Heyman: Yankees agree to sign Mark Reynolds

Yankees can't finish off sweep, fall 8-4 to Angels
Severino strikes out nine in River Dogs win

Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees have agreed to sign corner infielder Mark Reynolds. Because he was designated for assignment and released by the Indians, they only owe him the pro-rated portion of the league minimum. Heyman says four teams had interest. The deal is not yet official.

Reynolds, 29, hit .205/.307/.373 (93 wRC+) with 15 homers before being cut by the Tribe. As I explained in last week’s mailbag, he was very good for the first 50 games but terrible for the last 49. Reynolds did hit .215/.333/.411 (111 wRC+) against lefties though, and that’s why the Yankees signed him. He’ll presumably platoon with Lyle Overbay at first base and see some time at third base and DH as well.

The Yankees will need to clear both a 25-man and 40-man roster spot to accommodate Reynolds, but that won’t be too difficult. They’re already carrying a 13-man pitching staff and could transfer either Zoilo Almonte (ankle) or Luis Cruz (knee) to the 60-day DL. If he performs well, I suppose the Yankees could look to retain Reynolds for next season as a part-time corner infielder/DH.

Yankees can't finish off sweep, fall 8-4 to Angels
Severino strikes out nine in River Dogs win
  • https://twitter.com/cfrs15 Robert

    Does this mean I don’t have to watch Lyle Overbay suck anymore?

    • Darren

      You have to watch him suck, but not as often

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    why? overbay’s been ok, a-rod is back…put him at DH?

    • trr

      1B against lefties mostly, a little 3B, we’ve got plenty of DH cadidates

      • MannyGeee

        This. Depth move and limit your exposure against LHP, which has been this teams Achilles Heel this season.

  • Kevin G.


  • Tarik

    Pretty funny considering you just wrote: “Isn’t it amazing how, 120 games into the season, the Yankees still don’t have a viable platoon partner for Lyle Overbay?” Ask and ye shall receive.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Nothing to lose. Go for it. Hit a shitload of homers, Mark.

    • OldYanksFan

      Or at least have an OPS against LHP better than .548!

  • Cy Pettitte

    decent platoon partner for Overbay at 1B I guess. Who’s getting taken off the 25 man to make room for him though? Wells?

    • https://twitter.com/cfrs15 Robert

      How about one of the 13 pitchers?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Huff would have to be DFAed. Kind of silly to bring him up, only to do that, but such is the life of a player like this.

        Wouldn’t surprise me to see Warren spend ten days in Scranton.

        • https://twitter.com/cfrs15 Robert

          How about 15 days? Almost September anyway.

        • trr

          it sounds like a prison sentence

        • Bubba

          Duffy we hardly knew you.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      That’d be a pleasant surprise, wouldn’t it?

  • your mom

    A platoon partner for Overbay. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • CashmanNinja

    I love this move. We had to do something with Overbay in the platoon department. I think Overbay has been a pleasant surprise this year, but it’s no secret that he’s struggled against lefties. Reynolds is a great platoon guy. He hits lefties well and has more than enough power to slide into the DH slot. There’s a chance he could suck and we’ll get the 2nd half version, but it’s a risk that should be taken. If he sucks then oh well. If he produces than it’s a bonus because Overbay has been an automatic out against lefties lately. It’s a small gamble and a great move in my opinion.

    • OldYanksFan

      “Or at least have an OPS against LHP better than .548!”

      It would be approaching Zero impossible for Reynolds not to produce more than Overbay against LHP. I mean, he’s a bad player… but how bad would he have to be to post a sub .550 OPS against Lefties?

      Great move. No downside and a little to a fair amount of upside.

  • Mike

    Are you kidding me!!!! this guy is another hafner, not even a hafner, he sux, Ruiz is raking in scranton. I rather have vernon wells play first base. Cmon stop the scraping of the barrel. Find a warm body to replace Phil, Hell I’d run Warren out there next time he cant do much better.

    • And in merrie olde England

      I want to save your pointless rage for winter to keep myself warm.

    • The Real Greg

      Stop it.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You’d really pick a 35 year-old career fringe guy over Reynolds? Randy Ruiz would be less “scraping of the barrel?”

