Introducing our totally serious Blame Charts

Yankees lose (again) as CC gets rocked (again)
A-Rod comes out swinging during post-rehab game press conference

The Yankees are stuck in fourth place and have quite a bit of ground to make up if they want to get into the postseason. Disappointed in the team? Angry? Indifferent? Not sure who to blame? Well, we’re here to help. Here’s a not-so-simple flow chart to help you figure out which position player is to to blame for the most recent mess-up: (click for a larger view)

Hitter Blame Map

Did the position players do there job? Then blame the pitchers. Here’s the flow chart for the moundsmen: (click for a larger view)

Pitcher Blame Map

So, any time you find yourself unsure of who to blame for the most recent loss, just use the flow charts. Thanks to Matt Warden for putting them together.

Yankees lose (again) as CC gets rocked (again)
A-Rod comes out swinging during post-rehab game press conference
  • trr

    Thanks for the laugh- we’re all guilty at one point or another.

    • radnom

      Yankee fans are the worst. What sort of degenerate mouthbreathers actually hold a front office accountable for the product they put on the field. Everyone knows this current $240MM clusterfuck was pre-ordained by fate, and totally out of anyone’s control.

      • Winter

        Yeah. What sort of degenerate mouthbreathers don’t hold their front office accountable when practically all their key players get injured and suffer major setbacks/reinjuries?

  • Eddard

    The people most to blame are Brian Cashman for putting this crap together and CC Sabathia for not living up to his “ace” status and his big contract. This is why you don’t give these pitchers 7-8 year deals and you don’t let them opt out after 3-4 years only to sign them to another big extension after their prime years are past them. They may get lucky getting out of this A-Rod contract, let’s hope they fire Cashman and higher someone smarter.

    • Selig’s BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons)

      Please, do pray tell. CC opts out, who do we get as ace? Edwin Jackson? Ryan Dempster? Or do you suppose Hughes step up and be an ace without CC around?

      • CashmanSUXShit

        “Please, do pray tell. CC opts out, who do we get as ace?”

        Please, do pray tell. Who do the Yankees have for an ace NOW? You think CC is an ace?

        And how is the Yankees still being on the hook for another $76 million (MINIMUM) for Sabathia AFTER this year a good thing?

        • jjyank


          Thought that would be obvious, even to someone like you.

    • Oy

      Yes, because extending a 31 year old pitcher who was coming of a 6.5 WAR season, who never pitched less than 180.1 innings per season in his career, and stood alone on top of a shaky rotation was such a terrible move at that time.

      • 28 this year

        And by extending, we are talking about an extra year with some protection against a left shoulder injury. I wouldn’t say thats a big extension. It may not work out but its not a huge step from his previous contract.

      • CashmanSUXShit

        Well, his linedrive rate was soaring the year before he opted out. His velocity had been dropping consistently in the years before he opted out.

        The signs were there.

        BUT, let’s pretend they weren’t. Let’s pretend you’re right and 100% of this is hindsight.

        You do realize that general managers are fired almost exclusively based on hindsight… right?

        GM’s and other talent evaluators (not to mention decision makers in nearly every walk of life) are fired based on how their moves ENDED UP… Not based on what people thought about them at the time they were made.

        • Winter

          You’re right about the line drive rate, but dead wrong about the velocity. It didn’t start dropping until 2012. Heck, he was above his career average for fastball velocity in 2011.

          2011 was the second best season of Sabathia’s career (after 2008). He pitched better in 2011 than he did the year he won the Cy Young. He had a 72 ERA- and a 70 FIP-. He was 31. Resigning him is only questionable in hindsight. And keep in mind that plenty of pitchers have bad years then recover to pitch well again. Look at Mike Mussina.

    • KeltiK

      Fire Cashman and negotiate to hire Billy Bean. Enough BS …

  • Selig’s BanHammer (Temporarily Not Bob Buttons)

    Damn cool work, but maybe it would be nice to differentiate the arrows, let it be color or thickness or something, got lost at the intersections a couple of times.


    Also, I am upset that not every arrow ends in Blame Cashman.


  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    I made one for non-Yankees fans:

    Have the Yankees done something that you don’t like? —> Yes —> Blame payroll

    Have the Yankees done something that you don’t like? —> No —> Laugh at the payroll.

    Have the Yankees done something you like? —>Yes or No —> Shut up, dirty Yankees fan!

  • Claudell

    Love this! Great job. I had a few good laughs.

  • Steve

    Lying by the owner and mgmt. is rediculous . They make no trades, our prospects stink, Sabathia is terrible, positions first third and catcher stink, but do not go out and get Mourneau Headley and the Braves catcher mcmann. Just as our Gov’t treats us as idiots so due the Yankees!!!

    • Mac

      Really scary if this is a serious comment.

    • Pat D

      Why do people seem to think that McCann was available?

      HE WASN’T!!

      • I Voted 4 Kodos

        Maybe McCann wasn’t available, but I am interested in learning about this McMann fellow. I think a fictional catcher is just what this team needs to turn everything around.

      • CashmanSUXShit

        More importantly, even if he WERE available, why would anybody in their right mind expect a Brian Cashman-run organization to have anything CLOSE to the prospects required to land such a player?

