David Phelps has new strain in forearm, Pineda’s test come back clean

Cano, Mo, Pettitte, Gardner make Baseball America's Best Tools survey
Game 112: Just Win

This afternoon, Joe Girardi confirmed that tests revealed a new strain in a different spot in David Phelps‘ right forearm. He will be shut down for two weeks before he can resume throwing and whatnot. The good news is that it’s just his forearm and not his elbow. Phelps has been on the DL for exactly a month now.

In other pitching injury news, Girardi confirmed tests on Michael Pineda‘s right shoulder came back clean. It’s just tightness and nothing structural. He’ll be shut down for 7-10 days as a precaution. Pineda left his last start with Triple-A Scranton due to stiffness in that surgically repaired shoulder. Good news considering shoulder trouble is usually very bad news.

Cano, Mo, Pettitte, Gardner make Baseball America's Best Tools survey
Game 112: Just Win
  • Greg

    assume that they are both done for this year, unless by some miracle the Yankees make the playoffs.

    • trr

      Well, by the time they’re ready, we may well be out of it

  • RetroRob

    Good news on Pineda. Not unexpected to have some stiffness as he builds up innings after surgery.

    Yet, it reminds that the team’s pitching depth is quite shallow now.

  • forensic

    That sucks, much moreso Phelps than Pineda. Phelps could’ve certainly helped them some more this year, Pineda not so much apparently.

  • Eddard

    Shut em both down for the rest of the year. The season is lost because 3 veteran pitchers can’t put together one good performance.

  • jim p

    A “not bad” statement from Yankee medical examinations is not really very comforting, as the history of injuries the last few years has usually been followed by bad news.

    Hope they are really right with Pineda this time.

  • King George

    HUGE exhale that Pineda is fine. But it is expected. I had reconstructive shoulder surgery after getting injured through sports and the shoulder tends to tighten up a little big after you first start to use it more than usual.

  • SDB

    Is Chien Ming Wang still floating around on the DFAed heap?

    • Eddard

      CMW might not be bad. At least he can induce a groundball. Between Hughes and CC you could have the 98 Yankees lineup and you’d still give up more HRs than you hit.

      • forensic

        Wang has a higher HR/9 ratio this year than even CC does.

  • Darren

    I can’t get that excited that our supposed new young ace is being shut down for any reason. Could Claiborne or Kelley be developed as a starter? Not to re-open old wounds, but I always thought it was foolish with Joba because he was tagged as a grunt and fart guy who couldn’t last 6 or 7 innings. Could either of these guys?

    • SDB

      Five innings from Joba at this point would be a godsend, given that Pettitte and Hughes can’t get past 3 or 4 at times.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek/ Roadgeek Adam

      Claiborne is 2 innings at most. Can’t really expand that.

    • RetroRob


  • hornblower

    Where’s Nuno? Is he coming back soon?

  • Kiko Jones

    I refuse to give up on this season but jeez…every day is just one piece of bad news after another. It’s gotten to a point where “not bad, could be worse” elicits cries of halleluja! Ugh. I can imagine how exasperated Girardi must be.

    Seriously, it looks like the best case scenario is a WC berth. And then getting eliminated in the sudden death match.

    Meanwhile, Cano is probably thinking to himself, that what’s left of the Core Four will be gone next year—maybe Jeter goes, too—the rest of the team is in shambles, and the farm system is shot. And if he wants to find a contender elsewhere or stick around for the Yankees’ early ’90s revisited.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      I refuse to give up on this season

      You could refuse all you want but at least you’re somewhat of a realist and acknowledge it’s gonna take a near miracle for this team to make the playoffs let alone win a round.

      CC pitching like a #3 or 4 starter is pretty much the clinching blow as they now cannot hit and have only 2 reliable starters in Kuroda and Nova (never thought I’d hear myself say that about Nova).

      • Mac

        I don’t particularly expect them to make the playoffs, but it certainly will not take a miracle. Teams go on runs. They go on hot streaks coming off cold streaks, and vice versa. Making up 5 games with 51 games to go doesn’t take a miracle for any team. A tiny bit of luck, really. And once you make the playoffs winning a round comes down to a hot few games. Again, a little bit of luck.

        Looking backwards to project forwards is not a simple thing. You seem to want to make it a simple thing. “Player X has played like Y so the team is in Z position.” Projecting forward doesn’t really work like that. And to discuss whether the Yankees will make the playoffs, what we have to project forward.

