Saturday Night Open Thread

Cashman confirms Mesa won't be called up due to injury
Nova carries Yankees to 2-0 win over Orioles

A reader named Josh sent me a link to that video yesterday and even though it’s not Yankees related, it’s worth sharing. During the filming of a documentary about Twins prospect Miguel Sano, the producers strapped a camera to the home plate umpire’s mask for a great behind-the-plate view of a Sano at-bat. It’s a perspective we never get to see as fans. Pretty awesome.

Here is your open thread for the night. The Mets are playing the Nationals (Wheeler vs. Haren) and MLB Network will air a game (teams depend on where you live). I’m sure there’s college football on someplace as well. Talk about any of those games or anything else here. Go nuts.

Cashman confirms Mesa won't be called up due to injury
Nova carries Yankees to 2-0 win over Orioles
  • JGYank

    Great view. Shows how hard it is to hit and be an ump. How awesome would it have been if a manager came out to argue and was really pissed while the ump had the camera on?

  • Ron

    Would anyone consider selling high on Nova. Looking at what Tampa got for shields who makes more money, is older and is under control for less we can fill an outfield hole with a young hitter. Nova for Tavares and the Cardinals best high A pitching prospect would be fair. Anyone agree?

    • hogsmog

      The Yankees need young pitching as much as they need young hitting, and their outfield is nice and clogged for the next year (not to mention, a lot of our best position prospects right now are outfielders, too). I’ll pass.

    • Now Batting

      Shields has been a better pitcher over a longer period of time. Apples and oranges.

      • lightSABR

        Apples and… really big shiny apples. With wicked changeups.

    • JGYank

      No. Nova is arguably our best pitcher right now and we have control over him. He is cheap and looks like he has finally figured things out. He looked awesome today and has a great curve. I don’t think the Cards would deal Tavares anyway.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Nova for a top-ten prospect and an additional prospect. I’ve now heard it all.

      If that was even remotely possible, I’d leave right now to hit Nova over the head with the shovel.

    • VT Yankee Fan

      Develop pitching and buy hitting.

  • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)

    That view is pretty cool. I still hope that one day all of the major league hitters will have cameras on their helmets and that’s how we can watch them hit.

  • McLovin

    Any of you guys play fantasy football?

  • Cal Ripken Jr.

    Someone mentioned something in the game thread about the difference between steroids and amphetamines. I just wanted to confirm that they do indeed impact performance in very different ways, and they are both awesome.

    Trust me, I’ve tried both.

  • JLC 776

    I’m dying for someone to strap on some Google Glass during a few simulated ABs. Chris Kluwe did some real cool stuff for football; time for someone to show us a batter’s eye view of a Mariano Rivera cutter.

  • Ramondo

    Sano is no good man

  • forensic

    Boy are the Red Sox radio announcers ever excited about John freakin’ McDonald. They’re actively exchanging texts with him, saying how he fits in perfectly with their team (which I guess means other than the fact that he actually acts like a professional and doesn’t have six feet of hair growing out of his face/head), saying it means the Red Sox are looking ahead to having to make double-switches against NL teams in October.