Yankees lose (again) as CC gets rocked (again)

Game 108: Granderson Returns, Part II
Introducing our totally serious Blame Charts

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This was a good game to skip. I was around for the first two innings (and the last two outs), and that was more than enough to know things just weren’t going to the Yankees way. Derek Jeter threw a ball into the dugout, CC Sabathia walked in a run, umpires were blowing calls … it was one of those games. Know what I mean? Not one for the highlight reel. They lost 7-2.

I guess the good news is that Sabathia managed to avoid becoming the first pitcher since Albie Lopez in 2001 to allow at least seven runs in four straight starts. The bad news is that he did allow at least five runs for the fourth straight start (first time in his career) and failed to complete six innings of work for the fourth straight start (first time since 2008). Following his latest nightmare outing, Sabathia is sitting on a 4.78 ERA (4.18 FIP) for the season. Over his last 14 starts, he’s got a 6.27 ERA (4.34 FIP). Total disaster.

In other news, the Yankees scored two runs just for show and that’s pretty much it. Curtis Granderson went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts in his return to the lineup, though he did hit a line drive right at first baseman Yonder Alonso for a double play. Chris Stewart had two hits and a bunch of other guys had one hit. The Bombers were held without a walk for the 15th time this year, the most in baseball. They haven’t had this many walk-less games since 1974. The Padres, meanwhile, hit the same number of homers from innings four through eight (three) that the Yankees have hit in 13 games since the All-Star break.

For the box score and video lowlights, check out MLB.com. FanGraphs has some other stats and ESPN has the updated standings. With the loss, the Yankees are now seven back in the AL East and three back of the second wildcard spot in the loss column. New York hasn’t lost any ground in the wildcard race despite their recent poor play, but every game that passes without making up ground is a net loss. Ivan Nova and Tyson Ross will be your pitching matchup on Saturday night.

* * *

Minor League Update: I don’t have time for a regular update tonight, so all I can do is point you towards the box scores. They’re right here. Not a whole lot went on anyway. RHP Michael Pineda labored through two innings as his workload continues to be managed, 2B Rob Refsnyder had three hits, 1B Greg Bird drew another walk, LHP Dan Camarena threw five strong innings, and SS Abi Avelino had two more hits. Oh, and Alex Rodriguez hit a homer during his rehab game.

Game 108: Granderson Returns, Part II
Introducing our totally serious Blame Charts
  • JonS

    I guess you aren’t making fun of the #NotAnAce crowd now huh?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Yes, this year means Sabathia wasn’t an ace from 2009-2012.

      • radnom

        No, but there were warning signs in the later half of that period that were dismissed along with the #notanace stuff. Like Arod, you knew the deal after his opt out was not going to end well. Cashman has no one he can lay that one on.

        • Winter

          Sabathia never opted out. And Sabathia put up a 143 ERA+ the season before his extension, making it the second best season of his career (and better than his Cy Young season).

          • Fin

            Doesn’t matter what he did the year before or what signs there were. The fact is the Yankees had a chance to have CC for a discount during his prime years and get of the contract before he hit the decline years.

            Me personally, I couldn’t decide what I wanted them to do, drop him or extend him. Therefore, I cant sit here and bitch about the Yankees decision. I doubt anyone on this board or anywhere else can say they were pissed that the Yankees gave him that extra year and kept him.

            All that being said, as baseball gets more and more away from steroids, as even those doing them are getting caught, it seems in the future it would be very wise to not resign players like CC when they opt out. Other than a very small percentage of players, they all seem to be suffering massive drop offs in performance around the age of 32/33. Its why I’m against signing Cano. It seems these days its a much greater chance he sucks after year 2 of his contract (not even a decline, but sucks), than it is that he is anywhere near the level he is now. I do love Cano by the way. Just think it will be another ugly contract almost immediately.

            • Mikhel

              “as baseball gets more and more away from steroids, as even those doing them are getting caught”

              Of the latest cases only Braun, Colón, Melky and Grandal were caught, the rest were ratted out and it is fair to assume there are a lot of non-ratted users who continue to dope and have never tested positive.

              Because lets be honest, ARod was caught in 2003 and never again tested positive, same for Fernando Martínez, Gio, Nelson Cruz, Everth Cabrera, Canó, et al.

              • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

                And 2003 wasn’t supposed to be about “catching” anyone as much as it was supposed to be about “measuring” use as a data point for the PA and MLB to consider during CBA negotiations. Names were leaked (ratted) selectively.