  • Pat D

    Cashman failed!

  • Eric

    What are the odds that he replaces ARod at 3B. He might be better than Adams/Cruz/etc, even when accounted for his atrociously awful defense.

    • The Real Greg

      True. And he’s cheap.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek/ Roadgeek Adam

    Won’t, like Kendrick, Reynolds’s AVG go down because he doesn’t have the Yankees to beat the hell out of? :P

    • Bruce

      No kidding! Sheesh.

    • vicki

      his yankee-killing mojo has failed him this year. .266 ops in seven games. not a typo.

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek Roadgeek Adam

        Well, Reynolds also had less ABs since he was in Cleveland.

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    Interesting, interesting.

  • Kramerica Industries

    Could’ve used Reynolds today instead of either LOLverbay or Wells.

    • vicki

      chris nelson says it wouldn’t have mattered.

  • Bruce

    Not a big fan, thought the Overbay platoon partner is WAY overdue. Just he’s not a good fielder and strikes out an unforgivable amount. I guess this just gets an “eh” from me.

  • Oy

    Good job Cash, setting up the team for 2014 already.

  • https://twitter.com/AngeloInNY Angelo

    Solid move. If Reynolds goes on one of his crazy hot streaks, it could be a great move.

  • FIPster Doofus

    “I like it. I like it a lot.”-Lloyd Christmas

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    Oh, goodie.

  • NeilT

    Seattle knew.

  • DERP

    Don’t let him anywhere near third base.

  • DERP

    The team probably also will have to increase their budget for sunflower seeds.

  • Steve (different one)

    Is this the most obvious transaction ever?

    The RHed offense now vs 2 weeks ago is like night and day.

    • Jonathan

      Yeah, and you add in Jeter in a few days and your only lefties are Gardner/Cano/Granderson in the lineup vs LHP. I expect a strict platoon of Ichiro an Wells and Overbay and Reynolds.

  • Mickey Scheister

    Not a bad signing, the pro-rated league minimum for a guy with some pop. Not good on D but whadyagonnado. Better than overpaying for Young, who also has his warts.

  • Conor in China

    Thank God Overbay can sit against lefties. Not bad to improve the lineup a third of the time.

  • Deathstroke Heathcott

    Against RHP

    Ichiro/Nunez (or whoever is needed to give the right guy a half-day off)

    Against LHP

    • Jonathan

      You would seriously platoon Wells with Granderson vs Ichiro?

      • jameshendrickson

        I hate to say it but wells is a bust and that could have been money for granderson next year . cash better find the money somewhere you don’t find many 40 homerun guys

  • Pasta

    Lh Rh
    Gardner Gardner
    Jeter Jeter
    Cano Cano
    Arod Sori
    Sori Arod
    Big mac Granderson
    Granderson Nunez
    Nunez Romine
    Romine Ichiro
    Stewart,nix,wells can suck it

  • Pasta

    Mac makes us stronger against boston this weekend
    So much for teams finding lefties to face us.
    Now have 5 hr threats in lineup 6 with jeter

  • forensic

    It gets Overbay out most of the time vs. lefties, but still, yuck…

  • Pasta

    Bench guys
    Stewart/ romine
    Better than adams cruz mesa
    Now find a catcher

    • The Troll Monger


  • Curtis

    Hope they put in a claim for Paul Konerko as well. Konerko has like a 1.000 OPS vs Lefties

  • dc1874

    Richie Sexton part 2!!!!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It’d be Richie Sexton, part one, actually.

      • Pat D

        Too many commas!

      • WhittakerWalt

        How about Charlie Sexton?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Beeeeeeats so looooonelah……

  • ialien

    this trade is like picking up a used cigar butt off the ground & trying to pull one last drag out of it.

    if reynolds was any good, the indians, who are in better position than the yankees for the playoffs, would never have released him.

    lets get manny ramirez too. maybe he can relive 2003.

    [face palm]

    • OldYanksFan

      this trade is like picking up a used cigar butt roach off the ground & trying to pull enjoying one last drag out of it.


