Jeter has a Grade I right calf strain

Sunday Night Open Thread
Sanchez doubles in Double-A Trenton debut

An MRI revealed a Grade I strain in Derek Jeter‘s right calf last night, Joe Girardi announced. “I’m not so sure what we’re going to do,” said the skipper when asked if the Cap’n would need to be placed on the DL. He indicated they may simply let Jeter play through it because it’s getting late in the season and each game is so important. Hard to see that ending well if that is indeed what happens.

Sunday Night Open Thread
Sanchez doubles in Double-A Trenton debut
  • trr

    In other words, let him play until he blows himself up completely.
    Gotcha, Girardi!

    • dalelama

      How bad do our trainers suck? Even our high school trainers knew how to prevent pulled muscles. It is called proper warm-up.

      • Captain Turbo

        Yeah, that’s the problem. He didn’t do enough toe touches.

      • fat jeter

        Yea it’s a jeter thread, but it wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t the obligatory alex post (we just may find out how bad the yankee training staff and doctors are)

        From NYDN: Since the 38-year-old Rodriguez will appeal, the Yankees will have no choice but to activate him for Monday night’s game against the White Sox. They are obliged to play him if he says he is healthy (he is coming off more than six months of rehab from hip surgery in January), even as sources close to him have indicated that he may accuse the Yankees in his appeal of mishandling his injuries, forcing him to turn to other alternatives to stay on the field. He is also said to be considering suing the Yankees’ doctors for misdiagnosing his injuries beginning in 2009.

        Read more:

  • I’m One

    Well, at least A-Rod will be back. I hate what he has done, but he will help the team. If Jeter can return at some point as well and produce a bit, the team might just have a … Oh, who am I kidding. This season is over, unfortunately.

  • Carlos Danger

    So A-Rod may replace Jeter on the 25 man? Gotcha.

  • stuart a

    jeter should retire after the season. enough of this. 39 year old SS..

    cannot stay on the field what is that 5 games and 3 DL stints….

    worse news of the day was Pineda’s health, long term negative ramifications..Phelps elbow not the end of the world, shoulders are much different…

  • this team sucks

    LMAO. I can’t wait to listen to people try to stay optomistic about anything in this downright abysmal franchise right now. Freaking pathetic lineup with old crusty broken down players, and a bunch of underachieving players who never lived up to the hype(joba,hughes), and a farm system that leaves alot to be desired on a daily basis. This team sucks in every aspect.

    • chuck


      • Betty Lizard


  • 24/7, 365 A-Rod

    The rush to get Jeter back is what is causing all these issues. He’d have six weeks to slowly ramp up in Spring Training. Here, they rushed him back into game action rapidly, and did so after two broken bones and at age 39. Instead of getting a healthy Jeter back on the field, they have a Jeter who can’t play a single game without getting a leg injury.

    I understand why they wanted to rush him, but they actually have hurt their own cause and he will end up playing less games than if they took it slowly.

    • stuart a

      wow. you get your medical degree from?

      like the whiner who whines about not signing darvish after the fact, now you are playing doctor…classic…

      • JP

        That’s exactly what happened. When Jeter came back the first time, he was supposed to do 20 minor league games before returning only to do like four. Then the second time he came around he did two or three minor league stints. You cannot expect to play major league baseball at 100% energy without a month long spring training warmup. The muscles just can’t take a regular baseball season without it. Remember, Derek did not participate in any ST games because of the foot.

        • APSJr

          Are you saying that if he played 20 minor league games, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt in the same way? Minot league games must be less strenuous.

          • JP

            At the end of the rehab, they slowly acclimate players to games. He would play DH for the first few games, then fielding 3-4 innings for the next couple of games, then increase the workload from that point dependent upon how Jeter would feel. If Jeter needed more time to heal, its better to find out during the rehab assignment than doing a game, getting reinjured, doing another 2-3 games and get injured again in the Majors.

  • stuart a

    good news is romine is showing some signs of being a major leaguer…

    hit 240 with a occasional HR and he can play and star at catcher in the majors.

    girardi wil lgo back to stewie tomorrow and of course that is a bad idea…send down lillibridge also and call up adams…

  • Carlos Danger

    Has anyone heard anything about Nuno since his injury? With the Phelps and Pineda blowing up at the same time, outside of Warren, who else is a viable option when one of the current starting five get injured?

    • nycsportzfan

      Honestly, who cares? Give Brett Marshall a couple starts, and put Betances in a important role in the pen. Why the freak not?

  • stuart a

    assume Nuno is not close because they have not mentioned his name in forever. why would he be brought up he throws about 90 and all he does it get guys out…….

    • Crime Dog

      I mean, he’s obviously still hurt. They wouldnt just keep a healthy pitcher on the DL because he doesnt throw hard enough… I guess there just hasn’t been much of an update on him.

  • Eddard

    Shut him down for the reason of the year. The season is lost. Only 2/5 of their starters can win ballgames.

    • Crime Dog

      Yea but once BGDP comes back, that’ll be 3/5! A .600 winning percentage is playoff-caliber!

