Update: X-Rays on Cano negative following hit-by-pitch

2013 All-Star Game Thread
A-Rod hitless in latest rehab game

8:59pm: MLB just announced that x-rays were negative, in case you didn’t believe Rosenthal. It’s officially a right quad contusion.

8:48pm: Ken Rosenthal hears Cano was hit more on the quad than the knee and that he is expected to be fine. Ex-frickin-hale.

8:27pm: Robinson Cano left tonight’s All-Star Game after taking a 97 mph Matt Harvey fastball to the right knee in the first inning. He stayed in to run the bases at first, but left after one batter. Stay tuned for updates.

2013 All-Star Game Thread
A-Rod hitless in latest rehab game
  • Kvothe

    Who the hell in the organization opened an umbrella indoors after breaking a mirror?

    • Jacob the OG

      while walking under a ladder, stepping on a crack and kicking a black cat?

  • zwazzy

    gotta be a bad joke.

  • hogsmog

    Yeah I know this is just as likely to happen in any other game, but right now, fuck the fucking all star game.

  • forensic

    FWIW, it was a 96 mph fastball, not 97.

    Is there anything more fitting to the season than this? Just figures…

    • Bo Knows

      fox radar said 97

      • forensic

        No it didn’t. The first pitch he took high was 97. The one that hit him was 96. I have it DVR’d.

        • matt montero

          You guys must both be dyslexic because it saw actually 69 hpm.

      • Jacob the OG

        WHO CARES!?

        • forensic

          If you’re going to report a number as a fact, then it should be the right now.

          The difference isn’t a big deal, but accuracy should matter if you’re reporting it that specifically.

          • Jacob the OG

            No need to argue about it

            • forensic

              We weren’t arguing, at least to me. You were the one who came in with the all caps reply.

          • forensic

            *right one.

          • Cooolbreez

            The wind gusted from the south at 7 mph at the time of the pitch delivery. Although the release of the pitch was at 101 mph, by the time it approached Cano the wind resistance slowed the rate to 96.49999999999991.

            The Fox crew rounds up anything over .01 to the next highest as TV ratings improve with faster pitch speeds.

            Discrepancy explained.

  • The Real Greg

    If he’s out any length of time, just start looking to sell.

    • hogsmog

      Too bad he would have been the best piece to sell :/

      • The Real Greg

        No. Kuroda is the best piece to sell, especially for a team that’s looking to go for it.

        • hogsmog

          You’re probably right; he’s a legit ace in a pitching-starved world.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

        Seriously. Especially if Kuroda has a NTC.

    • Jacob the OG

      How much could they get for you?

  • hogsmog

    And I felt like he was legitimately in the running for MVP this year, especially if the Yankees made the playoffs and he rode some feel-good vibes for ‘carrying a losing team’. It’ll suck if he never gets one.

  • Kabak’s Hat

    Somewhere Ben Kabak breathes a sigh of relief.

    • Jigga


    • Jacob the OG

      Ehh the MVP voting has become a joke of late. As for this year both Chris Davis and Miggy would have to cool down a considerably for him to win.

  • SeventhAce


    Thing is, I laughed to myself how Kuroda not making the team was a godsend because of injury concerns and then BOOM this happens. You figured the team would have had Cano wrapped up in bubble wrap with the way the season has become…

    I wasn’t watching, the pitch that hit him…was it a wild pitch or what?

    • The Real Greg

      No. It was an inside pitch. that just kept running inside. Harvey was amped up in that first inning.

    • Winter

      It ran way in, hit him squarely in the right (front) knee.

  • Yankeegirl2

    someone needs to find that voodoo doll fast. Call the body guards to protect Mariano

    Cashman must have texed Leyland .


    Boras just answered Jay Z’s rap….. Cano you coming with me…. boras’s response…. Harvey making sure cano limpin to jigga!!!! Jigga who??? Jigga what??? We need to take out harpe in response!!!!!

    • Now Batting

      How exactly does taking out Harper, a star for the Nationals, hurt the Mets?

      • DLSIII

        Not the mets…… Boras!!!!



  • greg

    Got to rub some HGH on that knee.

    • just nod if you can hear me


  • Robinson Tilapia

    Not surprised he’s fine. Walking back to the dugout like he did was very reassuring.

  • Pasta

    I could not be more depressed now
    David adams come on back up

    • Slu

      That is sad even with Cano.

      • trr


  • Vern Sneaker

    Didn’t look to me like the quad, more like the leg on the outside of the knee, but whatever it’s kind of scary. Hope it’s just bruised.

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    He’s going to be okay? Christmas in July.

  • Bob Michaels

    Looked real bad, if it swells he will miss some games.

  • forensic

    MLB just announced that x-rays were negative, in case you didn’t believe Rosenthal.

    What if we don’t want to believe MLB given their recent track record of almost bribing people to give them the answers they want? Did they offer the x-ray technician a raise for a promising diagnosis?