      • Chong


    • vicki

      i don’t know what he’s got in him but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the indians would’ve kept him if he were any good. they have a switch-hitting everyday first baseman, a utility infielder they’re happy with, and a young catcher they like to play a little at first and dh. obviously if he were hitting like he did the first fifty games he wouldn’t be designated. but come on. he’s not ben francisco.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Yes, no one who gets released ever gets a job in baseball unless its with the Yankees. No one ever hears from Chris Nelson. I think he’s pumping gas somewhere. Oh, wait.

  • EndlessJose

    Not a bad deal.He won’t hit for average but he’ll hit a ton of homeruns in this park.Look at Martin and Swisher.They had a low averages last year but they managed to hit over twenty homers and both aren’t gonna do it this year.

    This park can make average hitters look like sluggers.Mark will do fine.

    • OldYanksFan

      Speaking of Swisher…

      Swish: .724 OPS, 2.0 WAR for $14m
      Ichiro: .677 OPS, 2.3 WAR for $6.5m

      Yankees FO: Genius!

      • Jonathan

        WRONG. Swisher’s hurt by playing 1B instead of RF. Swisher has over double the walk rate Ichiro has and is has a wRC+ of 105 compared to 82 or a .321 wOBA vs a .296 wOBA if you prefer that. Swisher has been a much better hitter and defense in RF in YSIII isn’t that important. I’d probably still take the remaining 3 years on Swisher’s contract over the last one for Ichiro.

  • vicki

    looking for mike’s “can’t wait for mark reynolds to do his aaron boone impersonation” tweet.

  • Jon G

    Maybe at some point in September, we will have two days where Reynolds hits a walkoff vs the O’s and Dan Johnson hits a walkoff vs the Rays…

  • dkidd

    predictions for sterling’s call?

    that’s gonna leave a mark!
    reynolds wrapped it!

    • MannyGeee

      Lost it at “Reynolds wraps it”

      Although, since Tex is out, he may recycle with “You’re on the Mark, Reynolds!”

      • Mandy Stankiewicz

        “reynolds wrapped it!” hahah

  • hogsmog

    YES! I have been an irrational Reynolds fanboy forever, and now I get to watch his true-three-outcome approach in pinstripes.

  • forensic

    A couple of comments have been about who comes off directly for him, but I’m kind of surprised no one was wondering what happens next week if Jeter is ready to return (and no one else’s leg falls off before then).

    I guess Nunez would get to visit Scranton again since they LOVE Nix (they also may not think he could play 2B short-term if needed, though it’s not like it’s necessarily a harder throw than the two positions he is playing now).

    I know he’s been pretty terrible, for the most part, this season but I’d still rather have him around over Nix thanks to his speed and energy (I know most here don’t buy into it, but I like having some guys with those attributes on the team). I’d also prefer to have him over another plodding, insanely K-prone, (largely) washed-up veteran who may have a couple good games or hit you one homer a week but do nothing else worth anything.

    At least this blah move doesn’t also have a contract with it for next year, like several of their others have.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Plouffy will go into shock after hearing the following come out of my mouth: Nixie goes home next week.

    • Darren

      Good question, but I can’t imagine either Nix or Nunez is removed from ML roster.

    • Steve (different one)

      It’s not really a big deal because rosters expand 9/1.

      If Jeter comes back in a week, and you want to hold onto Nix, sending down Nunez for a week probably makes sense. Same with Betances, etc., everyone comes back 9/1 anyway.

    • Kosmo

      signing Reynolds is no more than an attempt to catch lightning in a bottle. Rosters expand in 2 weeks. If Reynolds doesn´t work out then it´s just another minor bleep on the radar.
      I was considering what a delightful day it will be when Soriano, granderson and Reynolds all join in on a syncronistic K-day.
      Reynolds hits LHP better than Overbay but the numbers he´s posted aren´t very good.

    • MannyGeee

      I have to think that Nunez sticks around as his bat is finally starting to heat up. Also, I don’t think they’ll want to burn an option on Nunie for a weeks worth of time.

      Maybe they send Warren down and he comes back in the 10 days, and we pray that we don’t need the long man in that timeframe. Maybe Kelley has to take the sword.

      Another off topic but burning question… Does Nunie get time on 3B next season?

  • rose heller

    i’am just hoping that Reynolds hits better than travis hafner and wells. those two are just a hell of what they used to be.