Marcus: No Biogenesis suspensions expected today

Rosenthal: Yankees have yet to receive an offer for Phil Hughes
Monday Night Open Thread

Via Steven Marcus: No Biogenesis announcements are expected to come today. Yesterday we heard the league is planning to announce all the suspensions at the same time this week, and reportedly they are hoping to get an answer from Alex Rodriguez‘s camp about a possible plea agreement at some point today. I was getting worried this story wouldn’t drag on any longer, so needless to say, I’m relieved by this news.

Rosenthal: Yankees have yet to receive an offer for Phil Hughes
Monday Night Open Thread
  • RetroRob

    Don’t worry, Mike. We have several years of legal battles in front of us. The story will never end.

    • Roadgeek Adam

      Got mafia connections? :)

      Making Anthony Bosch disappears makes Biogenesis disappear. :P

      • Roadgeek Adam


    • trr

      I can’t take another week

  • Jackson

    They should really just be transparent and tell everyone what they did and release all of the Mitchell Report names and be done with it.There were hundreds doing steroids in baseball.They should stop running A Rod up the flagpole and punish everyone….or not use scape goats and sweeping under the carpet motions.Not trying to defend A Rod, but it seems like the entire thing is falling on him. If they ban a Rod,they should then ban Mark McGwire from being a hitting coach…. and anyone else who touched a steroid.McGwire was WAY worse with PEDs.

    • radnom

      You’re so right, how dare they punish cheaters today when some guys a couple decades ago, playing under different rules, got away with it.

      Biogenesis would be happening with or without Arod’s involvement. Anyone crying ‘scape goat’ or ‘witch hunt’ is delusional.

      He had the option of playing out the remainder of his giant contract with only the (massive) advantage of his baseball skillset. He instead chose to get involved in a giant PED lab connected with half the league. There is only one person to blame.

      • Lazzari Scooter


        IETC Infinite.

  • greg

    Rather have 4 years of David Adams at third than the freak show that is Arod. Heck, rather have John Adams or John Quincy Adams over Arod, and they are both long dead.

    • Eddard

      What about Wednesday Adams?

    • ropeadope

      Fun fact:

      John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, arguably the two most important individuals in the construction of the Declaration of Independence (Benjamin Franklin probably carried equal weight), both died on the same day (hours apart), and that day was July 4th, 1826 ….. the fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration.


  • EndlessMike

    Even though A-Rod is getting what he deserves for not admitting back on 2009 of PEDS it’s sad A-Rod is taking the full burden of the 2003 103 cheaters.

    This steroid problem will always stay as long as that list remains hidden.

    • radnom

      That list is 10 years old at this point.

      Sure, I’d like to know who is on it too. But its pretty irrelevant to steroids in baseball today. Not sure what you’re complaining about, since all the conversation I’ve seen (outside of your comment) is focused on Biogenesis and its fallout and not the old failed test.

    • Kiko Jones


      1. Nomar Garciaparra
      2. Manny Ramirez
      3. Johnny Damon
      4. Trot Nixon
      5. David Ortiz
      6. Shea Hillenbrand
      7. Derek Lowe
      8. Pedro Martinez
      9. Brian Roberts
      10. Jay Gibbons
      11. Melvin Mora
      12. Jerry Hairston
      13. Jason Giambi
      14. Alfonso Soriano
      15. Raul Mondesi
      16. Aaron Boone
      17. Andy Pettitte
      18. Jose Contreras
      19. Roger Clemens
      20. Carlos Delgado
      21. Vernon Wells
      22. Frank Catalanotto
      23. Kenny Rogers
      24. Magglio Ordonez
      25. Sandy Alomar
      26. Bartolo Colon
      27. Brent Abernathy
      28. Jose Lima
      29. Milton Bradley
      30. Casey Blake
      31. Danys Baez
      32. Craig Monroe
      33. Dmitri Young
      34. Alex Sanchez
      35. Eric Chavez
      36. Miguel Tejada
      37. Eric Byrnes
      38. Jose Guillen
      39. Keith Foulke
      40. Ricardo Rincon
      41. Bret Boone
      42. Mike Cameron
      43. Randy Winn
      44. Ryan Franklin
      45. Freddy Garcia
      46. Rafael Soriano
      47. Scott Spiezio
      48. Troy Glaus
      49. Francisco Rodriguez
      50. Ben Weber
      51. Alex Rodriguez
      52. Juan Gonzalez
      53. Rafael Palmeiro
      54. Carl Everett
      55. Javy Lopez
      56. Gary Sheffield
      57. Mike Hampton
      58. Ivan Rodriguez
      59. Derrek Lee
      60. Bobby Abreu
      61. Terry Adams
      62. Fernando Tatis
      63. Livan Hernandez
      64. Hector Almonte
      65. Tony Armas
      66. Dan Smith
      67. Roberto Alomar
      68. Cliff Floyd
      69. Roger Cedeno
      70. Jeromy Burnitz
      71. Moises Alou
      72. Sammy Sosa
      73. Corey Patterson
      74. Carlos Zambrano
      75. Mark Prior
      76. Kerry Wood
      77. Matt Clement
      78. Antonio Alfonseca
      79. Juan Cruz
      80. Aramis Ramirez
      81. Craig Wilson
      82. Kris Benson
      83. Richie Sexson
      84. Geoff Jenkins
      85. Valerio de los Santos
      86. Benito Santiago
      87. Rich Aurilia
      88. Barry Bonds
      89. Andres Galarraga
      90. Jason Schmidt
      91. Felix Rodriguez
      92. Jason Christiansen
      93. Matt Herges
      94. Paul Lo Duca
      95. Shawn Green
      96. Oliver Perez
      97. Adrian Beltre
      98. Eric Gagne
      99. Guillermo Mota
      100. Luis Gonzalez
      101. Todd Helton
      102. Ryan Klesko
      103. Gary Matthews

