Rosenthal: Jeter will return on Thursday

Yankees blow out KC when Cano and Overbay accidentally hit balls over the fence
2013 Potential Trade Targets — Part IV

Via Ken Rosenthal: Derek Jeter will come off the DL and return to the Yankees on Thursday, in time for their afternoon game against the Royals. With Travis Hafner banged up, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cap’n served as the DH after playing seven innings at shortstop on Wednesday. The Yankees will have to make both a 25-man and 40-man roster move to accommodate him.

Jeter, 39, went 1-for-9 with four walks and three strikeouts in four minor league rehab games with Triple-A Scranton. He’s returning from what amounts to two left ankle fractures — the original break in October and the setback in May — and I don’t think he’ll step right back in and be the everyday shortstop. Expect to see him spend a lot of time at DH in the coming weeks. With any luck, Jeter will reproduce the 117 wRC+ he put up last year. Don’t be surprised if he still has some rust to shake off after nine months on the shelf though.

Yankees blow out KC when Cano and Overbay accidentally hit balls over the fence
2013 Potential Trade Targets — Part IV
  • BigBlueAL

    I know Jeter isnt going to save the offense but it sure will be great to see him in a Yankee uniform again. Glad he is returning with the Yankees (somehow) still very much alive in the playoff race.

  • D$1184

    9 ABs? 9 at-bats to get ready for a season? Geez, could this move possible scream “PANIC MOOD!!!!!” any louder? If the team was so concerned about winning, why haven’t they even called the Mariners about Kendrys Morales? There was an article on that said that Seattle people have been wondering if the Yankees “might” come calling about him. “Might”, as in “haven’t yet”. You would think Cashman would at least pick up the phone and ask. Unless part of the austerity plan is “save on cell phone minutes for the GM”.

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      Have you seen all those empty seats at the stadium. Have you seen the abysmal television ratings.

      They’re not rushing him back to hit, they’re rushing him back to sell those tickets and turn on those tee vees.

      He had 11 ABs in spring training and 9 in Triple-AAA. A total of 20 ABs since he broke his ankle 10 months ago and they’re gonna throw him to the wolves (mid-season major league pitching). Sad.

    • Well

      I thought it’d scream Panic Mode more so than mood.

      • D$1184

        I’m so sorry I made a spelling error of two letters at 2:22 a.m. Thank goodness you’re here. Who would we do without you? If you hadn’t translated, that comment would have been totally incomprehensible.

    • Jason

      Oh, it’s on MLBTR so it has to be true!

      • D$1184

        MLBTR …is pretty reliable. Like this site, started by a guy who was a very passionate fan and it grew into a full-time job. It’s got a full staff whose full and/or part time work is just to keep the site up-to-date. If some random Joe wrote it, I could see you doubting it but MLBTR is pretty reliable.

        • Jason

          I know all about MLBTR. The point is its a RUMOR site. Yes, sometimes they are right; sometimes not. Point is, you’re ranting on and on when you have no idea who the FO has talked to, targeted, what the asking price is, etc. Just because you want them to act on something doesn’t mean they should.

  • Dalek Jeter

    With any luck after the ASB our line up will be:

    Gardner CF
    Jeter SS/DH
    Cano 2B
    Rodriguez 3B/DH
    Almonte LF
    Suzuki RF
    Overbay 1B
    Nunez/Cruz SS/3B
    Stewart/Romine C

    • Dalek Jeter

      Still not great..but slowly pushing the replacement level guys onto the bench/to the bottom of the line up. Then if/when Granderson comes back, slip him into the 5 spot and put Almonte in RF if he’s still hitting. If he isn’t, make him the BUOF behind Gardner, Granderson, and Ichiro/Wells

    • Isaac

      Depending on A-Rod’s 50 Game/100 Game/Lifetime Suspension

  • Jimmy


    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost


  • forensic

    Really don’t agree with this move.

    • dkidd

      seems kind of foolish, but it’s jeter. would you be surprised if he went 4-4 tomorrow?

