Update: Zoilo Almonte headed to DL with left ankle sprain


10:37pm: Almonte is headed to the DL, Joe Girardi confirmed after the game. Donnie Collins says both Melky Mesa and Thomas Neal are leaving Triple-A Scranton and will meet the team in Boston. Not sure why both guys are going though.

9:15pm: Almonte has a left ankle sprain, the team announced. X-rays were negative. No idea if this is a DL thing, but the Yankees are running out of warm bodies if it is.

8:56pm: Zoilo Almonte left tonight’s game in the fifth inning with an apparent leg injury. He was seen limping after running out a double play ground ball in the second, though he remained in the game for another few innings before leaving. With Brett Gardner ejected, the Yankees have Alberto Gonzalez and Brent Lillibridge in the outfield corners.

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  1. Winter says:

    This is becoming absurd.

  2. Vinnie says:

    Wonderful! Another injury to add to the list.

  3. Mr. Roth says:

    Good thing we have a deep bench…..right?

  4. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Good thing half the roster is fringe backup shortstops.

  5. Tisha says:

    another bites the dust and another one’s gone. Hey! Gonna get you , too.

  6. Brian S. says:

    Who cares he sucks anyways. Him, Adams, Romine all quad-A failures. I wonder what we could get for all three of them.

  7. forensic says:

    Time to have another dead roster spot. It’s not like they need a backup outfielder anyway.

  8. fabricio says:

    hes going to be placed on the dl girardi just said it

    • forensic says:

      Sucks losing him but better than another dead spot for a week of tough games. I would assume it’s Neal who comes up for him.

  9. fabricio says:

    lets call up musty!!!!!!!

  10. BigBlueAL says:

    I assume they are calling up 2 outfielders to replace Almonte and one of the utility infielders, I assume it would be Gonzalez sent down.

  11. forensic says:

    Maybe both Mesa and Neal are going because they want to continue keeping Wells away from the field (which would be fine with me) and have one of them start and one as a backup/platooner/PRer.

    I don’t really see a need for all of Gonzalez, Cruz, and Lillibridge on the same roster at the same time.

  12. Duh Injuries says:

    Brennan Boesch would come in awful handy right now.

    Mesa and Neal coming up means someone’s off the 25-man roster.

    Btw this series almost means shit now as the best the Yanks could do with it is gain a game which is better than losing a game or three games. Oh well.

  13. Mouse says:

    How come useless stiffs like Vernon Wells doesn’t get hurt? Instead they stay in the lineup and kill the team.

    Great little weak pop up there with men on 2nd & 3rd and less than 2 outs loser.

  14. 28 this year says:

    I think they are calling up two guys in case one gets injured on the ride to Boston.

  15. Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting) says:

    Maybe just bringing both Mesa and Neal in case of the likely event one of them gets injured on the trip to Boston.

  16. JLC 776 says:

    Are there any good metrics for tracking injury impact on a team? Some kind of cumulative WAR on the DL or something like that?

    It’s getting to the point where I want to know if this team has really bad injury luck or historically bad injury luck.

    • SDB says:

      There were some metrics, but I think the Yankees broke them all this season. Wait until everything’s recalculated.

  17. HateMclouth (formerly I'mVernon) says:

    The irony in Zoilo getting injured the day we release Boesch…

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Boesch is injured and supposedly not near a return. There’s also nothing saying that, if healthy, they can’t just sign him right back.

      Hell, the greatest outfielder of all time just got DFAed by Baltimore.

  18. Holy shit, can Cashman’s go out and get an upgrade already? I understand trying not to get raped in a trade by coming off desperate, but the Yankees needed help like a month ago. They are slipping in the standings by the day with only a half a season to fix it. If you’re not going to act now then when? Other contenders are improving and addressing needs, look at the division. It’s so frustrating to watch.

  19. ikl says:

    OK, so after facing a lefty tonight, the Yankees bring up two righty hitters. Why didn’t they bring up one of them (probably Neal would have been better) for tonight’s game in place of Gonzales who is completely redundent at this point?

  20. rose heller says:

    just tell me, what good will the famous neal do for the yanks?.he had his shot, the yanks did’nt like what they saw and they sent him down. don’t they have anybody that’s better than that bum, I guess not. the yanks are in serious trouble.

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