                • Fin

                  Droids, are you an asshole or pretend attorney? Who fucking cares, as a fan, why/how the information got out. IT GOT OUT! If your Arod, Clemens, Bonds ect. you have a beef. As a fan your just an asshole who gripes about the truth because the way in which it released. You have no skin in the game, you should only care about the truth, not how it was obtained.

          • radnom

            Sabathia never opted out.

            Semantics, and irrelevant to my point.

            Arod was great the year before his extension as well. That doesn’t mean much when evaluating a long term contract (particularly for player’s decline years).

    • Tisha

      CC needs to face the harsh reality and fast. He is 33 and no longer a power pitcher who can just blow it by batters. He needs to make adjustments to his mechanics and transform into a pitcher.
      It happens to all power pitchers. Halladay and Lee both had to do it. Mussina had to do it.
      Other thing , could he be masking an injury or could the 40 pound weight loss have something to do with this ?

  • Kramerica Industries

    That game grew into just a really dull sludgefest after a while.

    I should’ve taken the cue and let it knock me asleep.

  • Tom

    Was the “Pineda labored through 2 innings” meant as sarcasm?

    Looks like he only threw 29pitches total

  • dkidd

    jeter is playing on one leg

    not pretty

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      I didn’t see tonight’s game, can you flesh out your observation.

      He looked fine in the LA series.

      • rw

        Dude, he looks done. Catch the replay.

      • trr

        He’s clearly favoring the leg, and looked awkward and uncomfortable in the field. He’d holding back running the bases, though that may be what he’s being told to do. He had a terribly awkward slide into third in the first inning; had to stretch his leg out just to reach the bag….It’s silly to say he’s “done”, but right now he does not look 100% physically, especially in the field.

        • Yankee Fan 1

          From lohud notes: “I was going to stand up, and I decided to slide,” he said. “I tried to slow down and it didn’t look too good. I thought it would probably be easier just to try to slide as oppose to break it down, so I was confused.”- Jeter

          • trr

            if anything, this makes it worse

  • Fin

    Nothing pretty about this team outside of Kirok, Mo, Drob and Cano. Its ugly as it gets.

    • WhittakerWalt

      And Cano’s in another one of his extended homerless streaks.

      • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

        It’s another thing that bugs me about him and something that to me separates him from the extreme elites in the sport (yes I know he gets extra points as a 2B). Not the homerless streaks as much as the streaks in general. He always seems to be either torrid or ice cold slumping. He can carry an offense for 2 weeks or be a black hole for 2 weeks. At the end the rates and cumes tend to look rather good but man can it be frustrating along the way.

        • http://RAB I remember the CBS years!

          Robinson Cano is the only player who runs harder going back to the dugout than going to first on the infield grounder.

        • Bo Knows

          You just described every baseball player who has ever lived and will ever live. Baseball is a game of streaks, guys get hot, guys get cold. Cano is one of those elites

          • Coolkering101

            Cano is a streakier hitter than most. I don’t know why you’d deny that. Doesn’t mean he’s not elite…but it is an accurate observation.

  • adeel

    glad i skipped this one. Have seen only three games this year, two wins and one loss. Visit RAB everyday tho..

  • Winter

    Gotta walk more as a team. Cano especially… the hat-o-meter is down to 78.7.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Anyone see ARod’s press conference after the Trenton game?

    He was defiant, calling on the union to back him up if only for future cheaters players.

    He said there are multiple parties who will “benefit from me not ever stepping back on the field”, implied that one of the parties is the Yankee front office.

    Who are the other parties? Plus, the only way the Yankee front office benefits is you aren’t living up to the value of your contract, which is something ARod shouldn’t go around admitting.

    • Fin

      The only people on the planet that will defend that dueche at this point are people on this website. I loved him as a player, thought he was misunderstood as a guy but now…I think its hard for anyone not to look at the guy and see anything but giant D-bag.
      I also strongly disagree that the Yankees made their bed and they have to lie in it as far his contract goes. In the real world if you sign a contract and through willful actions not only don’t live up to the contract but actively engage in reducing the value of the goods/services you are under contract for, the other side can typically get out of the contract. Arod through willful actions has not lived up to his contract and devalued what the Yankees paid for, yet it seems the Yankees still have no recourse.

      If Arod declined or got hurt, both of which has happened, the Yankees should have, without a doubt, had to grin and bear it. That just isn’t the case. He signed the contract and has since admitted to using steroids once, and seems about to admit it again. There is no way to tell if that has negatively affected his health, but it possible to tell that at this point it is negatively affecting the Yankees.

      • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

        You obviously know precisely zero about contract law, labor law, or civil law in general.

        • Fin

          Please enlighten me? You clearly know quite a bit by saying I know know nothing. Makes you an instant expert. By listing each point of law I know nothing about, even makes more of expert.

          • Coolkering101

            Fin – there is not doubt Droids was being a dick in response to your post, but his observation of the law is accurate. 1 – Arod and all of baseball are subject to a collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”). That agreement sets forth agreed upon penalties for drug use. Those are the ONLY penalties allowed. So the Yanks or MLB cannot just make up stronger penalties b/c A-Rod is a cheater and a douche. 2 – ARod’s contract is a guaranteed contract. In other words, the Yankees pay no matter what, with the exception of if he quits or if he is physically unable to play either through injury or incarceration. That’s it. So there is no other way out. No judge or arbitrator in the world would hold differently. You can’t refuse to pay him b/c he’s underperformed. You can’t refuse to pay b/c he’s a cheater. Hope this clarifies things for you a bit.

    • fat jeter

      The other parties are MLB and Bud Selig’s legacy as “the man who cleaned up the game”.

      • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

        Exactly. Regardless of what happens with A-Rod my fervent hope is that Selig’s self serving about face and hypocrisy in all this has more light shone on it.

        • Fin

          You are such a tool. How is Selig a bad guy because Arod has not learned the lesson that the roid era is over, and baseball with a massive dose of congress is doing everything it can to ruin players careers that use roids, at this point in time? Selig, I’m pretty sure never used roids. The guys that used them profited almost as much as baseball during that time. Guys signed contracts that were unheard of. Contracts didn’t go up x percent, they went up x percent times 10.

          The more Yankees get caught doing roids, the worse human being Selig is apparently. The Yankees are the biggest buyers of roid users because they brought those players on board to fill seats and build a coliseum off those profits. Outside of Yankee world, do you think any baseball fan in the world thinks Selig is building his legacy off roid users backs?

  • Fin

    Btw, anyone reading DotF and just hoping someone is awesome for the rest of the year. Its been an awful year for the farm. Some guys have taken steps forward, some back, but no one is just fucking awesome above short season teams. Seems no one even gives a shit that T. Austin is hurt and no player to watch on the side, because there is no one really exciting to watch right now.

  • Kosmo

    if Sabathia was headed to a 5-6WAR season, Hughes a 1.5-2 WAR and Pettitte a 2.5WAR with all other Yankee things being equal in 2013 they´d be 5 games or thereabouts better in the standings.
    Sabathia, Hughes and Pettitte in that order are the greatest disappointments for me in 2013.

    • Fin

      Sabathia has to be one of, if not the biggest disappointments in baseball, let alone the Yankees.

    • Fin

      The only player on this team who has out performed what could be expected is Hirok. Mo, Drob and Cano have all been their excellent selves but everyone else outside of a couple middle relievers has sucked as bad as expected or worse.

      • Kosmo

        In all fairness Gardner belongs on your list.

        • Fin

          Gardner belongs on which list? He’s been nothing but average. He may look good in this lineup, but comeon! Hes a defensive player who sucks on offense but looks good on this team. Fucking guy cant even steal bases.

  • Duh Injuries

    The Yankees did not sign on for A-Rod breaking down in 2011, year four of a decade-long contract and being a shell of a player in year six. Hopefully Selig will ban arrogant ass A-Rod for life so the Yanks would save $86M for 2014-16 ($25M for 2014 + $21M for 2015 + $20M for 2016 + $20M for 2017) plus $30M in homerun milestone bonuses (really $6M as no way A-Rod would make $24M of that bonus money reaching the 714, 755, 762, and 763 milestones) and whatever they make in insurance money from them paying him $28M this year.

    Now to Sabathia. He is not done, but he should be as a Yankee. The Yankees should trade him to a National League team who thinks they’d get over on the Yanks by taking him for three starting pitching prospects in the offseason. If they did this, traded Teixiera, Suzuki, Wells, and half their 2014 salaries, and got Jeter back on his 2014 player’s option, they would have $169,509,350 cleared for next year like this:

    Rodriguez $25M
    Sabathia $23M
    Cano $15M
    Granderson $15M
    Kuroda $15M
    Pettitte $12M
    Youkilis $12M
    Teixiera $11.25M
    Rivera $10M
    Jeter $9M
    Hughes $7.15M
    Suzuki $3.25M
    Hafner $2M
    Chamberlain $1.875M
    Boesch $1.5M
    Overbay $1.25M
    Wells $1.2M
    Nix $0.9M
    Lillibridge $0.75M
    Cervelli $0.51535M
    Stewart $0.515M
    Cruz $0.505M
    Brignac $0.499M

    They could rebuild the team as follows:

    Robertson or Kelley battle for the closer role, the loser and Clairborne set up the winner, Logan is re-signed for three years, Warren is the long man, Montgomery is the sixth man in the pen, and the last man in the pen is ideally another homegrown pitcher.