  • D23

    I am not sure how you can compare the two between ARod and McGwire.

    ARod admitted use and was never caught(until the Biogensis). McGwire never admitted use and was never caught or test negative. McGwire is not link to Biogensis.

    Arod is an absolute moron or has a sickness addicted to steroids. He put himself into this mess and disrespected the Yankees for not being a reliable and dependable player putting on the pinstripes. He is a disgrace of even getting back to PEDs….

    • Captain Turbo

      You’re right, McGwire refuses to man up and admit what he did, but everyone knows he juiced.

  • Mr. Chillingsworth

    Assuming the lifetime ban is enacted and Afraud appeals. Should the appeal fail could he file suit against his attorney for malpractice?

    • OldYanksFan

      From 3 hours ago:

      Report: A-Rod could be banned for life if he turns down MLB’s Biogenesis settlement offer

      MLB wants a 2013/2014 ban for ARod. The lifetime ban is the ‘threat’ if ARod doesn’t accept the 2013/2014 ‘settlement’.

      It was just reported that ARod’s lawyers insist they will appeal.
      My guess is ARod figures that not playing until 2015 will just about kill his career, and that a lifetime ban would be too much for the Union to stand.

      So even if he loses the appeal, the 2013/2014 suspension might be the max MLB can levy.

      So maybe ARod figures he has little to lose in appealing (moron!).
      But good news for us.
      We will probably have ARod for 2013, and he will almost certaining be gone in 2014.. and maybe 2015.

  • jedua

    I’m more worried about mlb changing the mlb schedule to a 100 game season without telling anybody but Mike

    • JU

      Ha. Said same thing in other thread.

      • 461deep

        This A-Rod soap is replete with schemes, proposals, possible deals etc. Alex will fight since he stands to lose too much $$$. MLB must feel they have a lot on him but may over play their hand. Rays back in 1st on another full Price gem, bad call on potential tying run in 8th (not that close) at home, and bad base running.

  • JMK

    From the AP:

    NEW YORK — Major League Baseball may try to suspend Alex Rodriguez under its collective bargaining agreement instead of its drug rules, which would eliminate any chance of delaying a penalty until after the case goes to an arbitrator, The Associated Press has learned.

    Rodriguez has never been disciplined for a drug offense, and a first offender under baseball’s Joint Drug Agreement is entitled to an automatic stay if the players’ association files a grievance — meaning the penalty is put on hold until after an arbitrator rules.

    While use of banned performance-enhancing substances falls under the drug agreement, MLB may argue other alleged violations are punishable under the labor contract, a person familiar with management’s deliberations told the AP, speaking on condition of anonymity because no statements were authorized.

    Taking that action would prevent the New York Yankees third baseman from returning to the field, even if he recovers from a quadriceps injury cited by the team as the reason for keeping him on the disabled list.

    And merely threatening to use that provision might give MLB leverage to force a deal.

    According to the AP report, Rodriguez could be punished under the Article XII B clause of the CBA, essentially conduct that is “materially detrimental or materially prejudicial” to the “best interests” of baseball, including violation of federal, state or local law.

    If suspended under that section, Rodriguez would serve the penalty while a grievance is litigated before arbitrator Fredric Horowitz — unless the union asks for a stay and the arbitrator grants one, which would be unusual under the grievance procedure. And baseball could always try to punish A-Rod on drug violations later.

    This is just my personal opinion but I actually like A-Rod. I follow sports and entertainment because of the characters not some prescribed sense of moralism and virtue. A-Rod is a character for the ages. He has a really warped sense of how people will react to his actions and, in my view, a phenomenal dedication to his craft. That dedication and fear of failure fuels his madness. I genuinely believe he may have some form of autism, perhaps Asperger’s.

    Anyway, having said that, the best case scenario is for A-Rod to be banned outright and for the team to recoup that $100 million.