        Brian Cashman gets credit for exactly ONE World Series championship team… and it took him a half-BILLION-dollar offseason to win that one!

        • Winter

          I like how winning the Wold Series is now a negative in your eyes.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      I also blame the Government. They don’t spend enough on education. Hence this comment.

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Male first name only.

    • Red Forman

      There’s a lot of dumbass in this one.

  • Mac

    Blame injuries. Essentially, blame luck. I know that people want something or someone to be responsible. This just seems to be that occasional two standard deviation bad luck event.

    How many teams could lose 4 of their top 6 hitters (not even including A-Rod) plus their starting C for basically the entire season to date and be only 4 out of the wild card? And none were particularly predictable. Even Youkilis, who was undoubtedly injury prone, has broken 500 PAs the last two seasons and was at 435 the season before. 118 PAs this season. Not totally out of the blue, but certainly on the pessimistic side (especially since he didn’t hit while he played).

    Sure they could have done more or made better moves in the off season and a few injuries throughout the season are par for the course, but with normal injury luck they’re probably in the thick of the playoff race.

    Other occurrences that seem as ascribable to luck as anything are CC’s struggles and Hafner actually playing but not hitting (not playing wouldn’t be a surprise but when he’s played he’s hit).

    • Kosmo

      you miss the point. NY is 4 games out of the wildcard despite CC´s struggles, if CC was pitching well then NY would be in a much better position in the standings. You add Pettitte and Hughes to the list of underachieving SP and then you begin to see even with the lack of hitting and all the injuries NY could conceivably be in much better shape.

  • emac2

    Blame is pointless.

    Hopefully, come Monday, Arod will no longer be relevant to the Yankees future and we can start to rebuild. I hope they make an internal decision that he will never step on the field again as a Yankee even if they don’t make that decision public. If Hank lets him talk about the Yankees the way he has without reacting “properly” he doesn’t deserve the last name. Arod has been the baseball dynasty version of jumping the shark. RIP

    I think I would shut CC down for awhile. He isn’t helping and grinding through isn’t going to help anything.

    Gardner – CF
    Jeter – SS
    Cano – 2B
    Soriano – DH
    Granderson – LF
    Nunez – 3B
    Adams – 1B
    Ichiro – RF
    Stewart – C


    • Jigga

      Replace Adams with Overbay and switch Ichiro and Nunez’s batting position and I agree

      • emac2

        Ichiro is down there to split righties and lefties.

        Overbay is replaced by Adams because Adams is ready and should be given time to make major league adjustments now and be ready next year while Overbay is marginally better at best and not a part of the future.

        We should see a lot of changes next year and it would be nice to know more about in house options given our limited cash for free agency. I don’t think Overbay is going to make the difference in how this years team plays.

    • CashmanSUXShit

      That you believe “Hank” has anything to do with ANYTHING makes your comment pointless.

      • Winter

        Yeah, because it’s not like the ownership has played a major role in building this year’s team. Cashman was solely responsible for signing Martin and Schierholtz, as well as letting Ichiro walk. Oh wait…

  • Former ACE MannyGeee

    Epic… This is great, thanks Matt

  • KeltiK


  • The Real Greg

    This is awesome. Favorite is Mo “You’re wrong and you’re a terrible person”

    • Dropped Third

      My favorite was Nova “confused whether god or Rothschild deserves more credit for pitching abilities”.

      • Winter

        A-Rod’s “0% mystical” had me in stitches.

  • Duh Injuries

    The Yanks are where they are because despite some of their best pitching in years, their slashline to date is frighteningly similar to the 1990 Yankees:

    2013: .241 / .303 / .367 / .670

    1990: .241 / .300 / .366 / .666

    Or to put it bluntly, the 2013 Yankees are hitting like the 1990 Yankees. They’re even on pace to finish with slightly more runs than the ’90 Yankees: 621 runs (as they have only 414 runs through the first two-thirds of the season) to the ’90 Yanks 603.

    You could say the 2013 Yankees are merely the 1990 Yankees with alot better pitching and more timely hitting in that th (2013) Yankees make the most of what little runs they produce considering they have only 11 less wins than the ’90 Yanks with a third of a season left to play and are on pace to win 84 games to the ’90s Yanks’ 67.

    This team’s offense sucks so bad the team is in danger of finishing with their worst record since 1992 because last year’s starting nine buries this year’s at every position save secondbase. It’s as simple as that.

    The Yanks went from Martin to Stewart, Teixiera to Overbay, Rodriguez to Youkilis and a cast of many, all-year All Star Jeter to out most of the year Jeter, Ibanez to Wells, Granderson to Gardner, Swisher to Suzuki, Chavez to Hafner, and let’s throw in .322 hitting Suzuki to .279 hitting Suzuki.

  • dkidd

    great work! much needed laughter

    soriano as world fair killer is inspired

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I love those who respond to a thread having a laugh of those who always try to assign blame by doing more of the same.

  • JLC 776

    Very well done! This obviously took a long time and even covers most of the popular ‘blame paths’ we see nearly every day. I’d love to see a ‘trade deadline flow chart’ as well!

    • Matt Warden

      That’s a novel idea. I’ll see what I can do.