    Kuroda is re-signed for a year and $20M ($5M raise) if he still wants to go from year to year, $20M a year for 2014-15 if he wants two years. Hughes accepts the one-year $14M qualifying offer as no team in their right mind would give him two or more years for the way he’s pitched in 2013. Nova is guaranteed a rotation slot as he should be for his overall body of work (solid 2011, eh 2012, rebound 2013.) The last two slots in the rotation could come from Phelps, Pineda, Marshall, Warren, the three Sabathia trade acquisitions, and Pettitte signed to a minor-league contract where he makes $3M if he makes the team ($7.5M a year on average across 2013-14 since he’s making $12M this year.

    The bench could be J.R. Murphy (backup catcher), Overbay re-signed for say a year and $2.5M (double his 2013 salary), Nix re-signed for say $1.8M (double his 2013 salary), and Mesa, or the Yanks could go with Mustelier for backup 1B/3B and Joseph as the backup infielders and have a homegrown bench.

    Now to the starting nine:

    C – Romine making slightly above the rookie minimum with Murphy making the rookie minimum and possibily getting significant playing time (say a third of a season)

    1B – Adams making the rookie minimum or slightly above it with Overbay as his possible veteran mentor and backup

    2B – Cano re-signed for six years at $25M a year, $150M total plus a dollar in 2014 and a dollar in 2016 for $150,000,002 total, only $38,999,998 less than Jeter’s record decade-long contract for three less years of work. This would be the Yanks lone long-term, big money contract for 2014 and potential albatross contract. Cano would essentially a Yankee for life, would receive the second-biggest contract for a homegrown Yankee, far eclipsing the near $90M Bernie Williams got for 1999-2005 (despite getting a year less than Bernie), would be the highest paid Yankee of all current Yankees as he’d make a dollar more than 2014 A-Rod ($25,000,001 to A-Rod’s $25M for 2016) and 2016 Sabathia ($25,000,001 to Sabathia’s $25M for 2016.)

    3B – Eric Jagielo making the rookie minimum and batting ninth until he shows he can bat higher in the order with Scott Brosius as his spring training and phone call away throughout the season mentor

    SS – Nunez making at least $600K (a minimum $66700 raise) with Omar Vizquel as his fielding coach and mentor.

    LF – Almonte making the rookie minimum with Alfonso Soriano as his mentor.

    CF – Gardner making at least $5.7M or double his 2013 salary

    RF – Soriano costing the Yanks only $5M

    DH – Jeter making $8M a half-mil less than half his 2013 salary (ideally he learns all the bases so he could be the third-string baseman/shortstop)

    There you have it. Kuroda, Hughes, Logan, and Cano re-signed. Jeter returns. An all-homegrown starting nine and a possible all-homegrown bench. Only one long-term, big money, potential albatross contract. Only three old players (Kuroda, Jeter, Soriano), four if Overbay returned.) Everyone save the old guys, Gardner, and Robertson is under control beyond 2014 (or almost everyone is if Overbay and/or Nix re-sign.) The Yanks stockpile a ton of money for 2015 and beyond. The Yanks could afford to give Gardner an extension if they wanted to break their “no extensions” rule and tack on an extra year for Jeter (ideally he’d take say $5M for 2015.) They could even tack on an extra year for Soriano for say $3M (is it about money for him at this point and would he kill the Yanks at $3M for 2015? I doubt it.)

    • OldYanksFan

      Somebody must have a lot of time on his hands…

      • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

        And a lot of tolerance for a team that would absolutely suck waaaaaaay worse than the current team.

    • dick m

      What org in their right mind would take Teixeira off our hands.

    • Tisha


      You do know that CC and Tex have no trades ?, right? Go root for the Mets. There is not another dumb team like the Dodgers who are going to allow the Yanks to just dump payroll.
      Me thinkst you either have an over active imagination or you are hitting the bottle and hard.

