Announcement: Mariano Rivera t-shirt giveaways with @BaldVinny

The Yankees and productive September call-ups
Game 138: Sale vs. Kuroda, Part II

GOAT T42 Bald Vinny Giveaway

In honor of Mariano Rivera‘s final weeks with the Yankees, we’ve teamed up with Bleacher Creature king Bald Vinny for a series of t-shirt giveaways this month. As you probably know, Bald Vinny leads the roll call from the right field bleachers every home game and sells his original t-shirts outside Yankee Stadium. His entire product line is available online at

Starting this Friday and continuing with each of the next three Fridays, we’ll be giving away one of Bald Vinny’s original Mo-themed shirts through a Twitter contest. It’s very simple. All you have to do is follow both @RiverAveBlues and @BaldVinny on Twitter, then be the 42nd person to retweet the official giveaway tweet. There will be remainders galore before the actual giveaway goes live each Friday afternoon. You have to follow both RAB and Bald Vinny on Twitter to be eligible to win, no exceptions. People affiliated with RAB and Bald Vinny are not eligible to win and repeat winners are not allowed either.

We’re giving away two different shirts as part of the giveaway: two G.O.A.T. shirts and two T-42 shirts in whatever size the winner needs. We’ll start with the G.O.A.T. shirt this coming Friday and alternate each week. If you don’t want to wait for the giveaways, you can head over to Bald Vinny’s store and use the discount code RAB20 to receive 20% off your next purchase. Good luck.

The Yankees and productive September call-ups
Game 138: Sale vs. Kuroda, Part II
  • CountryClub

    I like the Metallica style letters. Nice touch.

  • Mark Teixiera – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)

    I guess I am not eligible because I refuse to follow that pretentious asshole on twitter. Oh well.

    • RetroRob

      : -)

    • Matt :: Sec110


    • jay destro

      Vinny is one of the most genuine good guys I’ve ever met. Maybe check yourself.

    • Monica

      Dude, wtf are you talking about??? Apparently you dont know Vinny! He is one of the most genuine, hard working and nicest people on the planet!

      • trex

        Sure try and make a dent in what he things is is entitlement …and u will find out his goodness of heart.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Anyone know what kind of tee-shirt he uses for his product? Never bought anything off of him and would love to support him.

  • pat

    Props to Bald Vinny, but damn those are heinous.

  • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

    Off the topic should I start Daniel Nava or Brandon Belt tonight?

  • dkidd

    those are the ugliest things i’ve ever seen. don’t quit your day job, bald vinnie. wait…

  • Frank

    Those shirts are horrible. What a disgrace.

  • Geno

    What imagery to use while commemorating the career of one of the most truly Christian people in all of baseball? Satanic-looking goat, yep that does it.

    • nice shirts yo

      Haha, hurray for dramatics. I don’t see what’s “Satanic” about it. It’s a goat. Mo’s the GOAT. Perhaps your projecting your biases some, eh.

  • nice shirts yo

    That T-42 shirt is dope, I love the comic-style artwork, it’s perfect. Not crazy about the proportions on the GOAT shirt; independantly the graphics are ill but they looked a little jammed together.

    Still, overall I say nicely done and I’d love to win one.

  • JLC 776

    Wonder how that Joba shirt is selling these days? Player aside, the shirt is pretty bad ass…