Breaking down Alex Rodriguez’s appeal

But I don't want it to be over
Game 114: Welcome Home?

Just want to take a second to point you towards this great Gabe Feldman post at Grantland, which breaks down some arguments Alex Rodriguez‘s camp may use as they appeal his 211-game Biogenesis suspension. It’s a completely objective look from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about — Feldman is a professor at Tulane Law School and the director of the Tulane Sports Law Program — which is not something we see a whole lot of when it comes to A-Rod. He lays out about a dozen arguments and explains what they mean in plain English. It’s great. I highly recommend it.

But I don't want it to be over
Game 114: Welcome Home?
  • trr

    Interesting Article, and as Mike says in plain english. Worth a few minutes to read.

  • Massparking

    A-Rod, though so many hate him, is entitled to due process. Not much evidence at first glance that MLB & Selig have adhered to that. I see a reduction of the length of the suspension.
    This is more about cracking the union, lowering salaries (sluggers get paid more) and repairing PED Selig’s reputation than it has ever been about A-Rod. Too bad more people don’t see it that way.
    Give it a year with lower-scoring games (not taking amphetamines is taking a toll) and MLB will be looking for a way to increase scoring like they have before with smaller ballparks, juiced balls, ignoring (promoting) PEDs, lower mounds, etc.

    • BeanTooth

      Since we don’t know the evidence, it’s hard to speculate, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it reduced to a year. That could just be my wishful thinking, since at this point the Yankees have so screwed themselves that anyway to painlessly get to $189m is fine with me.

  • mal1219

    Seems like ARod has a decent case for the appeal, at best he might get it reduced to 50 games.

  • Gonzo

    I know there are plenty of people hoping for an A-Rod “win” or something along those lines. One has to wonder if an A-Rod “win” would strengthen MLB’s position going into the next CBA negotiations.

    You already have a big name player in Longoria publicly venting. Along with a public backlash, you have to think the MLBPA is secretly hoping to toe the line between getting a minor victory versus a Pyrrhic victory.

  • Al

    MLB (Bud) will beg A-Rod to take a deal. A-Rod will not take a deal and the way MLB has set this case up A-Rod WILL get OFF! MLB (bud ) will be a broken old man and go off into the sunset

  • Former ACE MannyGee

    Yeah, that is a fantastic article, and by far the most objective look I’ve seen on the entire circus act that has been BioGenesisGate 2013. I honestly think A Rod will serve less than 211 games, if for no other reason because Bud has made this into an unapologetic witch hunt against A Rod & Braun. And the witch hunt was for in essence making Selig look like a jackass by beating the system/impeding ‘justice’.

    I say buck the system, go get em Alex! But please, after its all done sue the MLB and retire off your winnings. Kthx..

  • Captain Turbo

    Great article. Selig is a crazy old codger and needs to go now before he ruins the game.

  • Woffgang’s Fault

    Never understood the appeal quite honestly as I found him to be kind of creepy, but tell that to Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, etc. He does make a good dollar though.

  • Frank

    Great analysis, thanks for the link Mike.

    I know a lot of readers here disagree since we’ve discussed this before, but the Melky precedent is really going to bite Selig and MLB in the ass.

  • bkight13

    The author is still just speculating like the rest of us. He hasn’t seen the evidence that baseball has. I do think that since Alex called Selig’s possible bluff and appealed anyways, Selig should’ve gone all in with the lifetime ban. Selig combined the JDA and the Best interests of Baseball to come up with the 211 number, so why not go for the full amount. With that much money at stake there was little chance Alex would just willingly accept any suspension.

  • fezz

    great read. i wish roger godell was commish. he would’ve ruled decisively and dominantly and there wouldn’t be any of this arbitration months from now and the guy playing like nothing’s wrong.

    he rules footall with an iron fist and protects both the institution of NFL as well as the corporate brand like a mother bear protecting her cubs.

    when selig retires I hope MLB tries to lure him to jump ship to baseball because he would be amazing going forward.