Gonzales: Yankees one of six teams on Alex Rios’ no-trade list

Sabathia wins 200th game as Cano comes up big against Twins
Cervelli shut down with stress reaction in elbow

Via Mark Gonzales: The Yankees are one of six teams included in Alex Rios’ no-trade list. The others are the Diamondbacks, Rockies, Astros, Royals, and Athletics. Good luck finding some kind of pattern there — he didn’t just select big market teams for leverage. There have not yet been any indications the Yankees are interested in the White Sox right fielder this summer.

Rios, 32, has hit .268/.325/.439 (104 wRC+) with eleven homers and 15 steals in 339 plate appearances for the ChiSox this year. He put up a 125 wRC+ in 2012 after spending a few years alternating between being really good and really bad. It’s also worth noting he’s a very good defensive outfielder. Rios is owed approximately $6.25M for the remainder of 2013 plus another $12.5M next year with a $13.5M club option for 2015. The Yankees could use a right-handed hitting two-way outfielder they can control for another year or two, but Rios’ up-and-down career makes me nervous. Even if they did have interest, they’d have to jump through the no-trade clause hoop to make it happen.

Sabathia wins 200th game as Cano comes up big against Twins
Cervelli shut down with stress reaction in elbow
  • gyaris

    No money. No prospects. No chance.

    • OhioYanks

      They probably have more money than any team in baseball and their farm system is probably at least league average give or take. You were saying? I mean Rios is not even that attractive a trade target. Could be a solid addition, but this is not Giancarlo.

  • SDB

    Meh. Granderson will be back in a few weeks, and if there are more injury concerns in the OF, I’d like to see Almonte get a longer rope, or Musty (if he’s ever uninjured) come up.

    Really with Gardner, Ichiro, Grandy and Almonte, I don’t see why we’re caring about Rios. It’s not like he’s a corner infielder.

  • Hardy

    ZiPS RoS: 95 wRC+
    His last really good defensive season was 2008, today he is probably not more than average.

    I wouldn’t take him in a pure salary dump. Maybe the NTC saves the Yankees here.

  • LarryM Fl

    I have no concerns about losing Alex Rios. IMHO he is too inconsistent offensively but good in the field and running. The return of Jeter and Arod will lessen the need for RH bat( fingers and toes crossed). We can sub Almonte and Wells against lefties especially Wells. This will give Granderson a break as he waves at the outside breaking pitch.

    A stronger hitting RH catcher would be ideal of all the needs if Arod and Jeter can return to above replacement level at the plate. If a better hitting first baseman comes along with a decent bat that is priority 2 in my wish list.

  • jjyank

    I’d pass. Between the likely prospect cost, the money, and the lack of certainty in production, he’s far from an ideal target. Plus with the NTC, I’d imagine Rios would want some compensation for waiving it. In which case it’s a slam dunk “no” for me.

    If Brian Cashman gets Kenny Williams really drunk one night, like he did during the winter of 2008, and gets Rios on the cheap, sure. But I don’t see it happening.

    • Pat D

      I’d run, actually.

  • Bronx Bombers23

    I’m glad we’re on his no trade list. Don’t want him anyway. I would prefer we target players who could have a future with the team as opposed to another 30 something, overpaid, under performing has been. Pass.

  • trr


  • Kosmo

    if the price is right I´d say common down. Rios is perhaps more of a offensive certainty than either Almonte, Wells or the someday returning Granderson. I´d run the risk. Rios has 1 year remaining on his current contract. The contract doesn´t bother me. Next year who does NY have playing the OF ? Gardner. period. Rios, Gardner and maybe Almonte sounds a lot better than Ichiro, Wells.

    • OhioYanks

      Why is Granderson so uncertain to you? He was at a 116 wRC+ last season and his career mark is 119. Rios’ career mark is 100. I think that Mike is overstating it a little because he’s only had two bad seasons in the past 7.5, but I would probably expect more from Granderson going forward this season than Rios.

      • Kosmo

        Rios had a better 2012 than Granderson. I´m looking ahead to next season when Granderson is more than likely gone. The FA list is short and the 2 or 3 players NY might be interested in will cost a bundle. Rios by comparision would be a decent 1 year stop gap.
        You can´t expect anything. Granderson could hit .220 for all we know and for that matter so could Rios if traded. Also when Granderson returns he´ll be playing out of position. IMO Rios is a good pickup for this year and next.

        • OhioYanks

          I never asked why you want Rios. Just why you think Rios is more of an offensive certainty than Granderson, who has been much more consistent. Certainty refers to variability. Granderson has been far less volatile. So I was, and still am, confused. If the Yankees can get Rios for what they think he’s worth or less than that, I’m all for it.

          Uncertainty doesn’t mean you can’t expect anything. It means that you expect the most likely outcome while recognizing that there is some degree of variability around that expectation. I know a lot of baseball fans think statistics is just a bunch of numbers that measure performance, but that’s what statistics as a science is all about.

          By the way, last season’s performance does not predict this season’s. And Granderson might hit .220 and still provide solid offense. He hit .230 last season and was still well above league average offensively thanks to good patience and lots of power.

          • OhioYanks

            And in terms of position change, he’s moving to a less demanding but quite similar position. He’ll misplay a few balls (I remember at least one terribly misplayed ball when he was healthy), but he should get the hang of it pretty quickly. Will also presumably get some rehab time to work on a corner spot.

  • forensic

    Good luck finding some kind of pattern there

    That’s easy. He remembers how his Blue Jays time ended and wants to stay away from teams that end in ‘s’.

    • OhioYanks

      I think that the Red Sox are the only other team in MLB he could play for that don’t end in S

  • mustang (The Has Been & Wannabes Bunch 2013)

    “Good luck finding some kind of pattern there — ”

    There isn’t one except that he doesn’t want to play for the Yankees which is fine.


  • Robinson Tilapia

    Yanks are totally on my no-trade list as well. If you want me, bitch, you best be ready to pay up.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    He’s got a baby-mama in each of the cities.