly be stupid. But we don’t know, because not one of us has seen any of these guys play. And even if we did, none of us are scouts. Are three mid range lottery tickets better than one high end one? Maybe, maybe not. I would lean towards quantity when we’re talking abou 16 year old IFAs though, without a doubt in my minds.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I am impressed that your anal sphincter has the flexibility to spit out letters, numbers, and punctuation like that.

  • jjyank

    Yo-rod it is, then. Welcome to the organization, kid. I hope you kick some ass.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Bosox ink Devers for $1.5M first thing this morning. They probably had him & his agent hidden under lock & key until they could legally sign him. Sorry to say, but imo, this was a huge miss on the Yankees part. In what I believe will be a relatively short couple of years, Devers is going to be putting a serious hurt on Yankee and AL pitching staffs for years to come.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      A metric fuckton will have to go right for him, or any of these kids, for them to have that sort of impact in even four years.

    • BFDeal

      Make the majors in just 2 years? The kid’s just 16.

      • Preston

        Right, he might not hit the States for two years.

      • Get Phelps Up

        If one Rodriguez did it surely they all can!

        • Get Phelps Up

          Wow major reading fail on my part.

    • David Brown

      Give me a break. You are ready to anoint 16 year old Devers Miguel Cabrera. Anyone remember Michael Ynoa? $3.5m Contract in A Ball…. Worked out well for the A’s? Dustin Ackley and Justin Smoak? Can’t miss. Jesus Montero? Oh, no We just traded away Mike Piazza. Casey Kelly & Lars Anderson? More future Red Sox Hall Of Famers. Lets wait and see 5 years from now? Fair Enough?

    • https://twitter.com/AngeloInNY Angelo

      *sigh* I hate it when the crazies come to this site.

      Please do not breed.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Yeah, but on the other hand, he already knows how to hit, hit for power, read pitchers & read/hit off-speed stuff, so a metric fuckton of stuff has already gone right for him already. Devers is a problem I wish the Yankees had in their farm system. Believe me, the Bosox scouting people are clinking glasses glasses right about landing this man/child. Four years isn’t a long time when you sign at 16, & hell, nothing says he doesn’t learn to play a corner infield spot well enough to come up earlier than that, or worse case, he comes up in five, six years and he’s what, 21-22? Nice problem to have for a rather reasonable $1.5M? Big-time missed opportunity to score the best IFA hitting prospect available this or — & I’d even say — most years. Missing out on this kid hurts, & it potentially will be the kind of pain that keeps on hurting.

    • Preston

      He’s doing these things in a Latin rookie league. That is like saying he proved he can do those things because he did it in high-school. He’s a great prospect, but he’s a big project and has a long road ahead of him and since it’s International FREE AGENCY and not a draft, the Yankees didn’t miss on him, he CHOSE to go o the Red Sox.

      • Tom K

        Do people really get THIS worked up over International teenagers? Swoop in on the Red Sox and “steal” a 16-year old? Please.

        • Preston

          Yes, now that he internet has made everything easily accessible to the public everybody is an expert on prospects and knows which ones will succeed and which ones will fail and will promptly change their minds as soon as a kid has a hot/cold week at the plate.

    • BFDeal

      I think you are experiencing a little bit of Prospect Crush. You can read about it on WebMD.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        There’s only *this* much in between Prospect Crush and Prospect Chlamydia.

        • Wolfgang’s Fault

          Yeah, I’ve been told it goes by the name of Tilapimydia or some such, producing an itchy, scaly rash, & terrible fishy odor. My condolences to anyone experiencing it. I’m sure she’s a bitch.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Worst case is you never even hear of this guy again.

      I will bet you one million internet dollars Devers never gets an MLB at-bat.

      I’m glad you liked what you read. He’s still a lottery ticket, just like all the others, including the guy we signed.

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        Rationalize it any way you’d like. I’ll take that bet to be paid promptly upon the completion of his first MLB at-bat and regardless of his age at the time. You don’t pay up, which poison lake, stream, river (need I go on?), should I begin my search for you?

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Semantics. His biggest challenge will be adjusting to professional baseball and cultural issues that all latin players have to overcome such as language, food, customs, culture, once poor/now some serious dough, “friends” etc. Since he won’t be starting off in the states, he’s got some time to grow up & make a lot of those adjustments. If he’s got good people around him watching out for his best interests, he’ll be ok. Oh, yeah, he’s already a scary good hitter! Look at the leverage he produces & he does it easily, no stress or strain.

    The Bosox offered him $1.5M & he signed w/them. What if anything did the Yankees offer him? THe Sox were onto him months ago as the links above attest. Where, if anywhere, were the Yankees? IMO, this kid was first prize because he already knows how to do the thing every other draft pick will be working on to learn at the professional level. Molina isn’t even 16 until August. From the video of him above, he’s just the consolation prize. Nothing about him is eye-opening or game changing. When you talk about “projects,” Molina is the very embodiment of that definition. Molina is an athletic kid but it remains to be sees if he’ll ever be a quality baseball player. Devers is already a quality hitter w/the chance to be a real special baseball player.

    • BFDeal

      Did you frighten girls in high school?

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        Only when BFDeal was tagging right alongside of me. Go figure.

        • BFDeal

          Gee…snappy comeback.

          • Wolfgang’s Fault

            Yeah, don’t you remember, all the high school babes would giggle when you tagged along ’cause though you called yourself BFDeal they always called you LFdick behind your back? So what you weren’t well endowed, it could’ve happened to almost anyone. You showed ’em all you wouldn’t permit such a small thing as your minuscule penis from standing in the way of attaining your ultimate destiny of becoming a total dick. If I haven’t done so already, please accept my congratulations on fully succeeding at something you’re clearly cut out for.

            • BFDeal


    • Ghost of Joe Dugan

      Do yourself a favor. Google “Jackson Melian”.

    • Preston

      The Yankees were rumored to be in on him. I’m not in the FO and thus don’t know what the offer was. Considering that they only have 1.9 to work with it probably wasn’t as high as the Red Sox. I’m also not a scout so I don’t really have an opinion on whether Devers or Molina is the better prospect. I know that both were considered top guys by scouts and most thought Devers had the edge, I’ll take their word for it. You seem to believe that you have some ability to scout. Maybe you do. But I know you don’t have any experience actually doing it because one, you’re on this site and not actually scouting professionally and two, no scout would ever speak in certain terms the way you do. Anybody who’s followed prospects at all would hedge their bets much more than you are. Because the best looking 16 yo prospects don’t even usually pan out, and it has everything to do with what happens after today. Nobody has the ability to look at a 16 yo and know how he will grow, adapt, learn, what his work ethic will be, they just don’t. You can try, but the best laid plans of mice and men…

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        Fair enough, Preston. A well thought out snark free response; how refreshing. Cutting to the chase, we’ll see in a few years how he and Molina and the others pan out. If the Yankees were/are seriously looking to trade for pool space, they could have signed this Rodriguez kid after they made the pool space deal, & used their initial alloted $1.9M(?) to make a real run at Devers. Of course, we’re sitting on the outside looking in so we’ve no idea where the Yankees were w/respect to a serious offer for him. Clearly, though, the Bosox were in on him for quite a while. What can I say? He not only looks the part of a Bronx Bomber, he hits the part too.