      • trr

        Frankly, yes.
        Yes, this is Jeter we’re talking about, but time spares no one.
        I welcome his return, but let’s temper our expectations.

  • dkidd

    andy pitches deep, derek gets the big hit, mo saves it, we party like it’s 1999

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      the New York Yankees – sponsored by Geritol, Flowmax, and AARP

  • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)

    “Jeter, 39…”


  • The Other Sam

    Glad the Captain is returning, but rust is right. Too soon I think. Of course I did have tickets for the Bisons/SWB game on Sunday and that might color my opinion.

  • LarryM Fl

    He has played enough to show that he will not break apart. As long as he can hit .250 or there abouts will be a plus over the Dh and shortstop position. So his level to succeed present production is minimal. I’m sure the doctors are secure with their assessment of him physically.

  • MB923

    Weather is going to suck all day and night on Thursday. They won’t play.

    Matter of fact, it’s going to suck on Friday and all weekend as well.

  • gc

    Seriously, the fatalism on this board is beyond ridiculous. The Yankees have absolutely nothing to lose by bringing Jeter back now if he thinks he’s ready to do, so why wait? So we can all see a highlight of him hitting a double in the gap in Scranton FIRST? Against a minor league pitcher? Christ, you would think people would actually be happy to see him out there in Yankee pinstripes again. If he’s got rust, fine. Would that make him predominantly WORSE than anyone else they’re throwing out there now? If he’s rusty and they lose 5-1 anyway, who the hell cares? At least he’s out there SHAKING OFF THAT RUST. I’d rather lose 5-1 with Derek Jeter in the lineup than lose 5-1 with someone else. And who knows? Maybe he actually goes out there and contributes in a reasonable manner when he comes back. If that would genuinely surprise people, then I don’t know what to say anymore. I don’t expect miracles and I don’t expect to see 1999 Derek Jeter out there tonight, but I do know they have nothing to lose at this point and maybe a whole lot to gain.

    • I’m One

      I feel similarly, but perhaps not as strongly as you do. Shaking off the rust in AAA or shaking it of with the big league team shouldn’t really meatter much and actually might come about more quickly with the MLB team. If his replacements were playing well, it would be a different story. Also, with Pronk out (and hitting poorly anyway), if Jeter’s able to produce anything, it could go a long way.

      Many people are calling for the Yankees to make a move. Why complain about this one? If he’s healthy, then I have no issue with this. I’m sure they’ve looked him over carefully due to his ST setback.

    • Darren

      Exactly. You have to be a real dummy at this point to be surprised at just about ANYTHING Jeter does. I mean, the man LEAD THE LEAGUE IN HITS LAST YEAR AS A 38 YEAR OLD SHORTSTOP!!! He went 5 for 5 in the 3000 hit game and got a home run for #3000!!! This isn’t stuff from 10 years ago, this is recent history!! Literally, if he gets a double (as you mentioned) he will be better than any shortstop they’ve run out there.

  • Darren

    I really don’t care of this is the smart move or not, I am just so psyched to see Derek Jeter back in the lineup. Just take a step back from your day to day focus on this year’s team, and appreciate the fact that you’re watching a true legend, an all-time Yankee right up there with the biggest names in team history. Your granbdkids will ask you about Jeter if you’re lucky – just savor the moment.


    • New Guy

      Agree with this. Could he have had some more at bats in AAA? Sure. But with Gardner and Hafner getting breaks this is honestly the best move you could make. Also, it gives Jeter 4 Games (weather permitting) and then he gets a nice little break. However above all that, WE GET TO WATCH DEREK JETER! When Mo, Jeter, and Pettitte are gone it will truly be the end of something really special.

  • brian

    SHOCKED… and very much in a good way

    Guessing Gardner and Hafner have the day off which led to Jeet coming up one day early

    DH out, Leadoff hitter out… sure makes sense to bring him up

  • Warren

    I was given tickets to this game two days ago! What luck!