        • Manny’s BanWagon

          Making up 5 games with 51 games to go doesn’t take a miracle for any team

          That’s correct but leapfrogging 4 other teams in the process, most of which are better than the Yankees is gonna take more than a little bit of luck.

          • Mac

            You seem to have ignored my comment entirely.

            • Manny’s BanWagon

              I can say the same to you.

              If only one team was ahead of them, your point would be valid but with them needing to pass 4 teams, it’s going to take far more than the “tiny bit of luck” that you mentioned.

              ESPN has their chances of making the playoffs at 3.4%. That’s a pretty huge long shot by any definition of the word

              • Mac

                Orioles are at 25.5% and only 3.5 games up on the Yankees. Their prospects could change very, very quickly with a *tiny bit of luck*. Especially with Granderson, Soriano, and at least temporarily A-Rod in the line-up. The team that couldn’t hit all year has remade 1/3 of the line-up.

                Four teams have passed the Yankees in the last month. It will hardly take a miracle to do the opposite in the next month.

    • The Real Greg

      At least for next year.

      Then they will go back to spending. The problem is that with the way the market is going there are going to be no players in their prime (under 30) on the market.

      • Manny’s BanWagon


        Nearly ever team locks up their young stars until they’re in their early 30s now a days.
        Giving long term deals to those guys never seems to work out well. There’s no substitute for developing home grown talent and that has been Cashman’s greatest failure.

        • Mac

          Care to actually provide any evidence quantifying how the Yankees have developed talent relative to the resources they’ve had available (draft picks)? They haven’t been amazing, but I’d be willing to bet that they’re a lot higher relative to the rest of the league than you believe. That Cashman hasn’t actually failed. They have graduated a lot of talent in recent years and the system is well stocked from top to bottom. Having a good system doesn’t necessarily mean you get immediate dividends (especially without high picks and close prospects acquired through trade). Prospect watching is a game of failure.

          You guys are also ignoring trades, which were as big a part of the Yankees success recently as FAs. You can find a team with a pre-prime guy locked up that wants to go in a different direction (Granderson, Swisher, and Pineda are recent Yankee examples). You can also find that veteran who is overpaid but on a shorter-term deal when you acquire him than you’d have to give on the FA market.

          • Manny’s BanWagon

            Once Gardner turns 30 in 2 weeks, they won’t have a decent position player on the team under age 30 and none of their top prospects are likely to be ready until 2015 if they even make it at all.

            Top 10 position(per RAB) prospects including Williams, Heathcott, Sanchez, Austin, Gumbs and Flores have all had disappointing seasons and no one in AA or AAA has really established themselves as someone who can reasonably be expected to be an above average major leaguer.

            Keith Law today specifically mentioned Sanchez as prospect who’s stock is falling.

            If you wanna do the research defending Cashman, knock yourself out. I don’t hate the guy, just think he’s pretty average and overrated.

            • Mac

              Again, you think that because you fail to put anything into context. That is why I suggested you put things into context. You seem to build up these arguments in your head that don’t actually match reality.

              If you develop a player and trade him, you have still developed him. AJax is 26. Yankees have developed 2 of the top 37 qualifying players under 30 in MLB this season between Gardner and AJax despite the late picks and lost picks over the years. There are 30 teams in MLB. (There are actually only 85 position players under 30 who qualify and are at least replacement level.) I know it would be great to develop a bunch of stars, but that’s not a reasonable expectation. Which is what I’m trying to tell you. You have to compare the Yankees to reasonable expectations.

              If you really don’t think any of the Yankees prospects in the high minors project as above average MLB players, you are our of your mind. Austin hurt his wrist. Sanchez is one of the best C prospects in the minors, whether his stock is falling or not. Williams and Heathcott are strong defensive CFs with some offensive ability.
              Prospects’ stock rise and fall throughout their development. Is this really something that I need to explain to you?

              • Mac

                Basically, you can’t talk about whether someone is average, below average, or above average until you establish what the average is. If you don’t want to do even a tiny bit of work to get an idea for average expectations (I’m not expecting hours and hours of work here, just a few minutes), there is no merit at all in throwing around statements about how someone compares to average.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Great News about Pineda.

    A re-injury to his shoulder capsule or labrum would pretty much be career ending at this point.

    • forensic

      Being a pitcher in the Yankees minor league system is pretty much career ending at this point.


      • Manny’s BanWagon

        Sad but it seems almost true.