Cervelli won’t have surgery for stress reaction in elbow

Huff throws 10.1* innings in SWB doubleheader
Yankees fall 3-2 to ChiSox, lose third straight

Frankie Cervelli does not need surgery to treat a stress reaction in his right elbow, the Yankees announced. He saw Dr. James Andrews after complaining of nagging discomfort. Cervelli’s season is over one way or another, either due to the injury or due to his 50-day Biogenesis suspension.

Huff throws 10.1* innings in SWB doubleheader
Yankees fall 3-2 to ChiSox, lose third straight
  • PED’s

    False, he will be ready for the Postseason.

  • trr

    If you mean the postseason Scrabble tournament , he’ll be ready ….

  • ropeadope

    I know Andrews is held in the highest regard, but can Frankie seek a second opinion from A-Rods doc (informing the team of course) just for shits and giggles to err on the side of caution.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    Really could have used that pop in the lineup.

  • Duh Injuries

    The Yanks will be ten games behind Boston thus unofficially officially done in the division race and could be 5.5 games behind for the second wildcard slot if Texas beats the Angels tonight. They could be in position of having their chances of making the postseason wrecked this weekend by of all teams their postseason masters since 2006 the Detroit Tigers. The Yanks will draw Porcello on Friday, Sanchez on Saturday, and Verlander in Sunday, so if they lose tomorrow it is very possible they could have an eight-game losing streak going into their four-game series with the Angels in which they’ll face Jerid Weaver and probably C.J. Wilson and Jason Vargas, too all three pitchers with ERAs under 4. The Yanks don’t get a single breather with opposing starters, not even lefty Hector Santiago tomorrow.

    I’d say if the Yanks are 7 games behind for the second wildcard slot going into Monday or certainly at the end of the Angels series, they’re toast with only 47 games left to play through Sunday and 43 left to play through next Thursday. If that happens, it is time to fire Cashman as it is clear the man cannot develop talent to get talent, have farm talent outside of Cano and Gardner produce for the team offensively (spare me “Romine”), or even sign talent. How does he not re-sign Russell Martin for $17M through 2014 but give two old hasbeens Wells and Suzuki a combined $26.9M for 2013-14? How does he not get SOMETHING for Hughes and Chamberlain who would cost a taker/takers only the remainder of the $9.025 combined salary they’re earning this season. I’d have re-signed Martin and offered Hughes to the Phillies for Young, fuck it. I’d have had Stewart (continue to) back up Martin and Cervelli and Romine share catching duties in AAA with both as tradebait. He brought back Alfonso Soriano – that’s it. He brought back a guy I have clamored for them to bring back since last year.

    • ropeadope

      Would you prefer drawing Scherzer, Fister, and Verlander against the Tigers? I’m thrilled they’ll miss they miss Scherzer (16-1) and Fister (10-5).

      • ropeadope

        careless (they’ll miss they miss)

        better get some sleep

    • Pat D

      You also said that Steve Pearce would outhit Mark Teixeira last year.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Frankie – just rub some of this cream on it and you’ll be fine.

    If you run out I know this guy in Miami; he supposed to be totally legit but claims to also be discreet. Just tell him Rex Lodriguez sent you.

    • nycsportzfan

      you were ahead of me on this one..lol funny stuff.

  • Kiko Jones

    I dunno but I get the feeling we’ve seen the last of Frankie C in pinstripes. Then again, unless some miracle happens and Cashman finds a real starting catcher under a rock somewhere, they just might bring him back.