Cashman confirms Mesa won’t be called up due to injury


Via Chad Jennings: Brian Cashman confirmed Melky Mesa will not called up when rosters expand tomorrow because his hamstring injury is far too significant. The outfielder left a Triple-A Scranton game after running out a ground ball last week.

Mesa, 26, hit .261/.295/.452 (105 wRC+) with 13 homers and 13 steals in 332 plate appearances for the RailRiders this year while going 5-for-14 (.385) during a brief stint with the big league team a few weeks ago. Although the Yankees have five outfielders on their current roster, Mesa would have been a great pinch-runner/defensive replacement option in September. Real tough break for him too.

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  • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning

    I think he’s out of options after this year, so he may be a DFA candidate if they need the spot for someone else.

  • Roadgeek Adam

    So unless they want to call up Ronnier or Adonis, no OF options…

    • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning

      I think a Brent Lillibridge return may be in the offing.

      • fabricio

        i doubt it cause we need bodies that can hit and play the field lillibridge can only field not really hit

        • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning

          Granderson, Gardner, Soriano, Ichiro, and Wells will get all of the OF playing time, regardless of who they bring up.
          Lillibridge could serve as a super utility, PR, injury replacement.

  • Umbrelladoc

    With Mesa hurt, the only position players on the 40 man roster are Adams and Flores. They need a third catcher, a pinch runner, and an extra middle infielder. A spare outfielder wouldn’t hurt either. They can create enough space on the 40 man roster, but who will fill those spots?

    • ronnier mustillier

      I Ronnier can i can play 2nd and 3rd base and left and right field

      • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning

        But you can’t spell your own last name.

    • Roadgeek Adam

      We’ve already confirmed that JR Murphy would likely be called.

      Ronnier Mustelier and Adonis Garcia are the top main outfield options outside of Corey Patterson. Musty can also play 3B.

      If Corban Joseph wasn’t out for the season, there’s a middle infield option that is on the 40-man. Addison Maruszak can also play 2B and SS, but is a .255 hitter in Scranton. While he lasted longer in ST than most, I doubt he gets the call.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning

      Murphy for 3rd catcher. Lillibridge might fill the PR, middle IF, spare OF role all by himself.

      • Roadgeek Adam

        I’ve got to agree with the above poster that I’d like to call up people who can at least hit. I know Adams hasn’t adjusted, but Lillibridge isn’t exactly threatening.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning

          I think Adams will definitely get called up.
          I think Lillibridge (or maybe AG) might get called up, just to give them an emergency SS and somewhat of a pinch running option, especially since Nunez is banged up now. I wouldn’t expect him to play much, if at all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets called up just to provide some flexibility.
          I’d expect:
          Definites – Murphy, Marshall, Betances, Claiborne, Adams.
          Possibles – one of Lillibridge or AG, maybe Musty, and possibly 1-2 of Whitley, Demel, Herndon, Cabral, Rondon

          • Roadgeek Adam

            Alberto GOnzalez is batting .192 in AAA…no.

            Lillibridge .277, but not my choice for hitting. If he does not make an at bat in September, smart.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense & Baserunning

              I think Lillibridge is the more likely, but AG being more of a real SS might give him the edge.
              Neither one should get a meaningful AB, or actually start a game, both would essentially be emergency use, pinch runner, or defensive replacement only.