      • Luis Castillo (Not the one who dropped the ball)

        Yeah… those dumb, first place, Dodgers.

  • your mom

    I couldn’t bring myself to read the short essay posted above.

    Feces needs to pitch better. That is all.

    • Oy

      A recap because I thought it would be a good read. I was wrong.

      -Trade CC for 3 pitching prospects.

      -Trade Teix, picking up half his salary.

      -Jagielo at 3B.

      • your mom


  • fat jeter

    Any chance for the yankees to make a run now lies squarely at the feet of Sabathia, Pettite, and Hughes. It’s hard to win games when 3/5 of the pitching staff is throwing like pure shit.

  • BJN

    CC is an aging pitcher with more of a workload on his arm than just about any other pitcher at his age. Unfortunately, I think we will be fortunate if he just maintains at this level. Chances are this will get worse. This is a lot of money to pay for an aging #5 starter. I would not be surprised if there is an underlying elbow or shoulder issue that will surface in the coming days.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    All else aside, one thing that’s indisputable is that the Yankees have a (another) major problem on their hands if this is what they can expect moving forward with C.C.

  • whatthehellisansky

    Yankees can make a playoff run if they put CC on waivers and Baltimore, Tampa or Sox pick him up.

    The Yanks will have a better chance with a replacement pitcher, and they will face CC at least 3 times…therefore insuring they get a few wins…definitely snap their homerless streak against him…

    Even when he was right, CC was not an ace…not an NYY ace. NYY ace competes against their rivals… CC was horrible in big games … Heck, AJ was better in the playoffs!

    If CC was not on this team this year, the Yanks are not only in the WC, they are competing for the division. Were they not in first place 13 CC starts ago?

    • pinch hitter

      Couldn’t agree more. 13 starts by Bootcheck/Marshall/Ramirez and the Yankees would certainly have still been in 1st.

    • Tisha

      are you on drugs? Not a fricking ace ? Before this stretch , he was 44 games over .500 for the Yankees and not is not an ace to you ? You living in la-la land?
      And waivers ? Now that is funny.

    • Coolkering101

      I’m only going to say this to you once Akeem….stay off the drugs.

  • JLC 776

    But we need to trade Hughes immediately because he sucks!!!

    (unjustifiable rant over)

  • yooboo

    CC is on the horrific slump so are the Yankees. Despite not being a fan of CC, I don’t quit on him until next year. He had arm repaired prior to this season and he lost a lot of weight. With a plenty of rest this coming off season, he should restore all strength for 2014. If not, give him some PED so he could get suspension to save our some pennies.

    I reviewed 2014 free agents for 3B and SS. Only Jonny Peralta would make sense once he clears of 50 game suspension. Peralta may like to stay with Tigers. Chemistry is good and he is not that expensive to keep, on Tigers’ side.

    Aramis Ramirez could be the best option for a trade. 16m next year but 6m will be deferred to 2016 and 2017 (3m each) with 14m mutual option and 4m buyout. Despite on the decline, he still is upgradeable to whoever Yankees have invested in to play 3b now and next year.

    Since it is difficult to find an actual 3b prospect that is ready to play at MLB level, Yankees could fork over Mark Montgomery and Slade Heathcott to Brewers as Brewers will cover 2 deferred payments.

    Yankees then get Ramirez to agree to 2015 solid. That way Yankees’ AAV for Ramirez would be 12m. 10m and 14m. It is better than 14m or 20m for 2014 alone.

    • yooboo

      14m mutual contract with 4m buyout for 2015.

    • whatthehellisansky

      After Cano, the list of free agent hitting is very short…

    • Tisha


      give him some PEDS so he can suspended? What are you 12?

    • Coolkering101

      Ramirez is a walking injury risk. You want to send the Yanks top relief prospect and top OF prospect for a 35 year old 3B with a history of injuries who has missed close to 150 games in the last five years!?!?!!?

      If Ramirez was the final piece for a championship, maybe you could justify it. But given the current state of the Yankees, this is batshit crazy.

  • whatthehellisansky

    Even when CC struggled in the past, he was always a workhorse. Always gave you a ton of innings and a ton of pitches… Is it possible that it has caught up to him?

    Considering the investment the Yanks have, I hope he can right the ship after some rest. Although rest has been an issue for him in the past, right? He seems to always get better late in the season, or at least after April and May..perhaps there is still a chance this season.

    I’m more confused than CC I think….

  • Steve

    I remember when #notanace was one of those HILARIOUS memes trotted out to make fun of the idiots that dared doubt CC. Those were good times.