Levine: There is “no indication” Jeter will retire after 2013

2014 Schedule Released: Yanks open in Houston
Game 145: Just Win

Via Bob Nightengale: Team president Randy Levine confirmed the Yankees have not received any indication from Derek Jeter that this will be his final season. “There’s been no indication of that, none. We haven’t heard anything like that,” said Levine. “It’s frustrating for him. It’s frustrating for all of us. He’s a warrior. But the overwhelming priority here is to do what’s best for his health … It has been a very trying year.”

Jeter, 39, has played in only 17 of 144 games this year because of a series of leg problems, most significantly the left ankle fracture he suffered last October. Soreness in the surgically repaired ankle has him on the sidelines right now. When he has been on the field, the Cap’n hasn’t done much at the plate (47 wRC+) and his mobility at shortstop is nonexistent. I would be completely stunned if Jeter retired after this season. Floored. I have a hard time seeing how he’d allow himself to go out like this. Jeter will pick up his $9.5M player option and try to prove everyone wrong. After next year … who knows.

2014 Schedule Released: Yanks open in Houston
Game 145: Just Win
  • JGYank

    After the all the injuries he will want to come back and prove he could stay on the field and play well next year. Plus he is only a year removed from a pretty good 2012.

  • Darren

    Yeah, no.

  • Monty

    He needs to move his ass to 3B. He’s one broken up double play away from his career being over.

    • Big Jim Walewander

      Would love to see the Yankees try out this idea. Jeter’s lack of range will hurt anywhere, but it will hurt less at third. He has the arm and the sure hands for third, so that’s a plus.

      I would also hope that third would improve his offense because it’s less demanding than short. With A-Rod most likely out for 2014, the time is right to try it out.

      • 461deep

        Turning 40 in mid season 2014 will not help a bad ankle. Movin=g to 3rd can be tricky for Derek since he does not go to his left well.
        Trying a few games during sping training won’t hurt. Alex hitting well this week so hope that hamstring oucho from sliding okay. Morning will tell how bad but looks worse then just tightness the way he grabed his leg quickly. Red Sox got good news with Clay
        tonight and shared winning nights with Yankees.

  • YankeeFan

    Hypothetical: What do you do if Jeter declines his player option? With the seemingly hard cap at 189, no way Jeter is worth more than 9.5 million.

    • JGYank

      Sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal for no more than 9M a year (Jeter may still push for more though). Incentives never backfire either.

    • Robinson Tilapia


      I’d say testing the market after the type of season this has would definitely strain the relationship. I’d take it as a dick move on Jeter’s part. I’d negotiate with him, sure, but other than a negligible raise on a one-year deal, I’d say call his bluff.

      I don’t think this is happening.

    • RetroRob

      He’ll have little to no leverage. He’d be a 40-year-old SS coming off of multiple leg injuries. The offers he gets will be less than what the Yankees will pay him next year just by picking up his option.

      He needs to spend the offseason getting his overall legs in shape and hope that the ankle is not a chronic problem and get back on the field healthy for 2014 if he has any intentions of playing beyond next year, which I fully believe he does.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        This too.

    • All Praise Be To Mo

      I’d let him walk, thank him for the years of service and let him ride in Yogi’s cart in ST, that’s it.

  • BTG

    The only way he retires is if the doctors say he will permanently damage the ankle by continuing to play.

  • NeilT

    2013/14 Jeter = 2012/13 Mo, no? If so expect him to hit .300+ through July/early-August, then fall off a cliff and finish at .270ish.

  • http://riveraveblues sandyg

    jeter will pick up the player opt for 9.5 mil and in spring training hurts his ankle again and doctors tell him to retire or risk permament ankle damage.the yankees will have a derek jeter day in the summer and retire his number then.hope iam wrong but i do not think so.

  • brian

    I agree with Mike that Jeter is def coming back unless multiple doctors tell him his ankle will be ruined for life if he does.. (doubt that)

    What I disagree with is the “prove everyone wrong” narrative… i know a lot of people (myself included) expect him to play and play relatively well in 2014.. i’d be more “proven wrong” if he retires or limps through the season and stinks out the joint

    To me, he doesn’t look *old* right now, he looks injured, he’s still in phenomenal shape and still has bat speed, he’s just all upper body and his timing is off but it’s not like he can’t get the bat through the zone anymore

  • brian

    it should also be point out that he’s actually STILL, even right now, a quality hitter against LHP

    he’s been an automatic out against RHP

  • LarryM FL

    With this season moving toward closure and a fourth place finish. I would expect Jeter to rest and not make an attempt at playing. He will then have 5 months to make a recovery with his injuries. If and its a big if the strength returns. He will play out the 2014 year. But It will be painful to Derek that he is informed of his shortstop days are over. I can see him as an above average fielding third baseman or first baseman and some DH time. If he can accept this situation then we may have ourselves a very competent fill in on a regular basis. This scenario plays well in my head.

  • Rolling Doughnut

    Jeter won’t go out like this. He’ll be back in 2014 and although there may be arguments for and against his continuing, I for one want to see him back, hopefully healthy and putting up numbers like he did 2d half of 2012.

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    He either plays shortstop or he’s a r/h single’s hitting d/h. He’s not capable of playing the right side of the infield, & he’ll never be more than a stopgap at 3b. W/that ankle, don’t even jest about the outfield. Best case scenario is he either heals completely over the winter, or he calls it a career. The $9.5M 2014 option is still serious dough but he’s only worth it to the Yankees due to his value as this generations Mr. Yankee; not due to his now considerably diminished ability. Besides, he’s got more dough then he’ll ever know what to do with. He’s gotta be healthy enough to play shortstop & produce league average #’s or he should call it a career. He’s got nothing to prove by coming back & being mediocre or worse, & the chronic ankle injury gives him all the reason in the world to call it a day with no legitimate question of his heart or character. Great ballplayer, HOF career. If he ain’t healthy, the best of all times for him to get on w/his life’s work, & time for the Yankees to get on with rebuilding this mess.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    The only possible way I see Jeter calling it quits is while in, or just before Spring Training.

    He’ll bust his ass this offseason trying to get in shape and prove everyone wrong, but if it gets to March and all the hard work hasn’t resulted in his ankle feeling “normal,” I don’t think Jeter would enter a season as a liability or just “play to play” while embarrassing himself.