2014 Draft: Yankees have 18th overall pick


By going 85-77 this year, the Yankees hold the 18th overall pick in next summer’s draft. They finished with the same record as the Orioles, but because Baltimore had the worse record last season, they get the 17th pick while New York gets the 18th. The full draft order is right here, and note that tonight’s tiebreaker game between the Rays and Rangers is technically a regular season game, so the 22nd and 23rd picks could flip.

Slot money for the 18th overall pick was $2,109,900 this year, and the slots are expected to increase in 2014. The Yankees haven’t picked this high since taking C.J. Henry with the 17th pick in 2005. That was compensation from the Phillies for Jon Lieber (!), not their natural pick. The Bombers could end up forfeiting their first rounder to sign a qualified free agent (Brian McCann? Matt Garza? Ervin Santana?), of course, and they could also add picks by losing their own qualified free agents (Hiroki Kuroda? Robinson Cano?). It’s still too early to know exactly how deep the draft class is, but there are always quality players available at 18.

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  1. famecity yank says:

    Garza does not cost a pick, was traded midseason

  2. Joe says:

    I don’t think the Rangers can give Garza a qualifying offer because he was traded mid-season.

  3. the Other Steve S. says:

    Just looked up Mr. Henry. Yowza, he’s bad at baseball.

    • Joey says:

      The Yankees did trade him away for Abreu so it wasn’t all bad.

    • pat says:

      This was his scouting report at the time:

      Scouting report:
      Built similar to Alex Rodriguez. Similar kinds of ability. Puts some strength into a slightly uppercut swing. Home run power from alley to alley. Quick and agile in the infield w/ sure hands. Likes to run. Good instincts on the base paths. Makes everything look easy.;c_id=nyy

      So yeah, dude was drawing Arod allusions at the time. We’d be stoked if we drafted someone like this right now. Goes to show what a crapshoot the whole MLB draft process is.

  4. Hassey says:

    Leiber pitched out of his mind in the 2004 ALCS game 2

  5. JGYank says:

    This years and next years draft are a good opportunity for our talent evaluators to right the ship and develop some successful prospects. They have already done well this year with jagielo judge and clarkin. Now we just have to develop them. The higher pick next year is another chance to stock the system and to prove themselves by continuing the good picks.

    And I definitely consider that TB Texas game as a playoff game not a regular season game.

  6. nycsportzfan says:

    I actually have a couple guys im all ready hoping for if we stick with the 18th pick.

    I seen Louisville kid pitch and he was awesome. Nick Burdi. This kid could be our next closer for the forseeable future.Struck out 62 in 35 innings and was automatic in the 9th. Hes got up to triple digits heat with a slider. I’d love to add this kid to Hensley, Clarkin, Banuelos, Ramirez, and Burdi..

    Sean Newcomb LHP Hartford is the other one. A monster left hander
    I’m from MA so i remember hering about him before he went to Hartford. This kids the goods! We don’t have to many big lefties in our farm system, especially not ones who are compared to John Lester.

    • Nick says:

      Drafting a college reliever in the first round is almost never a good idea.

    • Mister D says:

      this kid could be our next closer for the forseeable future.Struck out 62 in 35 innings and was automatic in the 9th.

      J.B. Cox likes this comment.

    • Bo Knows says:

      It’s a wasted pick to go after a reliever in the first round, Yankees have no issues getting quality relievers, they need to go after players who have the potential to be quality starters.

      • nycsportzfan says:

        Ya, Preston Claiborner really was awaesome for all of 2months before he was figured out, and then who? Robertson is about the only one whos been consistent. Joba has been a monumental suck hole and just because Burdi pitched as a closer dosen’t mean he has 2 in the pros, its just that when u throw 95 wit a mean slider, closing ends up usually being your calling card.

        Its easy to find guys to throw middle relief, but not to find main stays that stick around and are main parts of the team for yrs to come. Many of em just have a quick moment and then suck, like Edwar Ramirez and Preston Claiborne..

    • Bill Newc says:

      As a lifelong Red Sox fan and Seans dad i would love to see him in New York. he is 6’5 240 is in the mid 90′s . throws Cut fastball , slider and change. His numbers keep improving every year .

      • Bo Knows says:

        tell him to stay healthy and be safe; Yankees might be calling his name next year

      • nycsportzfan says:

        Hes unbelievable. He’d be my first choice because hes a starter with Jon Lester type potential, but that Burdi is fantastic as well. I don’t care what anyone thinks about drafting a reliever in the 1st, this kids the exception. Hes going in RD1, and i could care less about J.Brent So we strike out on a player, it means we don’t draft that positon again??? Wasen’t Cox a 2nd rder anyways?

  7. Bo knows says:

    Its a good deep class upcoming next year and it wouldn’t shock me at all to see a Brady Aiken or Touki Toussant fall to 18th due to what appears to be a lot of interesting/good college players eligible for drafting

  8. Kevin G. says:

    For the love of God, please don’t revert back to reaching for third rounders in the first round. No more Cito Culvers please

  9. Wayne says:

    Luke Weaver is someone I would draft with 18th pick. He has a great delivery fastball 92-95 ,slider and changeup with plus potential. Still has room to grow.

  10. David Brown says:

    The big question with the Draft is are we willing to bite the bullet for one more year get under $189m and let Cano, Granderson & Kuroda go and stockpile Draft Picks? Keep in mind, the 2013 was a good Draft for a change. I hope the team does.

  11. kenthadley says:

    Mike doesn’t say it, but I think we have a better chance at getting a pick by offering Granderson a qualifying offer than the others. Kuroda would probably accept or retire, Cano isn’t getting more from someone else than he’ll get from NYY, IMO.

    • by accepting, Kuroda would take a pay cut. You couldn’t see him signing with the Dodgers? I could.

      • SDB says:

        At this point, he’s an aging pitcher who does seem to hit the wall in the end of the season and really struggles in Aug/September.

        Not sure how appealing that may be to the Dodgers, seeing as they alrady have a very strong rotation with Kershaw, Greinke, Nolasco and Ryu.

  12. McCann > 18th pick?

    Also, I’m kind of pissed the Mets have the 10th, and thus a protected pick. Not because I’m a Mets hater, but because of the fraud Met fans that openly rooted AGAINST them down the stretch so that they’d be in the top 10.

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