      • Eddard

        He’d certainly offer a viable alternative to Phil Hughes, who should have been traded at the deadline even if the Yankees had to pay the other team to take him. CC gets paid $20 million to be the worst pitcher on the staff not named Jobber Chamberlain. At least Andy has an excuse being 41 and on his last legs.

  • I’m not the droids you’re looking for…

    I definitely think we should get a second opinion on this from that doctor ARod saw.

  • Jorell

    I guess they should DL Jeter just to free up a roster spot and give hm enough time to heal. Maybe he’ll be okay in a couple of days, but maybe, probably not. Seems like no matter how much rehab time he gets, Jeter just bets hurt again. Part of me wants the team to shut him down for the year to avoid anymore annoying setbacks, but that’s not gonna happen.

  • FIPster Doofus

    Fuck this season.

    • dkidd


      this is the universe balancing out 1998

  • LK

    Anybody want to try to defend this laughably awful decision? Even if they don’t end up doing this, the fact that they’re thinking about it is an indictment of the entire organization. What a fucking joke. At least they were as cautious as possible with A-Rod – LOL.

  • mt

    At the end of this year there needs to be a chronicle written about 2013 NY Yankees called “Injury, Recovery, and the Inevitable Reinjury” – This is like the third reinjury for Jeter this year – the second minor ankle fracture, the quad, and now a calf. I know Mets looked aqt their medical staff a couple of years ago after some curious issues (Jason Bay flying with concussion, the Reyes leg injuries, some of the pitchers) – maybe yanks need to do same. One thing I do know – when he played against KC after starting but not fully completing his rehab assignment that was an obvious mistake (Cashman siad – he coupld play in Yankee Stadium or play in minors – not that much difference – he could get hurt anywhere – but he is wrong, clearly these players press their bodies much more in major league games and that may matter for a still recovery injured player.)

    LOL (better to laugh and not cry) – our 6, 7, and 8 pitchers (Phelps,
    Pineda, Nuno) are now all hurt.

    Another LOL flash through my mind – what if Arod plays and gets hurt again? What will the new conspiracy theories be there?

    I knew this road trip with people predicting Yanks winning 4/6 or 5/6 was not going to materialize with so many still recovering from injury to get to MLB plating shape (Grandy, the now reinjured Jeter, or even Arod) – at our current state with a bad offense 2 horrific pitchers (CC with his record tying 5 runs allowed straek, Phil with his worst in baseball percentage of games less than four innings) one average pitcher in Andy and 2 stalwarts (Hirok, Nova) we are not really better than Padres or maybe even the White Sox and they are playing at home so the advantage is theirs.

    With three lefties in a row scheduled against us in Chicago with no Jeter, it might get ugly. Soriano needs to do damage. ChiSox coming off a 10 game losing streak will also be desperate and look at Yankees as their soft landing spot. Granderson showed some life in SD so maybe he can try to carry us in Chicago although 3 straight lefties will not help him.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    Just shut him down till next season. This team isn’t making the playoffs with or without him so let the guy get 100% healthy before running him out there again.

  • Sio

    bad idea to let him play with the strained calf muscle — I did that and ended up with a 3rd grade tear in the muscle — he could also fully blow out his Achilles. They need to let him rest.

    • RetroRob

      Wouldn’t be surprised if they rest him another game or so at the most, and then DL him.

  • EndlessJose

    Jeter should be shut down till next year but he shouldn’t play SS anymore.We as Yankee fans have been lucky to have a closer,SS and catcher last over 15 years straight without major problems.Jeter just has finally hit the wall.

    He’ll be 40 next year it’s time to start finding replacements.

  • Duh Injuries

    I wouldn’t shut him down for the season now, but I would shut him down for the season if he wasn’t ready to return at the end of his disabled list stint.

    Now I hope he doesn’t pick up his $8M player’s option for 2014. Something tells me he will decline it because he thinks he’ll get two years from someone on his name alone, and I could see someone giving him that, although it won’t be the Yanks. If Jeter opts for the $3M buyout, the Yanks should offer him a year and $5M so he still makes $8M total, take it or leave it and if he leaves it, so be it, Nunez is the new everyday shortstop, and the Yanks clear $14M (Jeter’s 2013 salary of $17M minus $3M buyout.) The Yanks shouldn’t pay him a penny over $8M total if he opts out and if he complains that the Yanks are offering him what he opted out of being guaranteed, too bad, he’s old and breaking down if he isn’t broken down already, and the Yanks cannot afford to piss away another eight-figure sum on him. He has done TONS for the Yanks but the Yanks ALWAYS took care of him including giving him a still record decade-long $189M contract, so the Yanks owe him nothing.

  • fat jeter

    “It’s been terrible, said Jeter,” who played in only four games since coming off the DL last Sunday. “It’s been like a nightmare. “This whole season has been a nightmare.”

    Amen, derek. Now please retire. Join Mo as a 1st ballot hall of famer and put all this misery behind you.